[3.10] Slayer Phys Cyclone -- Please help me with my build... can't beat T10 maps @ lvl 87

Here is my build's POB https://pastebin.com/6jus5f3i

I'm basing it off a number of Phys/Crit 2H Sword Cyclone builds. I can't afford Starforge, so I've got a maxed Terminus Est (260% ED [max], corrupted to 30% quality) for the time being.

I feel like I'm stuck. I can't get past T10 maps, and I'm dying constantly in delirium. Mobs take quite a while to knock out. It also just feels pretty "squishy"/soft.

I would appreciate any input. Is my passive tree okay? I need to add a jewel, which I am shopping for. But any other tips? Gear under an exalt?
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First of all, cap your ressistances. Fire/Cold/Lightning must be over 75%.

Second, you need to change your flask:

1 anti bleeding flask, usually in the hp flask. Bubbling divine life flask of staunching.

I see that you are using 2 Blood of the karui, i'll remove botch and go with the Bubbling divine life flask of staunching.

2 anti curese flask. Sulphur flask of warding.

3 anti freeze flask. Diamond Flask of Heat

4 Get a Lion's Roar flask.

5 Enduring Eternal Mana flask if you are having mana issues. Otherwise, use a Quicksilver Flask to spin faster or a Silver flask

Remove flicker strike from your leap slam 4l and add blood magic.

Get more HP on items.

Do the last Lab and pick Overhelm. Or Endless Unger and get rid of the anti bleeding flask.

Buy a Soul Tether belt.

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Thanks for the direct recommendations!

I capped lightning with a jewel, and slightly bumped up DPS and max life %.

I'll improve my flasks, I just needed raw life for a while as I was dying so much. Divine flasks took too long to heal, but I think it was more due to bleeding, etc.

Just leveling flicker strikes for the currency, but I'll add a blood magic.

What's the strategy w/ soul tether? Just an extra 4-6% life buffer w/ leeching? Do I have enough leeching nodes? I chose a build example without leeching nodes, but I feel like I might need some health leeching nodes/passives. I'll also need a soul tether with at least 39 int for my infused channeling level, but I could always under-level it.
You are welcome.

The flask i listed in my previous post are not just base flask, those are flask with affixes and preffixes. Thats very important.

For example, Bubbling divine life flask of staunching got an instant heal.

I can't stress this enough, flask are the most important part of any build.

To be honest, you should pick a guide for the build you want to play and stick with it. You need some knowledge of the game mechanics before you can start to "experiment".

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