[3.9] Turtroll Facebreaker Cyclone 38M DPS ALL CONTENT

This is probably one of my favorite build this league because i am slapping bosses to death.

Facebreaker is extremely powerful and cheap, with proper added flat physical damage, the scaling is insane. Additionally, we use impale which is currently one of the best damage scaling mechanic in the game, with Champion ascendancy and Watcher's eye giving us additional impale stacks the damage we are able to achieve with this build is just insane.

- Boss killer
- Insanely high DPS
- Pretty decent mapping
- Can be budget and deal good damage
- 2 curse, very versatile

- 5K HP only
- Cannot do physical reflection maps
- No regeneration/ ground degen maps feels bad but doable
- Min-max can be expensive as with all builds

VIDEO BUILD GUIDE (W/ BOSS SHOWCASE):https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWG2xJRmsg4&t=283s


Mechanics of the build ( good to read)
How to scale damage in this build
With facebreaker having high % scaling, we need a lot of flat physical damage for facebreaker to really shine. Using Herald of Purity and Circle of Guilt we are able to achieve high amount of flat physical.

Why play champion ascendancy?
Champion ascendancy gives us free resolute technique and still able to run critical damage. Additionally, champion gives extra 2 impale hits. Impale right now is super OP in terms of damage scaling.

Why not take claw nodes since we are using Rigwald's Curse
Claw nodes are too far and doesn't give us significant DPS that make it worth. Rigwald's Curse talisman is good because of the multiplier and critical strike chance to unarmed. Additionally, it gives us flexibility in our jewels as we are able to use jewels with claw modifier.

(Awakened 8)Minotaur, Uber Elder & Shaper:https://youtu.be/hWG2xJRmsg4

My Gears

Gears Explanation
Abyssus just gives us insane amount of damage at the cost of survivability. We can use rare helmet if you want to be more tanky.

Find a chest with high HP, preferrably Astral plate because of implicit. Additional curse allows us to run 2 curse and attack critica chance is amazing.

This shield just provides so much good stuff, HP/ resistances and damage.

This amulet provides a lot of DPS to our unarmed and gives us a little bit of flexbility in our jewels because claw modifier affects unarmed. Sadly, this amulet cannot be annointed.

buff our Herald of Purity giving us a lot of flat physical. However, the ring does not provide HP or resistances. For budget, can look for one liner Circle of Guilt or Steel Ring with flat physical modifier

Facebreaker obviously the star of the build.

Stygian vise is good because of free jewel slot. Alternatively, can use Soul tether or leather belt.

Two-toned is good for the implicit, look for HP, move speed and resistances. If you are rich, buy one with tailwind on critical strike.

HP, Attack speed/ Critical strike multiplier/ Damage are nice. Watcher eyes with impale 2 more hits, if rich buy multi pride watcher eye.

1 instant recovery life flask. Others are mainly for DPS, bottled faith is insane DPS boost. Craft remove ailments and reduced charge used.

Skill gems

Infused channeling can be switch for pulverise/ close combat

Enlighten lvl 4 is nice. Precision is used since we have extra mana to reserve. Haste is not used, only the vaal version.

Movement skill
Shield charge with faster attack for better QoL, additionally can link it to Endurance Charge on Stun

Curse set-up
Enfeeble is really nice for defense. Assassin's mark is amazing for critical builds. Can use vulnerability + assassin's mark if you want more DPS.

Utility skill ( for DPS boost)
Vaal haste during boss. Ancestral warchief is amazing for DPS. Blood rage is really good for more attack speed.

Guard Skill
Self-cast molten shell lvl20. Vaal molten shell use when in sticky situations.

Kill all. Alira is also nice if you are on budget, then switch to kill all after.

Conqueror-> Worthy Foe-> Master of Metal-> Inspirational

Soul of Solaris and Shakari

You can check me out on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/turtroll
Or Youtube for gameplay footage and guides: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzp7hS9aD3Csraa8NpHeojQ?view_as=subscriber
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For any new or budget players DO NOT USE THIS BUILD. You've been warned.
No warning needed, any time you see "5k hp" you just laugh and move to next thread.
why is that? It seems to have nice chunk of armour and resistances.
Not sure why there are negative reviews on this build. As a semi-new player to PoE this build isnt bad. I adjusted the passive tree a bit to make things work out until I can get more currency invested into this. If you're seriously new to the game, just find a low budget minion build. But for someone who's second character to get to maps, this build isn't bad. I don't take damage unless it's a massive nuke coming up my rear end. But besides that, I'm just avoiding skill shots and slicing bosses down. Decent clear if you're going in a straight path. You wont kill higher tier mobs instantly but just run back through em 3-4 times and they'll die while you remain at max life.
i managed to make something like you have, suddenly my def is very far from good, i cant make t16 100% delirious, check my profile if u can ^^
papaV2 wrote:
i managed to make something like you have, suddenly my def is very far from good, i cant make t16 100% delirious, check my profile if u can ^^

This build was made in 3.9 to do content in 3.9.
But with that being said, use other helmets instead of Abyssus.
Your damage will still be insane and with far better survivability

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