Level 28 Deathless Challenge

After doing a Uniques only 50 Death Challenge, I thought I'd see how a Deathless Challenge would go using all gear rarities.

The rules:
No ascendancy
Yes to pantheon
Delevel as you go with the scouring orb/scroll of wisdom recipe
Do not grab additional skill points after act 4

Note: you will not be able to queue for lld after going past act 4. you can still go to sarn or challenge friends/peeps. Also, if your res's aren't overcapped, I recommend not killing act 10 Kitava since your res's will decrease another 30, making it more difficult to play the toon in the future. Get her heart really close and then call it good.

Post screenshots of your progress and then final death total after act 10 Kitava

So here we go:

Kackleen, stormburst witch


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