[3.10] Yet another Toxic Tricker

Hi Exiles, I'm Silver
Before begin my build, i want to mention my referenced build:
- (3.10) Toxic Rain | All Content 4m+ Shaper DPS | Fast Mapping + Durable | 50c Budget/SSF Uber Elder
- [3.10] Toxic Rain Trickster 30 Mil Shaper DPS (the best one)

As I can tell, this is not yet a perfect build but I love how my exile phasing like a ghost, run over mobs and everything die.

The Toxic Rain is good. But most build underestimated the power of 6L chest pieces, which is sad. And also underestimate the swap weapon. So I will bring both into this build. Balancing the damage and defense. Optimal as much game mechanism in to this build as possible.

This build still need to be improved, so please help me.

Pros and Cons

- Sometime you got one-shot without knowing the reason
- Is evasion build so not viable in HC
- Fast clear speed with phasing and +200% movement speed
- Pretty high damage (5mil+dps after 2s)
- All map mod (including no regen mod)
- High Damage on Full life up time
- High survivability

The mechanism

Let me list all the mechanism of this build:
- 200% movement speed with phasing
- 3.45 attack speed (maybe more)
- Pod overlaping (as everybody must know)
- Rampage (more clear speed)
- Double Curse CoH
- 8% chance to get hit
- 20% damage reduction
- 6000 eHP (well currently)
- Optimaized up time for full life
- A safe for no regen map mod (you know, you cannot get 0-cost TR anymore)
- No mirage archer needed (28% more damage from MA is not good enough)
- Life, ES, mana gain on kill (increase up time for Damage on Full life)


Currently on Delirium


I do not know how to make video, so TBD

Toxic Rain DPS calculation:

So here is TR DPS calculation:
Raw_DoT * AS * Pod_Duration * Number_Of_active_Pod
So if you got 100k DoT per pod, 3.5 AS, 2.5s pod duration, assuming target only effect by 4 of your pod (increased AoE will make pod overlaping better), you will have 100k*3*2.5*4 = 3Mil
With 15 stack of wither: 3mil * 1.9 = 5.7 mil
With Despair: 5.7mil/(1-.29)= 8mil DoT

Modifier you looking for:

- Evasion Rating (this will increase up time of Damage on Full Life Support
- Attack speed (the faster you attack, the more pod will be created, the more damage you deal)
- Chaos DoT Multiplier
- DoT Multiplier
- Toxic Rain gem lv (my best is lv29, but it can be lv31)
- Effect duration (it a part of our DPS calculation)


This build hate Ailment. So praise yourself with burning, freeze, bleeding cure flask. (If you got watcher's eye which have unaffected by bleeding, you will not need bleeding flask anymore)
Without regen, a life flash is mostly mandatory
Onslaugh flask is a plug
Rotgut is a good flash (If you use Frenzy on Maloney's Mechanism)
Dying Sun = faster clearing
Here is my current setup:


Basically, +1 socket gem, +2 socket bow gem, attack speed, +2 support gem, chaos DoT multiplier is the best
But any 6l bow is good for budget version (and 6l bow only cost below 40c

Any rare Quiver is good, but personally I like this one for automated frenzy ( best for onslaugh in Rotgut)

Recommended this Unique because of its +1 socketed gem level, this will come with Mana reservation management. For enchantment, 15% reduce mana reservation for Grace or Malevolence is good.

For budget version, just the vertex without enchanment. You will lost Discipline as your 3rd aura.

This give us 20% of Dot per pod and 30% due to overlapping (I tested on Kosis by calculation time I needed to deplete his energy shield)

Budget version, 5l is good enough

Any rare gloves with good resistance, and a crafting slot is a plus

Any rare belt with good resistance, and a crafting slot is a plus

This is the budget version. Good for 16% dodge spell and 30% movement speed. Any rare boot with alternative mod is good (but it will not that cheap)

The most important thing is eleron's crafting mod. I do not like 32 mana toxic rain, so with eleron's mod and 20% quality, toxic rain is 5 mana cost. With 3.45 attack speed, we drain 17.25 man per second while we regen 16 mana per second. That will take a while to deplete our little unreserved mana.

This is easy explained 15c worth 6l axe. Well, it's rampage. With delirium league, you will get 1000 rampage in no time.

Gem setup:

6-linked bow:
Toxic Rain - Vicious Projectile - Swift Affliction - Empower - Void Manipulation - Damage on Full Life

Discipline - Malevolence - Vaal Grace - Enlighten

Frenzy - Onslaugh - Culling Strike

6-linked chest:
CoH - lv1 CWDT - Lv1 SoulRend - GMP - Despair - Enfeeble
Just remember to level up your curse so that CDWT won't effect them.
Awakwened CoH allow 2 curses, so why not use it. Soulrend + GMP is really good in AoE. It can curse all enemy 1 screen away, maybe more.

4-linked Wither setup:
Multi totem - Spell totem - Wither - Dash

4-linked Defensive CDWT:
CDWT - Phase run - Steel skin - any gem you like(IC for example)
Remember do not use wither step, when wither step is triggered, you dash will not cooldown.

6-linked Rampage Axe:
Cyclone - Blood Magic - Life gain on Hit - Mana Leech - Decay - Portal
Portal is just for convenience. Cyclone + Decay deal 23k dps so it enough to kill weak enemy for Rampage. Alternatively, you can fire TR in the air, then fast swap to the axe and wait for at least 1 mob die then swap back to the bow. Mana leech + blood magic + life gain on hit is a setup for boss fight which no regen map mob. It will save your life some day.

Skill tree:

Charisma and Corruption is recommended. The rest please see on PoB paste


Bandits is bad guy, so kill all
Ascendancy: Trickster. Patient Reaper (damage) -> Ghost Dance (defensive) -> Escape Artist (more defense) -> Prolonged Pain (more damage)

Major Pantheon:

- Lunaris is an amazing "set it and forget it" choice here. Physical damage reduction, movement speed, and some extra dodge/avoidance are all spectacular. Avoiding chained projectiles also makes your golem less dangerous to you if you have one.
- Solaris can get special consideration for specific boss fights. Specifically, if the boss you're fighting is solo and doesn't spawn a lot of adds.
- Arakaali is nice for Sirus. The reduced damage over time taken and chaos resistance against damage over time are helpful for storms and ground degens.

Minor Pantheon:

- Yugul for Elder/Shaper. They do a lot of cold damage.
- Garukhan for mapping. More evading and move speed.
- Ryslatha can be useful for Sirus or other long boss fights to get you life flask charges.
- Shakari and Abberath are useful switches for poison/burning ground map mods.

If you lazy for swapping patheon: Ryslatha and Lunaris is personal best choice

Cluster & Normal Jewels:

Everything related to skill effect and DoT multiplier is good
Intuitive Leap will save you some passives, so it may worth it
Watcher's eye with unaffected by bleeding is a must (for late game content)

My current work:

As you can see on PoB, I have 150k dps (Shaper dps) with 3.45 AS
I have 2.51s pod duration and 73% increase AoE (which make my overlaping rate about 4.5 pod - based on actual testing)

So my dps is 150k*2.51*3.45*4.5 = 5.8Mil DoT Shaper DPS
With rampage, I clear Lair map in about 2 min each map.
All content cleared with ease.
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