[3.10] - Implae Cyclone Champion (Chill + Shock)

Please review my build and see where I can improve. I would like to have millions of DPS while using Chill (cluster jewels) + Shock (Starforge), but if there are higher DPS and utility options in other setups please let me know.

I still seem to be fundamentally missing how damage multipliers work as the 48% more damage to chilled targets seem best in slot for gloves/belt, but, in practice, does not compare to the millions of shaper DPS that I've seen other Impale Cyclone builds achieve.

On the defensive end, again, I hate how the wording of things promises the world, but in practice, you still get one-shot. Chilled/Maimed (enemies) + Molten Shell + 50% effect of infused channeling + Fortify should feel defensively comfortable; it does to a degree, but it falls flat on T16 Vaal Temple bosses and Sirus 8.

Lastly, Chaos resistance needs to be removed from the game, but I digress.

MB_DELIRIOUS (Delerium 3.10 league)
Last bumped on Apr 26, 2020, 8:47:27 PM

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