[3.10] Bones of the Queen | Skelemancer | League Starter & Beginner Friendly

+ Bones of the Queen +

+ Introduction +
After playing summoner for several leagues, I've decided to try my own build, suiting my own playstyle (which is slightly different from general summoner builds).

This is a straightfoward skelemancer, capable of achieving high amounts of DPS with Summon Skeletons spell. We will be using spells like Hatred, Vulnerability and Raise Zombie to further increase our skeletons' power of destruction!

For gameplay style, we basically walk around with a horde of aggresive zombies while summoning skeletons in order to clear screen. Most of the time the zombies alone will be enough for clearing. Vulnerability is used when facing bosses or thougher opponents who happens to survive for more than 2 seconds.

+ Pros/Cons +
+ Excellent clear speed
+ Boss killer
+ Great league starter
+ Safe playstyle
- Not the tankiest build
- Can't run maps with physical damage reflection

+ Passive Tree +

+ Gems +
Vaal Summon Skeletons (6-Link)
1. Vaal Summon Skeletons
2. Minion Damage
3. Multistrike
4. Melee Splash
5. Melee Physical Damage
6. Ruthless

Raise Zombie (6-Link)
1. Raise Zombie
2. Melee Physical Damage
3. Minion Damage
4. Multistrike
5. Feeding Frenzy
6. Empower

Hatred & Vulnerability (4-Link)
1. Hatred
2. Generosity
3. Increased Area of Effect
4. Vulnerability

Animate Guardian & Spectre (4-Link)
1. Animate Guardian
2. Raise Spectre
3. Meat Shield
4. Blood Magic

Leap Slam & Convocation & Carrion Golem (2-Link)
1. Leap Slam
2. Faster Attacks
3. Summon Carrion Golem
4. Convocation

+ My Gear +

There is plenty of room for improvement. This is just what I could afford so far.

+ Spectres & Animate Guardian Setup +
Spectres (4 minions)
2 Carnage Chieftains for constant frenzy charges. 1 Undying Evangelist for proximity shield. 1 Ruins Hellion for Rallying Cry.

Animate Guardian
Kingmaker (This is not mandatory, but will really boost your survivability - Get a Dying Breath, if you're on a budget)
Leer Cast
Ambu's Charge
Victario's Flight

+ Pantheon & Bandits Choice +
Major God: Soul of Lunaris
Minor God: Souls of Shakari

Bandits: Kill'em all

+ Path of Building +

+ Videos +
Coming soon...

+ Changelog +
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