[3.10] Drewby's End-Game Aurabot

Since 3.0 I've played an aurabot almost every league. They have changed and evolved over the years with many changes with different mechanics from different leagues. I usually have to look at all of the aurabot guides and decide how to piece mine together in my own way and I've finally decided to put it on the forums. I typically like to min-max my aura builds, I will never claim that my gear is cheap or easy to obtain but if you have an understanding of aurabots putting together cheaper variants will not be difficult. At first you will most not likely be able to run every aura/aspect/curse in my build without a decent amount of money invested.

-Run all auras
-CI, chaos immune,
-Dual curse with Occultist ascendancy
-Fun to min-max
-High ES (Currently sitting 9.5 with room to grow)
-Self crafting is very satisfying

- Can be very expensive to min-max. You can spend 2 ex or 100 ex on an aurabot
- Leveling consists of using regrets to respec
- Awkward until around level 90 (suggest pure breach stones)
- Party play only
- Not noob friendly


- Chest:

No other choice here. You aren't an aurabot if you aren't wearing a Victario's. Budget; non 6L, 6 socket. Your 6L is an empower 4.

- Helmet:

Only other choice here would be for more ES(-4% reserved) would be an Int base helm with a Redeemer base. You'd be looking for;
* -4% Mana reserved (Delve Craft)
* Flat ES
* % ES
* res/dex/str

For the enchant, ideally you would want Grace, Discipline, Determination or either Purity of Lightning/Cold (fire we are getting from a cluster)

- Shield:

No other option here. The main roll you need on this shield is Socketed gems have 15% reduced mana reservation. No exception. Other stats are;
* Flat ES
* % ES
* any res fillers

- Amulet:

Shaper amulet (Probably need dex AND str base) with T1 -Mana reserved (4-5%). You can fertile catalyst this up to 6%. Additional rolls will be;
* Flat ES
* %ES
* Str/Dex
* Res fillers

Annoint: I choose Champion of the Cause. It saves us around 12 points on the tree but costs us a lot of strength.

- Boots:

If you cant afford skyforths, you can run Sin Treks.

I would run the setup in those boots if you cannot get skyforths, you need the extra -6% mana reserved to run the dual curse setup. Sin Treks is actually a lot of ES and a decent amount of Dex.

- Belt:

I have a crystal belt for the spider craft. Bated Breath is actually a really good choice and more energy shield.

If you choose a rare belt stats you'd be looking for is;
* Open prefix for spider craft
* T1 Flat ES
* Attribute filler
* Res filler

- Gloves:

I use rare gloves, Shaper's touch got nerfed and you can actually get a lot more on rare gloves than Shaper's touch. Stats you are looking for;

* Flat ES
* % ES
* Attributes
* Res filler

- Rings:

My rings aren't anything special. The main thing is the Non-Channeling skills have -# to total mana cost, it gives us a free shield charge. Other stats to look for;

* ES
* Attributes
* Filler Res

** If you are going shaper sword with "Socketed movement skills cost no mana" You do not need the Non-Channeling skills mana cost mod.

Gem Links
The links in my above gear is what I am using. There is no perfect gem link setup, You will be changing auras around in your chest to what will help your carry out the most whether it be a spell based carry, bow carry, or a melee carry.

Offensive(Chest): Pick 5, 6L is an Empower
- Anger
- Haste(vaal)
- Hatred
- Malevolence
- Precision
- Wrath
- Zealotry
- Pride

Helmet: Purities
- Purity of Fire
- Purity of Lightning
- Purity of Ice
- Enlighten/Discipline

Shield: 50% Auras
- Determination
- Discipline(vaal)
- Grace(vaal)

Boots: Blasphemy setup (Pick 2 curses) for skyforths Cwdt for sin trek
- Enhance
- Temp Chains
- Awakened Blasphemy Support
- Enfeeble
Gloves: Kinda filler setup here
- Clarity(vaal)
- frostblink (I really like this for maps with shitty terrains)
- Precision
- Flesh and Stone

Weapon: shield charge
- Shield Charge
- Faster Attacks
- Fortify


Jewels are probably the most important and most expensive part in this build. Our jewels consist of getting 1% Reduced mana reserved for almost every single one. Obviously you start from the cheapest ones and work your way up. If you need to buy random thresh hold jewels with 1% corruptions do it until you can upgrade.

We're using a lot of cluster jewels and 1 5 socket voices. It's not completely necessary for a 5 socket voices but it does save us a lot of points.

Some of our jewels go in very specific spots.

Might of the Meek:
The left of "Harrier". You will not be able to allocate "Leadership" but what it does do is turn the 4% reduced mana reserved into 6%. It also turns the ES nodes above Scion start to 9% Increased ES from 6%.

Energy From Within:
Right below "Melding". Turns the life in this wheel to ES.

Medium Cluster Jewels:
The rolls you are looking for;
* Precise Commander
* Vengeful Commander
* Jewel Socket
you want ONE Medium with the roll with "Pure Might" It gives us 30% reduced mana reservation for Purity of Fire.

Small Cluster Jewels:
The Rolls you are looking for;
* Added Small passives have 25% inc Effect
* Energy From Naught (+100 flat ES)

These are actually very easy to craft your own and vaal them for the 1% reduced. I was crafting 10 at a time and vaaling. You can even get a corrupting blood one if you have enough mana reservation.



I take occultist for the +1 curse, Guardian and +2 skill points.
You can take necro if you are not running dual curse set-up in Skyforths.

bandits: +2 skill points

Skill Tree


I'm Level 97 in league and I think this is the best tree I can get. If I can save points anywhere please let me know I will update.

Kinda personal preference, My mapping setup is;

Major: Soul of Lunaris
Minor: Soul of Abberath/Ralakesh

Honestly my best suggestion is to pick your favorite twink leveling and regret it all out when finished. Leveling with this skill tree is a horrible experience and this is not a league start guide.

If you have any questions or comments Feel free to message me in game. I'm not the greatest looking at forums but I will attempt to keep this up to date as much as I can.

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easy mode maps with this next to me.
Hi ! i want to try an aurabot build to help my friend while they learn the game. but this wouldn't be my main char so don't have that much to spend. how much currency would i need to make it work?
Can't seem to see skill tree, can you help me? This Pastebin is kinda confusing.
You're missing jewels and cluster jewels in the PoB. Could you add them or make your profile public so we can import your Aurabot? Thanks.

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