[3.10] Archmage Storm Brand Hierophant | Low Life | Clears All Content | Bossing | Budget Options

3.11 - Build is DEAD. Don't use until I make updates :(

Shameful Plug



This build is low life and will clear all content deathless if you know the fights. I cleared Hall of Grandmasters, Uber Elder, Sirus Lvl 8 all no problem. This is also great at mapping and Delving. On my current gear I have spent somwhere around 13ex. Some of it I crafted, and prices can vary depending where the league is. I really like this build and if you are not super great at endgame bosses this is a great build, becuase Storm Brand allows you to run away and play it safe!

If you have questions for me, comment on my YouTube for faster replies!





Storm Brand - Archmage - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect - Lightning Penetration - Chain

Weapon 1:
Clarity - Blood Magic
Arcane Cloak

Vaal Discipline

Wave of Conviction - Conductivity - Curse on Hit - Physical to Lightning

On Boots and Helmet (doesn't matter):
Blade Blast - Cast when Damage Taken

Flame Dash - Second Wind

Brand Recall - Second Wind - Arcane Surge - Empower


My Gear



Fevered Mind x 6

Healthy Mind

Abyss Jewel:
- mana
- energy shield
- strength/dex/resistance as needed

Cluster Jewels:

Increased Lightning Damage Base
Adds 8 Passive Skills
Any Notable
Any Notable
Scintillating Idea
2 Jewel Socket


Damage with Brand Skills Base
Adds 4-5 Passive Skills
Brand Loyalty
Grand Design/Seeker Runes
Jewel Socket


Energy Shield Base
Will Shaper
Maximum Energy Shield
Maximum Mana
Strength/Dexterity/Resistance if necessary

If you are lacking passive skills, and are under level 90 then just go for:
1 Large Jewel
2 Medium jewels
2 Fevered Minds

Once you start to level up place add another medium jewel, because they are the most important. Once you get into the high 90's then start your second larger cluster jewel.

I made different PoB trees on my PoB, so look at the passive tree on the bottm right go trough them to see what I mean if you don't understand :P



Primary Stats:
- Mana
- Wrath/Zealotry has increase Aura Effect
- Cast Speed
- Lightning Penetration
- Lightning as Extra Chaos/Non-Chaos as Extra Chaos

- Lightning Damage
- Spell Damage


You need this for reduced mana reservation to have Discipline, Wrath, and Zealotry on.


We have a huge mana pool, so we are not stuck with a Shav's. Ivory Tower offers more ES, mana, and regen so it was an easy choice over Shav's. You can still use a Shav's but you will have a much lower ES pool.


Huge mana, max mana as extra ES, and MOM make this shield amazing. The only drawback is that we cannot leech mana which is worth the other stats.


The increased mana cost of skills is the stat you want to get a big roll on. Since it is also not expensive it saves us from using another Fevered Mind in the build. But if you wish to use something else this is the spot to change it. You can make up for the missing DPS by adding another Fevered Mind.


Makes it so our stun threshold is now based on our Mana instead of Life. Before these boots stuns would kill so you had to be careful. But with Skyforth you can juice maps and worry a lot less. If you are having issues maxing res you can use other boots but I highly recommend to get these ASAP.


This gives us the most mana out of all other amulets. Since mana is DPS it will be our highests DPS amulet. If you are struggling with getting Chaos Resistance, then go with a Presence of Chayula, as it will give you all the Chaos Resistance you will need as well as good amount of ES.

Rings and Belt:

You need a LOT of Resistance. ES and Mana are important too but make sure you get all Resistance you can.


Atziri's Promise gives lots of additional DPS

Cinderswallow makes it so you get all your mana back when you kill a few enemies, recover a bunch of ES, and if you can ignite will recharge and give you some damage.

Rare Flasks you want Bleed, Freeze, and Curse immune

Build Cost

My build: ~15ex

Helm: mindspiral - 1c
Body: ivory tower - 1c - 2ex 6L
Gloves: Voidbringer - 80c for corruption
Boots: skyforth - 2.4ex
Weapon: rare wand - 1ex
Amulet: Atziri's Foible - 4c
Shield: Prism Guardian - 50c
Rings: rare rings - 2ex each
Belt: belt - 1ex
Cinderswallow - 1ex
Atziri's Promise - 1c
3 rare flasks - 1c
Large Jewel - 2ex (8 passives, 2 jewel sockets, 3 notables)
3 medium jewel - 50c
1 small jewel - 40c
Fevered Mind - 5c x 6
Healthy Mind - 10c

Budget: ~3ex (2ex is for 6L Body)

TLDR; Use rare boots, no Cinderswallow, cheaper cluster jewels

Helm: mindspiral - 1c
Body: ivory tower - 1c - 2ex 6L
Gloves: Voidbringer - 5c for 60+ increased mana cost
Boots: rare boots - 30c (movement speed, ES, mana)
Weapon: rare wand - 10c (spell damage, cast speed)
Amulet: Atziri's Foible - 4c
Shield: Prism Guardian - 50c
Rings: rare rings 15c each (es, mana, res)
Belt: belt - 30c (es, mana, res)
Atziri's Promise - 1c
4 rare flasks - 1c
Large Jewel - 10c (10 passive, 2 jewel sockets, 2 notables)
2 Medium Jewels - 20c (6 passives)
Fevered Mind - 5c x 6
Healthy Mind - 10c


Kill All!


Major: Soul of Arakaali
Increased recovery rate is super helpful for surviving and Chaos res is good since we are Low Life

Minor: Soul of Shakari
Poison Immune is super nice

You can use Minor Tukohama for the stationary life regen and take Zealot's Oath for some good regen. I am not doing it but it is an option!


Freeze Pulse - Arcane Surge - Onslaught

Dash or Flame Dash at level 10

Storm Brand at level 12

Storm Brand - Added Lightning Damage Support - Arcane Surge - Onslaught

Brand Recall, Arcane Cloak, Wave of Conviction, Blade Blast at level 16
(Don't use WoC until you get Curse on Hit)
(Don't use Blade Blast until you get CWDT)

Controlled Destruciton, Concentrated Effect, Faster Casting, Physical to Lightning at level 18

Storm Brand - Controlled Destruciton - Concentrated Effect - Faster Casting - Added Lightning Damage Support

Brand Recall - Arcane Surge

Archmage Support at level 31

Only socket in Auras when you can start using The Ivory Tower at level 76


1. Sign of Purpose
2. Divine Guidance
3. Sanctuary of Thought
4. Illuminated Devotion

Sanctuary of Though will kill your DPS because of the less mana cost of skills. To combat this we use a bunch of Fevered Minds.


+ Clears ANY content
+ Bosser
+ Mapper
+ 9k ES without Watcher's Eye
- Difficult to Res Cap

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Hi Mister Penguin,

I'm trying your build.
I saw your video too, good one.

I bought all the stuff with good/very good stats for 10ex with some offers.
So to people wondering about price, if you buy listed items it will be ok for 15ex with good stats.

Thanks Mister Penguin, I will provide my feedback
ty man
Well done on the build,its very clear and precise and a lot of people could learn a thing or two from you in regards to fleshing out a build.
I changed from my 2handed stormbrand build to this and i have to say my survival rate shot up.
thanks for the build!
Why MoM? It does nothing if you're LL ES based.
Essat wrote:
Why MoM? It does nothing if you're LL ES based.

MOM wasted point
I wanted to try something else and had a templar at 90lvl so i made your build from it. I don't like playing with many buttons so I have made two changes:
CWDT lvl 12 - Arcane cloak - Inc duration
CWDT lvl 1 - Shock Nova - Curse On Hit - Conductivity

It's quite easy to clear maps with this build but boss fights are still a litle bit longer than i have expected.

Still thank you for a build and great description.
Bladerlore wrote:
Essat wrote:
Why MoM? It does nothing if you're LL ES based.

MOM wasted point

You're correct forgot to take it down from when I was life variant. Made the change :)
3.11 - Build is DEAD. Don't use until I make updates :(

If you got the time, could you elaborate?
I find the LL ES approach fascinating and want to try out the brand-archmage playstyle for harvest, but can't figure out what destroyed the build.

Anyway, thx for the guide, helped me understand how brands work overall! Good work!

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