[3.13] Bergerbrush's Toxic Rain Trickster - League Start to Endgame - 5m DoT

Hello everyone! My name is Bergerbrush and this build is a part of my "Project Builds" where I try to make a viable Build out of every ascendancy in the game that can get you from zero to hero. My plan is that you should be able to start this Build with no investment or as a League Starter and work your way up to Red Maps on an extreme budget. Invest as you play along and be able to clear up to Red Maps including bosses and later with heavier investment be able to clear mostly all endgame content.

If you have any questions regarding the Build or suggestions feel free to contact me in my Twitch Stream as I am a Fulltime Streamer.


Pros and Cons

+ Good Map Clearing
+ Good Single Target DPS
+ Good overall Defenses
+ Cheap to Build Early
+ League Start Viable
+ Can do basicly all map mods

- Requires Crafting for Endgame
- Not insane Single Target DPS

What is Project Builds?


Project Builds is a Project I made where I try to make a decent Build out of every Ascendancy in the game that is playable for anyone at any given point in the league to where you can build your character out of nothing and work your way through all the content in the game.

I will try to make different Leveling Guides for every Character in the game and then the Build Guides such as this one takes of from us Killing Act 10 Kitava. Where you can start mapping with ease in White Maps and work your way up to Early Red Maps. Then I will continue to guide you with upgrading your character to finish the whole Atlas and then progressively work your way towards finishing nearly all Content in Path of Exile.

It needs to be said though that some Ascendancies perform better than others. And most of the time it completely depends on your current investments. For example this Build is the "Trickster" ascendancy. And Tricksters generally have a mix of good DPS/Utility and good defenses. Our Ascendancy choices in this character gives us Stun Immunity, great evasion, good energy shield and an overall great damage boost to Over-Time Damage.

I also do my best to stay away from the classic Meta skills as much as I can. Therefor you will not be seeing "Cyclone Skill" for every single character but may still see them sometimes.

Information about the Build


What can you expect?

A good amount of overall map clear paired with good single target and a pretty easy character to Build except for the crafting that might be required for most of the gear and especially the Bow. The Bow Crafting is pretty simple though.

The Build is pretty cheap and easy to start off with and the great thing about this Build is that Awakened Gems add a good amount of DPS. And every League so far the Awakened Gems we use in this Build have been extremely cheap.

"Phase 1" should get you through T1-T12 maps atleast. You need to invest a little bit into some very Cheap Uniques and a bit of filler gear to start the base of your character and then you will progressively work your way through white, yellow and red maps as your character and your skill gems level up.

"Phase 2" we take all the currency we generated and start investing more into the character to increase its overall defensives and single target DPS and start working up towards Tier 16 maps.

"Phase 3" Even more currency generated we start working at the min-max part version of the Build and we push our character so we can start doing all endgame content.

What kind of playstyle is this?

This Build is pretty chill to play, with the good amount of defenses you just run around and drop a Toxic Rain on a pack and just keep moving as the "Ticking Damage" will kill everything. For bosses its pretty chill as well as we put up "Wither Totems" and stand at Range and just melt bosses down as well.

another question/remark?

Showcasing & Videos


GIF & Videos about the Build showcasing Bossing/Map Clear/Build overall and so on :)

Leveling Guide


video about how to level melee characters and general information about leveling in poe, and some info here as well (that works with every Project Builds guide)

Phase 1 - Act 10 Kitava to Early Red Maps


Congratulations! You made it past Act 10 Kitava and are now ready for the Endgame in Path of Exile. Make sure to watch these videos below if you do not know how to prepare for the Endgame or where to start!

Here is a Video to help you Prepare for Mapping after Defeating Act 10 Kitava!

And Here is a Quick Video regarding the new Atlas Skill Tree's

Bandits Quest in Act 2


Your 1 option in the "Deal with the Bandits" quest in Act 2.

KILL ALL Bandits and recieve 2 Skill Points from Eramir

This is good because we can utalize 2 More Skill Points in our Skill Tree for more damage or life, or other good Skill Nodes.



Video of Labyrinth & Trials Explanation

1st / Normal Labyrinth: Patient Reaper
2nd / Cruel Labyrinth: Prolonged Pain
3rd / Merciless Labyrinth: Ghost Dance
4th / Eternal Labyrinth: Escape Artist

Skill Tree & Path of Building


Phase 1 Skill Tree ~ Level 85

Phase 1 PoB ~ Level 85: https://pastebin.com/XW9aj0J3 - 1m DoT DPS

Gem Links


IMPORTANT - You always wanna try to keep your Gems atleast Level 20 with 20% Quality unless I specifically say something different. If the Gems in this Guide don't have 20/20 Gems it is because I don't have those myself and can therefor not link them in this Guide.

5 Link



It is very IMPORTANT that you use Vaal Grace and not use the Aura itself, but only the Vaal Version of the Skill.

4-Link Totem for Single Target Damage

Movement Skills

Utility & Extra

It is very important that you keep Cast When Damage Taken at level 1 and Immortal Call at level 3 and also Enfeeble at Level 5!

If you are wondering why we have 2 Curses with Enfeeble and Despair in our Setup, then its because Despair is only being used when we actually have flask Charges and then we utilize Enfeeble defensively in every other situation.

Steelskin is self activated and not a part of any Cast when Damage Taken setup.



- Weapons -

CHEAP - Quill Rain is a cheap and strong choice for Toxic Rain as we don't really care about the physical damage of our weapon but more about our Damage over Time(DoT) from the Toxic Rain pods.

- Quiver -

CHEAP - Drillneck is a good Quiver to start with as it adds Life & Attack Speed. Otherwise you can pickup a Rare Quiver that also has Life & Attack Speed with maybe some resists if you need.

- Body Armour -

CHEAP - Tabula Rasa for a 6-Link or pick up a high evasion Rare with life & resists if you wish to. Otherwise you can pickup a Queen of the Forest early if you already have a 6-Link Bow.

- Helmet -
Energy Shield Helmet with Resists.

CHEAP - A Energy Shield helmet gives us extra evasion through our Ascendancy so go for that paired with Resists. But we will swap out or Helmet later so don't invest too much into this.


CHEAP - Preferably a Lapis Amulet for the Intelligence. But mainly we want Life & Resists until we get a Hunter Influenced Amulet later.

Focus on Life & Resists and perhaps some Intelligence.

ANNOINT - Annoint "Potency of Will" for the Increased Skill Duration. It means that our DoT does damage for a longer period of time.

Clip of me Explaining how to Annoint your Amulet

- Rings -

CHEAP - Same as Amulet we focus on Life & Resists for now on Rings as well.

- Gloves -

CHEAP - Embalmer Mitts are really good for some nice damage and Life overall.

- Belt -

CHEAP - Any Belt with Life & Resists is what you want.

- Boots -

CHEAP - Either Atziri's Step for good Evasion, Dodge, Life and Movement Speed. Or pickup a pair of Rare Boots with Life, Resists and Movement Speed.

- Flasks -

CHEAP~MEDIUM Prize I suggest atleast an Anti-Freeze, Anti-Curse and Anti-Bleed. Get a Witchfire brew as early as possible as well as it provides a large DPS increase.

The Flask Setup here is very ideal.

- Jewels -

CHEAP - Damage over Time, Attack Speed and Life% are great rolls on a Jewel.

Phase 2 - Tier 16 & Early Bossing


Skill Tree & Path of Building


Phase 2 Skill Tree ~ Level 90

PoB for Phase 2: https://pastebin.com/JW7qV011 - 2.5-3m DoT DPS

Main Item Upgrades


Use Fossils to Craft: +1 / +2 Bow and Multimod "+2 Level of Support Gems" & "Chaos Damage Over Time Multiplier" on a 6-Link Bow.

Get as much "Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier" or "Damage over Time Multiplier" on your gear as you can.

Hunter Influenced Amulet, Quiver and Gloves are perfect choices to get: "Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier" or "Damage over Time Multiplier".

Get a Queen of the Forest.

Phase 3 - All Endgame Content


Skill Tree & Path of Building


Phase 3 Skill Tree ~ Level 95

PoB for Phase 3: https://pastebin.com/R4Mcc4J9 - 5m DoT DPS

Main Item Upgrades


Get as much "Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier" and "Damage over Time Multiplier" as you can on your gear.

Try to get "Attack Speed" on more gear as well, specially Rings.

Level 4 Empower Support Gem

As many +Level of Skill Gems as possible on Amulet & Bow.

+1 Projectile Enchant on Helmet

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Gonna keep working on this Guide in the near future.

Still tinkering a bit with the Damage output for Bosses in Phase 3.
Added Skill Tree's for 3.11
Added PoB for all Phases for 3.11
Added Gear in Gear Section
Added Upgrades in Phase 2 and Phase 3 Gear Section.

Looks nice, i will probably league start it in heist :D
Wolfye01 wrote:
Looks nice, i will probably league start it in heist :D

Only thing I can tell right now is that there apparently might be some changes to Crafting the +3 Bow. Will update this information once I know!

Other than that Toxic Rain/Caustic Arrow Trickster still feels like a very solid choice and I might add the new alternative Toxic Rain Boots in the build if they are easily obtainable and not too expensive.

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