[3.9] Mjolner Lightning Inquisitor (Feedback)

First post here. Looking for feedback on my build.

This is the first build I have created from scratch. For background I started playing PoE during metamorph. My first toon was a lacerate gladiator.

The build is based around dual wielding Mjolner.

PoB pastebin: https://pastebin.com/jRBy3DHh

Now to note. The PoB is very minimal. It has a full tree but only a few pieces of gear. Reason being that this gives very baseline numbers. Anything else added gear wise will just increase the numbers listed. For example, I have all the stats required to wield Mjolner from the tree and my amulet.

Decent mob clear and single target

Slow attack speed

Gems and links:

Chest: Lightning Strike-Phys to lightning-Lightning pen-Multistrike-Fortify-Ele dmg with attacks

Hammer1: Ball lighting-Lightning pen-greater volley

Hammer2: Shock nova-curse on hit-conductivity

3 link + 1: CWDT-Steelskin-increased duration Leap slam(not linked)

4 link: Wrath-Herald of Thunder-Lightning golem-culling strike

4 link: Vaal Haste-Vaal lighting strike-increased duration Precision

I am using Atziri's Foible to reduce requirements on Mjolner

I pop vaal haste and vaal lightning strike to clear metamorphs and bosses.

You should be able to view my character to get an idea of what is going on.

Interesting interaction with leap slam is that it will cast one of the Mjolner spells when it lands. Epic looking when nova procs.

Also I tried wild strike set to lightning and while the mob clear was good the single target lacked. I also had arc instead of shock nova and swapped for the same reason. Now the projectiles from lightning strike will proc Mjolner also. So if you swing and do not connect with anything the projectiles still spawn and it those hit anything then Mjolner procs. Addtionally the lightning strike projectiles chain due to Mjolner, so the mob clear is decent.

I know it's not ideal or meta but it is fun as hell to play.

Comments and constructive feedback welcome. I want to tweak this and run it for the next season.

Sorry for the layout. I just don't know all the tricks to link gems and gear.
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I too am working on a dual Mjolner concept and looking for help/guidance/inspiration/ideas/etc. I've never made a successful build from scratch and don't expect this to be any different. Currently in white maps. That being said, this is what I'm on atm:

Mjolner 1: Wave of Conviction - Storm Brand - Innervate
Mjolner 2: Storm Call - Lightning Pen - Controlled Destruction
Body Armor: Tabula until I figure out links, thinkin Carcass Jack
Amulet: Astramentis -- for Mjolner stat reqs
Ring: 2x Life gained for each enemy hit by your spells rings w/resists
Gloves: Repentance -- For Iron Will
Belt: Immortal Flesh - want to change asap to cooldown recovery but the regen is needed atm
Boots: Rare with res and 5% dodge spell hits, got cheap
Helmet: Scold's Bridle w/ 30% reduced duration Storm Call enchant (was Devoto's)

I was using Thief's Torment ring before I capped resists
I was using Devoto's helmet before I found and bought the Scolds

I'm using Cyclone for delivery
6L - Cyclone - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Onslaught - Curse on Hit - Conductivity (was Poacher's Mark)

I'm using Frostblink with a L6 Arcane Surge for extra spell damage
I'm using Molten Shell for protection vs bosses and some rares
I'm using Purity of Elements atm to cap resist
I'm using Wrath

I'm playing around with different lightning spells and supports in Mjolner. I really hope to keep Storm Call. I figured WoC would be good for the exposure. Storm Brand was Ball Lightning yesterday.

If I could get the stats without Astramentis I would do free Conductivity aura with Blasphemy & Impresence and have Elemental Weakness on the 6L and some dual curse mechanic, but that might be pushing it.

I'm playing as Templar. On tree I have Resolute Technique to always hit, lightning damage up by Witch, through Marauder for life and armour, life and attack speed at Duelist. Tree is probably fubar but I'm gonna see what shakes out.

For flasks I have granite, quartz, sulphur, and quick. I keep them up all the time if when I can. Also life. These are mapped to A,S,D,W,E, in that order, with Molten Shell on F. I mention that in case someone like me is reading this. Don't want you to have to suffer for 7 years before figuring that one out like I did.

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