[3.10] Deadeye Cyclone Magma Orb Magic Find

This concept isn't exactly new, It was borrowed from this video (gameplay is roughly the same):


T15 Lair, unidentified corrupted (124% quant)
(I have uber strict loot filter)
(open maps are better for this build actually)

My adjustments are:
- Much more damage (T16 viable without boss)
- Maximum Magic find
- Deadeye not Ranger (chain + speed + additional projectile)
- Near Evasion cap

- 100K dps (bosses at T16 take too much time, its a MF build anyways)
- 47 900 evasion (74% chance to evade)
- 137% movement speed
- 65% increased drop quantity

- Extremely flexible there is only one required item
- Super cheap to start (you need just sire of shards 6 link)
- Clears entire screen with one go
- Can clear T16 maps with ease (you rarely die)
- Magic find build
- Fun to play
- Cyclone
- Can spec into boss killer as well (you got free 6 link in chest) with some fire projectile spell
- Way less on death effects thanks to cremator

- Bosses are not viable (you can kill them but it takes long time)
- CoC not viable
- You die sometimes
- Can be expensive if you want to go full quant find (ventors gamble)
- May be rough as league starter


POB: https://pastebin.com/8hPcDCSu

------------------------------------------------ GEAR ------------------------------------------------


There are no substitues, try to get one with high projectile damage (95%+) and link it yourself, it will be dirt cheap. Or buy ready one for couple exalts.


Fastest one is:

However we have other options here as well.
These are dirt cheap anyways BUT you will be a lot slower
Maximum greed is (another +15% quant):

Or a mix between survi and movement speed:
You can fit another 25% aura with with this chest however I don't think it's worth it.


You need to get Magma orb chains 2 additional times enchant.

So we have two options here, best one is Devoto:

It costs around 2-4 exalts, OR rare helmet with this enchant and:
- Evasion
- Resistances
- HP

These goes around 5-50 chaos


For MF you need Goldwyrm with 19+% quant

Or just a rare boots with 35+ movement speed, hp and resists.


For MF you need Sadima with 9%+ MF

These are dirt cheap anyways.
Or rare gloves with HP and resists


I found Bisco the best for this build:

WARNING: Headhunter is NOT Viable.
You may sometimes steal a buff that will make you unable to spin.


Rare shaper Amulet with 10% quant and open suffix or with Aspect of the Cat

Crafting guide:
1. Buy rare shaper amulet preferably STR/INT based implicit such as Amber. Item level 85+. These are cheap
2. Slam chaos or alch/scouring until you get quant find (and possibly evasion rating)
3. Make sure it has open suffix or try with orb of annulment
4. Buy beast: Farrul first of the plains
5. Beastcraft aspect of the cat on this amulet
WARNING: You may die if you try to beastcraft it on this character, suggest to swap to something tankier


2x Ventor's Gamble, preferably with a lot lightning resists, 9+% quant:

Or just rare rings with HP, evasion, resists


MUST Haves:


OR diamond flask with curse immunity.
Diamond flask will be better but I just didn't have one with me.

------------------------------------------------ SKILL LINKS ------------------------------------------------

Sire of Shards

Cyclone 20/20 - corrupted go for dirt cheap
Cast while channeling 20/20
Magma orb 21/20 - IMPORTANT it needs to have at least 21 level because it chains additional time
Fire penetration support 20/20
Combustion 20/20
Slower projectiles 20/20

I found that having longer range doesn't necessairly translates into faster clear speed. Doesn't matter if you clear more than one screen away if you still have to run there to see if mobs died, plus it have much more spread at higher range so it's not worth it

Aura setup

Herald of ash
Precision (keep at low levels)

Cast when damage taken

There are few options here but ultimately you will die anyways if you take massive hit so:

Cast when damage taken
Immortal call
Increased duration

Keep them at lower levels

Cast on death

Well, standard setup:
Cast on death

------------------------------------------------ ASCENDANCY ------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------ JEWELS ------------------------------------------------

Large Cluster Jewel

Adds 8 Passive Skills (Max 8, dont buy 9+)
Added Small Passive Skills grant: 12% increased Fire Damage
1 Added Passive Skill is Cremator
1 Added Passive Skill is Disorienting Display
1 Added Passive Skill is Smoking Remains
2 Added Passive Skills are Jewel Sockets

Cremator and Smoking remains should be best bet, 3rd one is flexible, aim for more fire/ele damage

First medium:
Medium Cluster Jewel

Adds 4 Passive Skills (Max 5, don't buy 6 passives)
Added Small Passive Skills grant: 10% increased Projectile Damage
1 Added Passive Skill is Follow-Through
1 Added Passive Skill is Repeater
1 Added Passive Skill is a Jewel Socket

Important one is Follow-Through

Second medium:
Medium Cluster Jewel

Adds 4 Passive Skills (Max 5, don't buy 6 passives)
Added Small Passive Skills grant: 10% increased Projectile Damage
Added Small Passive Skills also grant: 3% increased Projectile Speed
1 Added Passive Skill is Follow-Through
1 Added Passive Skill is Shrieking Bolts
1 Added Passive Skill is a Jewel Socket

Normal Jewels:


Very important
2x Inevitability Cobalt Jewel


Rare jewels with:

+% to Critical Strike Multiplier
+% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Fire Skills
increased Projectile Damage

and possibly HP/Resists

------------------------------------------------ SKILL TREE ------------------------------------------------


------------------------------------------------ DISCLAIMER ------------------------------------------------

This is my first build on forum, tips appriciated
My aim was to create fun magic find build capable of clearing T16s and unfortunately Ice/Tornado shot is not fun for me.

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