[3.10] TRINITY WARRIOR - Tri-Purity Cyclone Champ | League Start + Budget Viable | Videos Included |

Welcome ! DPS has no meaning here, your EHP will be endless!


Hello there and welcome. In this thread I will guide you trough a very successful build I played during this league that carried me from league start all the way to the endgame bosses, 100% delirious T14 - T16 maps, ~800 Depth delve bosses (with some limits tho) as well as super easy lvl 100

1. Overview and build concept.

Aura - Champion?

The main reason I wanted to share this build on forums is it's unique aspect of stacking auras on melee build thanks to new cluster jewels that reduce mana reservation of purity auras by a great amount. These 3 purities are then placed in corrupted gloves that give them +2 level, resulting in 3 x level 23 purities linked with enlighten, further reducing mana reservation. This configuration results in three powerful auras which make our maximum elemental resists skyrocket to 86%, as well as making capped resistances very easy to achieve, while still having mana for damage boosting buffs and auras. These consist of blood and sand, dread banner and flesh and stone linked with maim support. This setup is in line with pride aura but with sightly less mana reserved.

Impales + Champion

The main reason I chose champion as ascendancy is that this is realisticly only ascendancy that could achieve respectable amounts of damage while still having this much defenses stacked together. This character has 7 - 8 impales and each one grants bonus flat damage to cyclone, which is very beneficial thanks to the use of Paradoxica sword, which would be an endgame weapon paired with The Saviour. Although, The Saviour is really an icing on the cake, this char was doing absolutely fine without it.

~5k HP but still T H I C C ?

It was around Legion league when I realised that investing in going past 6k results in so big diminishing returns effect, that it is not beneficial at all. Thats why i decided to hit around 5k - 5,2k hp and then focus on everything that is related to layered defenses in any way, such as triple purity stacking, buffing fortify, chaos res capped at 75%, conversions of physical damage to elemental, sources of life gain on hit etc. All these elements work effectively as EHP multipliers, thus making them way more effective than just stacking life or energy shield.

2. Strong and weak points of the build.

+ Smooth cyclone gameplay allowing for defense and offense at the same time
+ Quite decent damage considering how tanky this character is
+ 86 max elemental resists + 75 chaos resists
+ Insanely flexible gearing thanks to triple purity flat resists
+ Works on tight budget and as a league starter
+ Alot of room for improvement depending on how much currency you have
+ Flexibility on choosing GIGANTIC utilities thanks to triple purity on Watcher's Eye jewel like immunity to ignite of freeze. Suit yourself.

- Might be tricky to start rolling on new league if access to Cluster Jewels is limited
- Relatively low physical resist, sitting around 20% - 25% flat amount + armour and conversions.
- Tricky to meet stat requirements for purities
- Might not meet clearspeed meta requirements, but you can still do T15 - T16 map clear in less than 2 minutes, still quite good for boss killer.

3. Gearing concepts and hints

Helmet : Slot for life, chaos resists, and some physical to elemental conversions, try to find some bonuses for inteligence / dexterity. 30c helmet i bought at first week of the league served me whole league and it's not even properly enchanted.

Amulet : I self crafted this ilvl 85+ elder influenced amulet to have 5% phys reduction and flat physical damage to attacks. Then hoped for good regal and multimodded life/ minimum endurance charge. Anointed fatal blade for extra damage.

Rings : For starting fresh, reserve one slot for praxis ring until you get yourself -15 mana cost chest. It's either that or you must craft -3 mana cost for channeling skills on all your jewellery. Anyway, Rings are place for life / chaos res / elemental resists and stats. Start simple and collect currency to buy ring with life gain on hit mod to gain significant survivability in maps. Other ring was bought when i had waaay too much spare money and decided i'll make some upgrades. Character does fine without assassin's mark on ring.

Armor : Quite important element of gear, due to the -15 mana cost mod. Before you can afford 6-link -15 mana cost, go for corrupted 6l armor that has matching socket colours and life. Be careful because each additional mod from previous armour will have to match new one, unless you want to buy other pieces too ^^.

Belt : My belt has dexterity on it, but again, if you manage to get dexterity on other gear you have alot of freedom to find belt with big life and resists.

Boots : Another one of the simpler elements of gear. Get boots with as much life, resists and ideally some additional stat BUT keep an empty prefix in search engine and use bench to craft 20% - 24% movement speed. Cheap way to get decent boots.

Gloves: Key element to make aura stacking work. They need to be corrupted rare with either +2 aura or +2 AoE implicit. Early league there are not many of them, so expect to have poor ones at start of season, but as league progresses there will be better choice for these gloves.

Jewels: For Cluster Jewels, start with any large cluster with bonuses to axes/swords, but the key for sustaining auras is to have 2 jewel sockets. In these sockets, medium aura sockets, and in these medium aura sockets, small aura sockets. Schematics below :

Full size image :

One spot for regular jewel will be used for obtaining "corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" mod. Start with only implicit on any jewel, and keep progressing with more and more desired mods your character need at the moment. Very flexible element of gear.

Watcher's Eye for even more extra defense and utility. Lisr of useful mods is so big that it's actually hard to choose which ones to pick. I found ignite immunity best option, paired with more physical to elemental conversion.

And finally for some fine-tuning, Karui jewel in marauder area. There are multiple defensive mods that can be very interesting such as fortify effect (mine don't have it) and reduced extra damage from critical strikes. I managed to get myeslf 30% crit dmg reduction which is decent layer of defense that further reduces damage spikes. Another option worth mentioning is Maraketh jewel, which provides huge dexterity bonus, potnentionally freeing up some dex from other gear, while granting combination of %maximum life, movement speed, critical strike chance, effect of non-curse auras.

Karui Version :

Full size image

4. Passive trees

DISCLAIMER - i'm not really PoB person, and i use it for finding best way of min-maxing build only, so level 74 - 87 are either inadequatly geared or have no items. For gearing tips check the "Gearing concepts" section. Tried to keep PoB values realistic for boss fights so no flasks or frenzy charges are checked. When you have saviour equipped keep in mind that PoB is displaying half of your actual damage.

Current, Late - League Setup :

Level 74 : (Starting mapping - no gear)

Level 87 :

Level 94 :

Bonus - Videos !!!

Early League :

Early Sirus tight budget fight - not even one Paradoxica yet

Aul 598 - 12% pen, +2 Projectiles


Uber Elder

Late League :

Generic Montage :

Aul 747 - no mods

Kurgal 804 - 12% pen + onslaught

Aul 659 - extra lightning + 40% phys reduction + frenzy charge

Aul 690 - Extra Fire, Extra Cold, +2 projectile

Ahuatotli 653 - Extra Aoe, +2 Projectile, Extra Lightning
This one was worth doing death montage xD

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