[3.10] Badge OrbMaster Stylish Storm Brand Build


Hello everyone, just wanted to share with you the build I've been playing lately. It is very stylish, it shines in the endgame and it is very fun. Im from Spain, so please forgive me if my english is not very good.

This is my first guide, so please help me to complete it and discuss gear suggestions, tree variants, and other options. All comments are very welcome :)

Now, lets head into the build. I have called it the BADGE ORBMASTER STYLISH STORM BRAND ASSASSIN =)


- Badge of the Brotherhood = Badge
- Void Battery = VB
- Power Charges = PC
- Frenzy Charges = FC
- Precursor's Emblem = PE
- Damage per second = DPS
- Damage = dmg
- Elemental = ele
- Life = HP
- Energy shield = ES
- Effective Health Pool = eHP (typically Life+ES)
- Righteous Fire = RF
- Cooldown = CD
- Increased = inc


v1- creation of the guide
v1.1 - general spelling corrections, added gear order section



- ~3-4m real Shaper DPS. Completely UNBUFFED. (Note that PoB displays DPS for 1 brand. We can attach 2 brands, so effective DPS is 2x)
- ~10m Shaper DPS with flasks upp and Vaal RF
- Up to +12m Shaper DPS dropping Elemental Focus and using "shocked" PoB tick, however im not sure if the build is capable of reaching max shock effect
- ~5.5k eHP (4,5k HP+ 1k ES)
- Spell and Attack dodge 35% (Elusive)



The build is based in serveral unique items interaction (Badge of the Brotherhood and Void Battery), and Power Charges stacking power of the Assassin and Trickster ascendancy.

The aim is to stack at least 8-10 PC. VB gives 25% spell dmg per PC wich equals to 250% x2 (dual wield) = +500% spell dmg.

Badge of the Brotherhood equals our maximum FC to our maximum PC without any investment in the passive tree which means free 8-10 FC...Do you see how powerful the build is?

Add now perma charges from Farruls Fur + Precursor's Emblem mods...and you will have a true monster killer with +500% spell dmg build that will work with any spell of the game.

PRO's & CON's

+ Excellent single target DPS and Boss Killer
+ Shines in end game content
+ Fashion and Stylish (many orbs arround you lol)
+ Very good clear speed and fast mapper
+ One of the most powerfull Elusive Buff in the game
+ With slighly adjustments the build would perform excellent with any spell of the game
+ Up to 10 power charges and 10 frenzy charges!!

- Not very tanky. You can always trade DPS for survability, is up to you, but we are assassins...
- Expensive (it can be adapted to low budget but it wont achieve even half of the potential)
- You have to deal with frenzy charge generation during boss fights for full optimisation
- Not really a good league starter because some mandatory uniques are expensive
- Not HC or SSF viable


Assassin: Is the Best one in terms of DPS. +1 Power Charges. Just average survability with elusive buff + elusive effect Badge amulet mod. Has also the best organic power charge generation. Other ascendancies would need the gem Power Charge on Critical Strike.

Trickster: More defensive option, in general better dodge, ES and evasion, stun immunity with shroud charges... Also has +1 power charges. If you use Badge amulet it wastes +1 frenzy charge. But if you dont is probably the best option to stack more frenzy charges.

I havent explored other ascendancies, but I guess it can be played also as Ascendant or Elementalist, nevertheless be aware that probably it wont reach its full potential.


There are some different options depending on the budget. Here I copy my preferred tree level 100. It uses 1 Medium Cluster Jewel (Brand skills), Unnatural Instinct and Elegant Hurbis Timeless Jewel. Use PoB to navigate throught it and take a look.



According to your budget you have to decide:

Can you afford Badge of the Brotherhood amulet?

A) YES, perfect.
B) NO. Then make the next decision.

Do you still want to stack frenzy charges?

1) If yes, you should consider going for Trickster ascendancy (for the +1 frenzy) and grab the frenzy charge node next to the Shadow start. You would need organic frenzy charge generation method (I will explain later) to be fully optimised.

2) No. Forget about frenzy charges, and focus exclusively on power charges. This option is more flexible and budget friendly. In this case I would opt for Assassin ascendancy.

IMPORTANT: All Passive Tree variants must include at least the Keystone "Runebinder" to atach 2x brands to the enemy (it doubles our DPS) and +3 maximum power charges.

Cluster Jewel

It is not mandatory, however is a very very welcome upgrade. It saves some points in the skill tree. Best allocation is at the top right of the tree, next to the CI keystone.

Only skills needed are Grand Design and Remarkable. With roughtly 3 points investment we get 2 additional brands, 5 in total. Very needed for fast mapping and clear speed. If you cant afford a jewel like that, is easy to craft alt/regal spam or chaos spam. I crafted it myself, it took me not so many attempts.

If you opt not going for cluster jewel, simply grab in the tree the Brand nodes with "You can cast an additional Brand". Runesmith and Explosive Runes.

Unnatural Instinct

This is a luxury upgrade. If you can afford it, allocate it next to the Light Damage Wheel at the top of the tree. In that case dont forget to leave unallocated "the node +4% spell dmg per power charge" or we wont benefit from it. From 1 jewel slot investment we get a lot of "free" spell damage and lightning damage.

Elegant Hubris Timeless Jewel

Oh yes! this is the cherry at the top of the cake. This tricky jewel can give us TONS OF DPS or SURVABILITY with mods like: 10% increased damage per power or frenzy charge. Spell damage. Crit multi. 4% energy shield per power charge...etc.

Optimal site for allocation is straight at the top of the tree between Minion Instability and Avatar of Fire keystones. You can test other jewel slots, but be sure to DO NOT allocate it next to a +1 maximum power charge node, because it will negate the node and we dont want that.
Simply buy the cheapest one and Divine it until you find some GG mods. It took me like 8 divines to find a 4 passive investment with 10% per power charge and 10% per frenzy charge.

READ IMPORTANT: Throught this Timeless jewel we achieve one of the 2 RELIABLE methods of frenzy charges organic generation. If you dont opt to use Redemeer's influenced body armor (see gear discussion section), you have to Divine your Elegant Hurbis until you find the mod: 10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on hit. It is not very difficult. Good luck.



- Help Alira for Crit mutli, mana regen and resistances if you lack resis.
- But in the end you want 2 passive points (Kill all)



For a 5L drop Inspiration.


Note: If you dont have Empower change it for the new gem Second Wind Support to lower Brand Recall CD.




IMPORTANT: do not pass lvl 7 in Arcane Surge otherwise Flame Dash wont proc it.


Clarity lvl 5-8 for mana sustain. We always have Wrath active and we complement it with Herald of Thunder for pure DPS or Discipline for more survability.



For the helmet the most important part is to have +1 maximum power charges. You can buy a cheap rare Warlod influenced helm with the mod (~40c) and craft life and resis on it. Or alt/regal spam and craft yourself. However, the +1 power charge mod is a bit tricky to obtain. Another option is to buy a random unique with the corrupted implicit +1 power charges, there are some pretty cheap ones.

There is no BIS. In my case I needed to fill resistances, life and Aspect of the Cat for Farruls mod; therefore I opted for rare one with ES, Life and res.


This is one of the HARDEST part to replace, everything else can be adjusted. But for this slot BIS are 2x Void Battery try to roll on them 20% cast speed asap.

I guess that if you dont have the currency to buy 2x VB, you can try budget options but I havent tested.

BUDGET: Rare with spell dmg, crit and cast speed. Budget uniques: Divinarius, Storm Prison (this one gives also +1 power charges but lack rest mods), Shimmerons...

Here comes a bigg decision, are you playing with Farruls Fur or not? If yes, no doubt Farruls is BIS (basically you get perma power/frenzy charges and all its buffs ALL THE TIME). Getting the right colors IS A PAIN, the best you can do is to use the crafting benth to obtain the maximum blue colors you can get. Then use Vorici level 3 Syndicate reward to craft 1-3 white colors and pray. Or you can vaal it in the chamber of corruption in the Temple of Aztoal, but it has some risks.

Green and Red gems you can use until you obtain blue sockets in Farruls:
- Onslaught Support
- Chain Support
- Culling Strike Support
- Blind Support
- Hypothermia Support (use Abyss jewel with flat cold dmg to spells)
- Added Cold Damage Support

- Damage on Full Life Support
- Empower Support (lvl 4 best)
- Iron Will Support
- Life Leech

NOTE: If you decide for Farruls, remember to reserve 1 suffix in your rare equipment to craft Aspect of the Cat (see FAQ/TRICKS for furhter detail).

Other very good options are: Loreweave, Carcass Jack or Inpulsas and you can get easy blue colors on them ;)

Or in my opinion what is the BEST non-farruls option is a rare Redemeer's influenced evasion/ES chest with the mod x % chance to get a Frenzy Charge on hit. Craft life/res on it and you are ready to go. It is also cheap to alt/regal spam. Buy a random redemeer's base. Craft in bench the maximum % inc quality on it, and try to fuse it. If you are lucky you can 6L with less than 200 fuses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the other way to obtain organic frenzy charge generation during prolongued boss fights (see Passive Tree section: Elegant Hurbis in case you missed). If you opt to stack frenzy charges you will need at least 1 source of FC.


In this slot there are no specific uniques required. For me the best was a Shaper fingersilk base with cast speed, ES, life and resis. Nothing else is needed.

Good unique options: Doedres Tenure (flat spell dmg), Facebreakers (crit multi), Oskarm (assassins mark curse) or Surgebinders special mention to this one thanks to its unique mods (% ele dmg per Frenzy Charge and % spell dmg per power charge).

Budget: Any rare with life and resis.


Nothing Fancy here, use this slot to get as much resistances and life as possible (Life, resis, move speed). Use Two-toned base for even more resis. If you are rich enough you can look Hunter's influenced base to get Taillwind mod (if playing assassin, althoug is not necessary) or dual influenced Taillwind/Elusive (if playing Trickster or any other ascendancy, but I rather invest my currency in other parts of the gear.

Mentioned uniques:
Atziri's step (dodge, life, evasion)
Sin-Trek (eva, move speed, ES)
Darkray Vectors (dodge, +1 frenzy charges) best option if not using Badge amulet and still stacking FC.


For the belt, BIS is a Stygian Vise with hight life and resistances. You can fossil craft with Pristine and Prismatic Fossils. If you can get flat % light damage the best. You will need this slot to cap your resist. I wont mention any uniques.

Budget option: any rare (non-Stygian Vise) with life and resis.


For the rings we have a lot of good options thus this part is a bit extense.

BIS is no doubt Precursor's Emblem unique rings. You basically get insane mods related to power frenzy or endurance charges.

Best mod: 2 to 22 added lightning damage per Power Charge. At 10 charges adds flat +220 lightning dmg to any spell. Try to get at least 1 PE ring with this mod.

Other useful mods:
-Flat cold per frenzy charge. Since we scale mostly Brand dmg and Spell damage, only small part of the Passive Tree scales Lightning dmg is probably best second option.
-% Damage per Power/Frenzy charge (perfect for the build)
-% ES per Power Charge (nice one)
-% Crit multi per Power Charge (expensive)
-% Inc Duration of Frenzy Charges (can save points in tree)
-% cast speed per Power Charge


People often doesnt know the true value of this rings, really good ones are Hyper-expensives (hundreds of exalts). But asking for unpriced ones you can get sometimes very good deals. If you cant afford them a good substitute could be a Crusader Influenced ring with life and resis and X to X lightning dmg per Power Charge. Crusader rings with that mod are "mini" Precursor's Emblem :)


Elder ring/Mark of the Shaper Combo

Very suitable and budget combo. You can get Warlords Mark Curse (greatly improves survability while mapping with Endurance Charges and Immortal Call) or crit multi in elder ring. If you are rich, you can explore crafting combinations with double influenced rings seaking for Conductivity Curse or a double Shaper/Elder influence to get spell stun immunity from Mark of The Shaper.

OTHER BUDGET OPTIONS: rare rings with lifre resis, light damage, or 2x Crusader's Influenced rings with light dmg per Power Charge mod.


Here it comes...BADGE OF THE BROTHERHOOD. =) I know. Is expensive. Atm is like 7-10ex in Standard depending on the buyer. But is the best option by far, gives us maximum FC without investment. Cooldown recovery of movement skills. Inc Elusive buff...Nothing else to explain. 10 Plain Frenzy charges gives us 40% inc cast speed and 40% inc damage (all types). If you are Trickster we get another free 5% inc damage per FC. Not to mention if we get more buffs with Precuror's Emblem rings...

Budget option: There is nothing compared to Badge, but I guess a rare with crit multi, life, and flat spell/lighning damage could do the job.


- Heart of Thunder is probably BiS: flat damage, penetration and leech as ES
Another good options are:
- Disciple of the Slaughter (if we get 10 frenzy charges for the 5% damage)
- Overcharged for endurance charge generation while mapping.
- Arcane Potency crit multi with spells
- Constitution if you struggle with life

There are plenty of good options depending on user preferences and build needs.


I wont extend this section too much. Im very classic: Quicksilver flask, 1-2 life flask, Diamond flask for lucky crit. Cinderswallow is great for mapping sustain. Wise Oak if you manage to balance your resis...Try to find the balance between uniques and crafted with Freeze, Bleed, Curse immunity.


In this section I wont cover again Specific Jewels that interact with Passive Tree. We already discussed it in the Passive Tree section. Simply, use the rare jewels to fill/cap your resis if you did not with the gear. Get more life/ES, or increase DPS. Useful mods listed in priority order are:

1.% life or flat life
2.Crit multi (global, with spells, dual wielding, ele skills, light skills)
3. Abyss jewel with onslaught on kill for mapping
4. Spell damage/lightning damage/ES/area dmg
5. Resistances/attributes if missing from gear

IMPORTANT: If you use Cinderswallow flask, try to get at least 1 abyss jewel with flat added Fire damage to spells to proc the unique mod.

For Watcher's Eye the best mod is Wrath Lighning Penetration. But anything fits the build will work.


Gear priorities always are: 2x Void Battery and Badge of the Brother hood. However, having a Badge means nothing if you are not able to generate FC, thus the priority list in order would be:

1. Dual Void Battery
2. Frenzy Charge generation equipment (or Elegant Hubris or Redeeme's mod ir armour)
3. Badge of the Brotherhood
4. Precursor's Emblem Ring with good mods
5. Unnatural Instinct jewel (luxury)
6. Farruls Fur (luxury)


Note that some parts of my gear are very expensive. I got some lucky drops and I have invested a lot in this build, but expending insane amount of currency is not needed. It can excel in performance once you get 2x VB and Badge amulet.

Note that I dont use Awakened gems, insane double mod watcher's eye or other expensive stuff and Im sitting actually in 5m shaper DPS without flasks. The build still has a lot room from improvement.


Q. How do I generate Frenzy Charges consistently?
A. There are 2 consistent ways to sustain FC while bossing. It is explained in Gear Body Armors section and Passive Tree section Elegant Hubris.

Q.How do I sustain Frenzy Charges 100% time while using Farruls?
A.There are 3 options. Spending 2 pasive points in tree to get % inc frenzy charge duration (need at least 36%). Get a PE ring with frenzy charge duration mod (see Ring section). The last and my favourite: If you craft Aspect of the Cat in a piece of equipment with sockets (Helm, gloves or boots. Never on amulets, quivers, belts...) and slap a Less Duration Support gem to lesser the rotation between Cats Stealth and Cats Agility. This way you dont need extra FC duration. A very efficient way to do it is to use a rare Unset Ring, so you can recycle it with ease for other chars and builds.

Q.While not using Farruls Fur, the build takes a bit to ramp up (fully charged) since a lot of dmg relies in PC/FC. How can I deal with this?
A.It doesnt take that long :). However, for Sirus and Shaper bosses if you want to start fights fully charged you can use previuosly unique boots. Once you are charged you wont have any trouble sustaining charges up.

TIP:If doing so, dont use your boots for Aura or Golem gems. Otherwise you will need to recast them again on swich.

Q.It is possible to play the build without Badge of the Broderhood or dual Void Batteries?
A.Yes, is possible. I listed alternatives and Tree/Mechanics decisions, however be sure it wont reach to its fullest potential. Look Passive Tree section and Gear section.

Q.It is possible to play the build without Cluster Jewel and/or Timeless Jewel?
A.Yes, of course. Without cluster jewel simply grab +1 Brand nodes in pasive tree. Without Timeless Jewel you will need Farruls or Redeemer's armor to generate Frenzy Charges or focusing only in Power Charges.



Ascendancy: Trickster
Tree options: No cluster, no Timeless, must grab +1 Frenzy nodes at shadow start and +1 Brand nodes.
Helm: Low tier random corrupted +1 power charges unique
Amulet: rare with multi/life/resis
Weapons: 2x rare wands with spell dmg/crit/cast speed
Armor: self-craft Redemeer's mod gain frenzy charge on hit
Belt: rare stygian vise with life and resis
Rings: Elder/Mark of the Shaper combo or 2x Warlord influenced with life resis and light dmg Power charge mod.
Gloves: Sourgebinders, Doedres Tenure or rare with life resis
Boots: Darcray Vectors

RESULT: Comfortably achieves 8 Power charges and 6 Frenzy charges without Badge and 2x VB.


Ascendancy: Trickster
Tree options: Uses cluster, uses Timeless, must grab only +1 Frenzy nodes at shadow start.
Helm: Warlord craft +1 power charges life resis
Amulet: rare with multi/life/spell damage/light dmg
Weapons: 2x Void Battery
Armor: 6L Loreweave or Inpulsas
Belt: rare stygian vise with life and resis
Rings: 1 Precursors Emblem with good mods and 1x Warlord influenced with life resis and light dmg Power charge mod.
Gloves: Shaper fingersilk with life resis and cast speed.
Boots: Darcray Vectors

RESULT: Achieves 10 Power charges and 6 Frenzy charges with VB and without Badge of the Brotherhood.


Ascendancy: Assassin
Tree options: Uses cluster, uses Timeless.
Helm: Warlord craft +1 power charges life resis
Amulet: Badge of the Brother hood
Weapons: 2x Void Battery
Armor: Farruls Fur
Belt: rare stygian vise with life and resis
Rings: 2x Precursors Emblem with good mods or 1 Precursors and 1x Warlord influenced with life resis and light dmg Power charge mod.
Gloves: Shaper fingersilk with life resis and cast speed.
Boots: Crafted Two-toned boots with resisi and move speed

RESULT: Achieves "perma" 10 Power charges and 10 Frenzy Charges. Face-rolls end game content =) End of the story.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you liked, comments and suggestions are very welcomed. Take care and peace!
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lol nice, what mtx are you using?
lol nice, what mtx are you using?

hi bro, what do u mean with mtx? I dont understand :)

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