[3.9] Infernal Gucci-Goroshi | Berserker | SSF Viable

Greetings Exiles

I made this build guide for unique-only private leagues, as I'm playing in one, Hosted by SlipperyJim8 and i think its a decent-ish build to play with.

The "Gucci" in the title refers for the Unique-Only items (except flasks).


+ Definetly not a meta Skill/Build
+ Melee playstyle
+ Surprisingly tanky
+ Most of the mob pack die in one blow
+ Decent clear speed
+ Built in 6-link
+ Capable of all endgame content
+ No gem swaps needed
+ SSF doable.
+ You have a Bae Goddess by your side always.
+ Explosions

- Negative resists hurts you, elemental weakness too.
- No leech or regen mod is hard to deal with.
- Cannot do Elemental Reflect map mod.
- Not the easiest build you can find
- Some of the items require hardcore grinding

Build Mechanics

Oni-Goroshi is one of the most unique weapon in the game. It has very low base damage, but gain additional added physical damage as you level. At level 90 this sword have 700dps with it's unique buff; Her Embrace. At maximum roll, the sword have the second highest base critical strike chance out any swords in the game, from 8.5% up to 9.5%.

The sword comes with six sockets and fully linked but uses both hand slots. What it means, you can't use shield or offhand weapon and it doesn't count as two-handed weapon. The weapon doesn't scale from two-handed or dual-wield passives either.

Her Embrace
This is the unique buff that gives you 123% of your sword physical damage as Extra fire damage for 3 seconds. This buff also gives you immunity to Burning Ground, Freeze, Chill, and Ignite, while also gives you 20% attack, cast and movement speed.
However the drawback is that you gain a pretty strong degen-effect that is dealing 0.5% of your Total Maximum Life / Energy shield as Fire damage per second per level.You can remove "Her Embrace" buff with a burn remove flask or by swapping weapons. This is usefull for no regen maps.

The build does not work without ignite and by default only fire damage is able to inflict ignite unless you use Three Dragons helmet with cold damage but this is not the case here. Infernal Blow converts half of physical damage to fire damage, and another half can be converted with Avatar of Fire from Xoph's Blood (or you can pick up a pair of Hrimsorrow for 50% cold its definetly more common item and enables the option to run the phys reflect maps). Critical strikes have 100% chance to ignite so with 60-80% effective critical chance we can consistently ignites enemy.

Infernal Blow Debuff
When the attack made with Infernal Blow hits an enemy, it applies two debuffs: the first debuff can stack up to six times and creates an explosion that deals damage based on your weapon damage when it reaches full charges or when it expires. Great against endgame boss and tougher rare monsters.

The second debuff causes the enemy to create an explosion that deals damage scaling with its maximum life when it dies. This is the reason to play Infernal Blow, the explosion is an art. It deals area damage and effectively act as "melee splash" for clearing.

Why the Berserker ascendancy?

Speed, more damage and defensive recovery. While Chieftain may look like the obvious ascendancy candidate for this build(you can start with it if you play SSF and reroll after you have some more gear to deal with the resists, thats what i did too), Berserker offers something more versatile with mana leech, instant 1900+ life recovery with 2 seconds cooldown, Rage buff on hit and a lot more.

Aspect of Carnage gives 40% more Damage with a drawback of having 10% increased Damage taken. It is the highest damage multiplier from a single passive in the game.

War Bringer can heal 25% life and mana (up to 1600 life with current setup) instantly with 2 seconds cooldown making it useful tool depending on what kind of challenge you facing. It is very effective against Chimera's smoke phases, Uber Elder, Labyrinth's traps and Delve's darkness.
Not to mention using Enduring Cry as a warcry of choice also boosts defensive capability greatly. With 3.8 update War Bringer now grants 15% chance to deal double damage if you've warcried in the past 8 seconds.

Crave the Slaughter grants the build the ability to gain Rage on Hit and enables the use of Berserk when fighting endgame bosses.

Flawless Savagery increases critical strike chance for attacks by 50%, +25% to critical strike multiplier and it adds 20-30 flat physical damage when you've dealt critical strike recently. As we consistently deal critical damage, the uptime should be high.

Pain Reave solves the mana leech problem and grants 25% Attack Speed when hit. It also boosts with a decent Life Leech/On Hit Rate.

Build Settings

37 points
74 points
111 points

In order of Labyrinth difficulty;
Pain Reaver >>> Crave the Slaughter >>> Flawless Savagery >>> Aspect of Carnage/War Bringer

Save Alira, the +5 mana is usefull, the +15% elemental resistance is a must in ssf, and the +20% critical strike multiplier is nuts.

For Major gods I recommend Soul of Araakali
For Minor gods I recommend Soul of Ralakesh/Soul of Shakari(for Al Haezmin aka. the Hunter)
You should complete all the upgrades, its important as you you get great defensive bonuses from each pantheon.

Gem Setups
6L - Main Attack
Infernal Blow > Ancestral Call > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Fortify > Melee Physical Damage > Close Combat

4L - Movement | Ancestral Warchief (if you use Kaom's Heart)
Leap Slam > Ancestral Warchief > Faster Attack > Combustion
*If you don't have enough Dex/Int feel free to leave Faster attacks / Combustion on a lower level.

4S - Aura | Buff
Herald of Purity(Or Flesh and Stone, for defense) | Precision | Herald of Ash | Berserk

4L - Utility
Cast when Damage Taken lvl1 > Immortal Call lvl3 > Wave of Conviction lvl7 > Increased Duration lvl20 or Enduring Cry lvl20(I prefer Enduring Cry)
*Important! Do not level any of these gems higher than stated above

If you don't use a Kaom's Heart, you can link your leap slam with Curse on hit Elemental Weakness, and also you could link a Cyclone to Power charge on crit/ Culling strike.

Current Gear (far from perfect)

Item Choice Explanation
Since this is a gucci build we couldn't really go for the typical "high res and high life" rare items, thats the reason for some of these items.


Look for the highest Critical Strike Chance, feel free to divine it if the roll is bad, since this is a SSF build prepare yourself, the grind is real(took me ~18hrs of Hillock fisting, and i was soo jealous of the guy who dropped it with only 5 hrs in.

Starkonja's Head

Probably this is the best helmet if you go for damage and sustain at the same time, but honestly you can go with any helmet that gives you life/ resists, some great alternatives are Hrymnor's Resolve, or Abyssus if you dont mind the deaths.

Kaom's Heart
Best armour for this build, adds up to +1500 life depending on your tree. Best corruption(if you are brave enough to brick it); +1% to all maximum Resistance > x% reduced Fire Damage taken.
this is my Kaom's :D :

You can grind the card out in quite a few zones, the uncorrupted(The Kings Heart) drops in : Caldera, Volcano, or the Coast (Act 6)
The corrupted variant (Pride Before The Fall) drops in: Caldera, Lava Lake, Marshes, Volcano, The Coast (Act 6), The Karui Fortress (Act 6), The Mud Flats (Act 6), The Tidal Island (Act 6).

You can also go for Chance&Scouring since this is the only Unique Glorious Plate.
Great Alternative unique: Belly of the Beast, Ambu's Charge, but again, since its SSF you can go with mostly anything, that gives hp/res.

I intentionally didn't mention a glove above, since there are a lot of choices, you can go with the Shadows and Dust, for the best damage, or a Wyrmsign for some life and Rampage stacks, or you can go with a Hrimsorrow if you dont have a xoph's yet and want to run phys reflect maps.

Well, the same goes here, you have plenty of choices, the boots are mostly for fixing your resists, also life is a good to have stat. If you manage to rescap yourself you can go with Atziri's Step, it gives a nice life roll, movement speed, and also spell dodge. (You can farm this in the regular Atziri fight, with the 4 sacrifice fragments.)

Belt of the Deceiver
This belt is probably the best for your build, it gives allres, crit multi. and life. (but feel free to use any belt that gives you allres or life).

The Taming
These are the best unique rings for the build, it gives a ton of resist, and elemental damage too. You can farm these rings while mapping, the div card is quite rare, but you definetly can grind it out. The maps where you can get the cards are : Grotto and Underground River map.
You could use any other rings to rescap yourself or, anything that you need, i personally used Lori's Lanterns.

Xoph's Blood
This is the best amulet for the build, you can either farm this from Xoph's Breachstone or the divcard, from the Lava Chamber or Forge of the Phoenix map.
Alternatively you can gamble with The Breach cards, those drop from Null Portals (Elder influenced maps.)
Other great amulets are the Carnage Heart, and Ngamahu Tiki.

Transcendent Flesh
This is the only unique jewel needed, i didn't manage to get it so far, but it can be dropped from The Temple of Atzoatl, it has a low drop chance, but still farmable.
Other than that, you could pick up any unique jewel, that gives you some usefull stats.

Lion's Roar
One of the best flasks for the build. You can farm the Earth Drinker cards, that drop in Desert, Dunes, The Foothills (Act 9), The Oasis (Act 9), The Vastiri Desert(Act 9), but the card could give you a Rumi's Concoction, that isn't usefull for us.

The Wise Oak
Well, one of the best flask for the build, but the downside is that the only way of getting this flask is from drop or Chance&Scouring. (This is the only unique Bismuth Flask)

Diamond Flask
This is the best DPS boost, also if you can get the craft from the cinderswallow urn, you could craft the Increased Duration & #% Increased Critical Strike Chance During Flask Effect.

Sulphur Flask
40% damage, 6% life regeneration while on Consecrated Ground, 3 total flask usage perfect for Curse Immunity. Craft duration, then beastcraft "of Warding".

Basalt/Divine life Flask
If you choose the Basalt flask, roll at least 23% reduced Charges used, not lower(At 22% it uses 31 charges so you cant use it twice). Get Bleed removal as your suffix, you could craft this with beastcraft,(the name is "of Staunching"). If you go with life flask you could go with the same bleed removal, or if you already have it on other flask (for example on the Diamond flask) you could get an instant flask with Burn removal, since with the pantheon effect it will boost your hp recovery rate. ( You stop burning from "Her Embrace" and that will trigger Arakaali's second bonus which is 50% Increased recovery rate if you've stopped taking damage over time recently)

Amulet Anointment

Tier 3
12% increased Attack Speed
6% increased Cast Speed
+10 to Dexterity and Intelligence
Black Oil | Crimson Oil | Amber Oil

Other notables that grants 12% increased Attack Speed is Berserking and Lust for Carnage, but Coordination requires cheaper oils.

24% increased Damage with Swords
6% increased Attack Speed with Swords
24% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills while wielding a Sword
+1 to Melee range with Swords
Crimson Oil | Amber Oil | Amber Oil

All rounder damage boost and cheap.

Aspect of the Lynx
16% increased Attack Damage
4% increased Movement Speed
20% increased Critical Strike Chance
+10 to Dexterity and Intelligence
Crimson Oil | Violet Oil | Violet Oil

Another solid all rounder notable, if you need the extra stats go for this instead of Bladedancer.

Tier 2

25% increased Fire Damage
25% increased Cold Damage
+10% to Fire and Cold Resistances
30% increased Critical Strike Chance
Black Oil | Azure Oil | Sepia Oil

Very good notable that out of reach for this build and it is not expensive. Keep in mind that if you use Wise Oak, the extra resistance can mess with your resist balance.

True Strike
+12% to Critical Strike Multiplier
45% increased Critical Strike Chance
Black Oil | Crimson Oil | Teal Oil

Combat Stamina
20% increased Armour
5% increased maximum Life
Regenerate 1% of Life per second
Black Oil | Verdant Oil | Clear Oil

Defensive notable and quite cheap compared to other notable that grants maximum life with life regeneration.

30% increased Armour while you have Fortify
10% increased Effect of Fortify on you
10% increased Effect of Fortify on you while Stationary
Opalescent Oil | Azure Oil | Azure Oil

It is not a sexy notable, but the stats it grants is incredibly rare.

Diamond Skin
24% increased armor
12% all elemental resist
3% movement speed
Clear Oil | Sepia Oil | Teal Oil

Cheap to allocate, but you can pick up the nodes on your tree too, and in SSF you're probably res starved.

Tier 1

Fatal Blade
10% increased Damage with Swords
60% increased Critical Strike Chance with Swords
+30% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Swords
10% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills while wielding a Sword
Opalescent Oil | Opalescent Oil | Amber Oil

Extremely good notable that is not within reach. This is the best notable to anoint for this build in term of stats it grants and price-wise. I am surprised it doesn't cost more.

8% increased Attack Speed while you have Fortify
5% increased Movement Speed while you have Fortify
10% increased Effect of Fortify on you
20% increased Attack Damage while you have Fortify
Golden Oil | Black Oil | Azure Oil

Very expensive Golden Oil is rare as hell. I don't recommend it for this build because of the rarity of the oil, it is a great notable nonetheless. So why I listed here, probably because some may ask "what about this notable"? So there you go.

Cruel Preparation
10% increased maximum Life
+5% to all Elemental Resistances
Silver Oil | Black Oil | Teal Oil

There are seven notables that grants 10% increased maximum life and Cruel Preparation is the cheapest and not within reach. Go for it if you need the extra life.


Other notables not listed here like Golem's Blood or Magmatic Strike is because of high price or the stats it grants is not good enough.

Path of Building
Link Note: "This is the optimal PoB"

Path of Building (current own build status)

If you don't have PoB yet.

Important note:

1. The build doesn't include Rage stack calculation and Berserk. The reason is obvious, againsts Shaper it is hard to keep up Rage at high stack because of multiple immunity phases. With Rage and Berserk active dps roughly around 3.2-3.5m Shaper dps.

2. -9% to Fire Resistance from Configuration tab is for the helmet delve mod "Nearby Enemies have -9% to Fire Resistance" because pob doesn't support it.

3. Close Combat bonus damage doesn't work on pob so 59% more Damage is added in Basalt flask. From Mark_GGG; "The "up to x% more damage" stat on Close Combat support apply the full damage bonus to targets up to a distance of 15 units from you, then linearly scales down the bonus to 0 at a distance of 40 units." This build maximum weapon range is 19, at worst scenario we deal 49% more Damage with Close Combat. I also added 49% Basalt for comparison.


Basic map clear against T14
A4 Sirus kill Note: I did die, but my gear is far from perfect.
Delve footage at depth ~160

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Decent build, seen in action, would recommend :D
Only for those who are sane enough to farm oni in hobo setting, Nice one exile!
You sure you made this build ? because this is literally a copy paste of an older one:

Shame shame.
is this updated for 3.11?

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