3.9 Necromancer / Summon Holy Relic / Immortal / All content / HС possible

Imagine an immortal necromancer build that can farm all the content of the current league metamorph 3.9

I was able to kill with this build, without death, Sirus on 8 awakening, Uber Atziri, Uber Elder, Shaper, Aul in the mine at 315 depth, Chaulu on the left with 3 party members.
And also clean out the Hall of Grandmasters (though twice, though it’s dead).

Defense under all flask on the map:
Without flask in HO:

+ Good damage (Not the best, but good)
+ Very good survival (almost immortal)
+ Kills any Metamorphs on t16 maps
+ 78% Chaos Resistance (under the can)
+ Overrides any curses on vulnerability to elemental damage
+ Facetank
+ All content
+ With little difficulty, but passes the cards: "Players can not regenerate health, mana or energy shield" (I do not advise on HC)

- Cost
- Cards fail: "Monsters reflect #% of physical damage"

Passive tree:
It is designed for level 95, but the build starts working with 62
1. http://poeurl.com/cJxU
2. https://pastebin.com/LVpB3s4u
Actual Gear:
More about Gear:
1. Weapon:
Dagger or scepter with two important parameters.:
1. At least 1.7 (better 1.8 and more) attacks per second.
2. 1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems
Production method:

The easiest way to get such a weapon is to search for any One-Handed Melee Weapon on a trade, with the amplification of all spell gems, a base attack speed of 1.5 and one free suffix.
Cost from 70 to 200 Chaos

Then craft on a workbench:
Prefixes Cannot Be Changed
Cost of crafting 2 Exalted

Orb of Scouring
We get a rare item only with prefixes.

Then craft:
1. Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers;
Cost of crafting 2 Exalted.
2. (16-20)% increased Attack Speed;
Cost of crafting 1 Exalted.
3. Minions deal (45-54)% increased Damage;
Cost of crafting 4 Chaos.

After that, we spin to the maximum attack speed parameters Divine Orb and you should get a dagger with an attack speed of 1.8

The total cost of a weapon after its acquisition or crafting is:5-6 Exalted Orb

It is not a builder, it can be replaced by cheaper alternatives, for us only two parameters are vital:
1. This must be a one-handed melee weapon;
2. It must have an attack speed of at least 1.7 per second.
+ to Level of all Spell Skill Gems increases our damage, as it increases the level of Holly Relic.
As well as the damage of minions increases its damage.
You can play without these properties, but it’s a little dull, because the damage is less and, accordingly, the stripping speed is lower, and we’ve also been taking bosses longer.
2. Shield:

We take a unique Ahn's Heritage shield with the highest possible parameters for the amount of health added.
Its cost is not great from 1 to 15 chaos (with the highest parameters)

This shield will give us:
+3% to all maximum Resistances while you have no Endurance Charges
That is, all indicators of maximum resists will be at least 79% (fire 80%)
Which in fact increases our survival by several times.
3. Helmet:

This is one of the two most important items in the build, without it, it will not work.
Geofri's Legacy Unique Helmet
The helmet itself is not very expensive, you can buy it for25-30 Chaos.
But if you look from the labyrinth of Enchant, then its price increases.
We are interested in two options for enchantment:
1. Damage to the holy relic

The cost of this enchantment 10-20 Exalted.
2. To the area of the sacred relic:

The cost of this enchantment10-20 Exalted.
4. Body Armor:

There are two options:
1. Rare:
I use exactly this option. It gives more precisely survival, since it increases the total number of HP by about 1000 and gives about 500 shields.
Armor excites us in two ways:
1. to Level of Socketed Active Skill Gems
2. Amount of health 100 and more.
It is advisable to have the same property search:
3. Gain 10% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield(Although you can craft it.)
The cost of such reservation is approximately7 Exalted.
2. Unique:

Rotting Legion
Corrupted to +1 to Level of Socketed Gems
Without this property, buying armor makes no sense, yellow will give the most damage and survivability.
The cost of such reservation is approximately 40 Exalted.
5. Gloves:

Unique gloves with the following Corrupted are best:
1. Curse Enemies with Level # Vulnerability on Hit
2. #% increased maximum Life
The numerical values of these corruptions do not bother us, since it is these gloves that can be changed with ordinary spheres after desecration, so we buy any and throw Blessed Orb and Divine Orb to get the maximum values.

The cost 5 Exalted
6. Boots:

In this case, we need yellow ones under the influence of Elder and built-in Fortification level 20.
We also look at running speed, health and missing resistance.
from 80 Chaos to 5-10 exalts.
6. Rings:

There are two of them and they are about the same.
We look for health, dexterity (at least on one), strength, resists, free prefix (at least on one) on them
On one of the rings craft:
Channelling Skills have -3 to Total Mana Cost
The cost of such rings is an average of 2-3 exalts.
7. Amulet:

We need an amulet with health, agility, and resist.
On it we choke with oils the following passivation:
Gloem’s Blood she is at the bottom of the tree under the duelist.
The cost can be completely different from 1 to 20 exalts.
8. Belt:

Yellow for health and missing resistance.
Cost from 130 chaos to 10 exalts.
9. Jewels:
One Unique

Glorious Vanity
Required property is this: dedicated Doryani
It will give us the desired passive:
Cost of approximately 70 chaos.
5 rare

We are looking for 7% maximum HP and 13% chaos resistance on them
Cost from 1 to 10 exaltes.
Animate Guardian
Rare with property:
Nearby Enemies take 9% increased Physical Damage
Also on the workbench we craft it:
#% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments
Rare with property:
Nearby Enemies are Blinded
Also on the workbench we craft it:
#% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments
Rare with property:
Culling Strike
Also on the workbench we craft it:
#% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments

Animate Guardian it is an extremely vulnerable creature that is easy to kill and hard to resurrect. Especially if expensive things were bought on it.
Therefore, disable it in the following two cases:
1. During the battle with the poisonous guard of Sirus, Al-Hezmin, the Hunter.
This guard has a lot of chaos of damage, a lot of it, especially in the central puddle (where AG tries to climb all the time), where he dies in milliseconds.
2. On the Hall of Grandmasters map, there is also a bunch of people with chaos damage from which the animatron dies instantly.
In all other cases, do not be afraid, he will survive.
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your build looks very interesting.
how to level it?
What pantheons do you take?
Threw this build together.
Most gems new. Anoints wrong. Gear not great. Pantheon not set. Low life.
Half assed everything.

Just smashed a juiced T12 before logging.

It's excellent. I like it. Such amazing promise right out of the gate. Can absolutely see wrecking all content with it.

This build is not getting the attention it deserves.
Dude. Seriously great build.

And I love your guide. Straightforward. No BS. Easy to understand.

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This looks really interesting, but dang, those gloves are a deal-brekaer. I know you listed cost on the con list (which implies that there's no way around it), but is there any chance that the build could work on more budget items?
After further investigation and playtime...

My build score is more like 6/10. Still a nice guide though.

Alot of optimization yet to be done and some mistakes in this build.
First off, remove the brutality gem ASAP. It conflicts with spirit offering.
Add hatred aura & a cold pen gem to start.
Running with skitterbots now also.

@gduber, maybe a curse on hit ring? Working on making this build viable for 3.10.
Ditched the gloves as seen in guide already. No curse atm but working on something more sensible.
thanks you POB~
there is my Pob:
There's a question,
POB. my DPS is 426298/number of times to kick shaper
But the speed of fighting is not high
it neet times

kill Balaam:

Is it a normal rhythm?

and any great promotion?

I've done similar build on 3.9 before, more offensive version, and liked it a lot. This version is more defensive and I'd like to try it out for 3.10. Hopefully you'll update the build accordingly :)

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