[3.10] EK + Blade Blast max Block Gladiator (WIP)

Hello, I came up with the idea to build for the new Bladeblast.

Build will be without conversion, pure physical damage for which block gladiator is perfect. For now, of course, this is only a concept because we do not know how Blade Blast will work.
will it be a skill that be able to be an independent main skill or it only be able to be support for EK/BV/Bladefall.
I assumed that he will be able to be a main skill on his own and EK will be a tool for creating blades.

It seems to me that EK is perfect for a gladiator, because it is close to target so we will use block bonuses, blades that EK create will be relatively close to the character and should do a strong overlap on targets (we can use Slow Projectile on bosses). It is possible that play COC/CWC with Cyclone can be more effective, will we see. Blade Blast will be self cast to increase the damage as much as possible.

When it comes to items, Cold Iron Point Dagger is a basic weapon, The Anvil as block utility. As an early shield, I think Daresso's Courage will give us some damage and will allow us to be in combat at maximum block chance even with bad items.

In PoB as Unused I added some strong upgrades on late, the most powerful is Light of Lunaris Shied.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/xp4k7dYs

For now, the topic was created as the goal of discussion and suggestions, because as long as we don't have Patch Note and 20/20 games, there is no point in making it a real guide topic.

In the case that it fails in practice, it will always be possible to convert to pure Blade Vortex / HoA or maybe even Animated Weapon build, Fork PoB shows with these weak items 1.1 million Shaper DPS on BV so its not tragic at all.

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