3.12 VB Assassin Caster/Any spell | Crackling Lance 21M dps A8 Sirus down | Videos |

This is a recurring build i have done for a few leagues and have been proven to work every league and absolutely melts all content. It revolves around using max power charges and militant faith to bring our dps up to the roof

The special thing about this build/guide is that we can make almost all self casted spells that arent gimped(firestorm, discharge) end game content viable without spending more than 10ex.

Our end game scaling has huge potential depending on how much you are willing to sink in to this build.

I will be streaming for 3.12 https://www.twitch.tv/astariftt playing and testing out different builds every now and then.

This would be my league starter and i will find ways to build around not having void batteries early on
I will be playing around crackling lance, planned PoB for this variant is in the pob section

3.12 1 week of Crackling lance:
2 Void battery + 5 link currently, melting bosses like nothing
Sigil of power is extremely extremely powerful, its almost same as an additional support gem. We will use it for the burst since we are discouraged to move

Life version pob before swap: https://pastebin.com/BVgi32U8
ES current PoB: https://pastebin.com/9Uriy6nb

General feedback on crackling lance is that it sucks, i just believe that its a skill that start out scaling terribly but end up scaling really well towards the later part of the game(6link plus)
Cast speed is very important because spell echo locks you in a casting animation. Having more cast speed increases your mobility when you need to move.
Moving on to low life, i will be using presence of chayula, just to gain stun immunity, at that point the playstyle will not feel slow and draggy
***Decoy totem is the MVP for this, it buys us time to kill the boss before the boss can kill the totem/us, much like the purifying flame version i have here***

Changes in 3.12
Nerf to Assassin
Deadly Infusion Notable now grants +1.5% Critical Strike Chance while at maximum Power Charges (from +2%) and +5% to Critical Strike Multiplier per Power Charge (from +8%).
The small passives which grant Critical Strike Chance and Multiplier now grant +10% to Critical Strike Multiplier (from +15%).

We lose 0.5% base crit, 27% crit multi from Deadly infusion, 5% crit travel node for opportunistic
In total, this is around 8-10% dmg loss to our damage. Our damage still good

However, we get to use Assassin's mark, which is

Nerfs to ball lightning, but we still got alot of good choices of spells to use

New spells are good, might be experimenting on them

Try not to PM me in game or forums for questions, drop them here in the thread or come by the stream, its easier for me to answer questions on the thread as your question might benefit others as well. I am pretty much afk 95% of the time just doing trades while i am in game

Before we go on, here are a few videos of the different spells i have tried and made work

3.12 Crackling lance
A8 sirus with a 5 link on crackling lance

3.10: Ball lightning A8 sirus and friends, excluding redeemer
Deathless sirus easily

3.10: Ball lightning variant
T16 canyon clear with 2 breaches

3.8: Ball Lightning version
Uber elder deathless 2 min++ kill

T11 blighted map with 0 towers built

3.9 Purifying Flame version (this is with my current set up with 12mil dps)
All conquerers(5 seconds per conquerer)+sirius

2 mins Uber elder, they phase almost instantly

T16 Minotaur map

All videos taken in 3.9 is as per awakening level 8

We will be focusing this guide mainly on Ball lightning or purifying flame

Very very strong dps scaling end game and our dps goes up the roof after we get 2 void battery
Play what you want, almost any spells is viable with this set up
Can do all map mods(even reflect, as an assassin)
Great clear(once again, if you use spells with intrinsically bad clear, i cant help you here)
Trivializes bosses even through 3.9 boss buffs
Build can be set up within 10 ex(current prices of Void batteries are 1ex+)
We are a low life build, but we dont need either a lvl 4 enlighten/empower(those are expensive)

Void batteries are expensive early league, solely due to scarcity(they do drop in price sharply mid league, thats 2-3 weeks after launch, every league)
Might not be super league start friendly if you arent good at capitalizing the 1st few days of economy to assemble some of the key items
Defenses(energy shield) are mainly based off how much you can invest into the build

Our Defenses
6-8k ES(depending on your gear and version of PoB
Flesh and stone blind/less damage taken
8% reduced damage from mist walker
10% reduced damage from ambush and assassinate 2 rare/uniques nearby
Take no additional crit damage
26% of max ES leech/second
Gem swap(increased crit strikes) for reflect immunity
Perma on consecrated ground 6% es regen

Key build mechanics

This build revolves around building maximum power charges and that will also be our end game scaling if you want to bring the build up to another level

1: instead of using a badge of the brotherhood and frenzy charges, we will instead be using a militant faith timeless jewel under dominus for inner conviction

This allows us to have more spell damage scaling from power charges and we do not need to find a method to generate frenzy charges. Running a total of 9 power charges(without spending ridiculous amount on power charge implict items), we get a 27% more spell damage here

2: We will be building around low life and energy shield as our main source of defenses. Reasoning being that scaling ES has the ability for us to go much higher in E-hp and also, due to the scarcity in spell dmg leeched as life, i have opted to go into full ES.
With this, we are able to leech from 26%-30%/second of our max es, this makes sustaining slightly better.
Low life means we will always run shavronne's wrappings

We also run cinderswallow and zealot's oath for more ES regen and ES on kill.
On top of that, low life build means another 30% more spell damage

3: We will be focusing on maximizing our power charges, the easiest way is to get 2 void batteries

Void battery might sound to not be a budget version, but they usually fall to 1-2ex value after 2-3weeks into the league. I wouldnt label them as high value but considering how much damage they give, this is definitely a must.

4: with that said, we can make almost all possible spells in the game work, as long as the spell isnt built to fail/not meant to be in a self casted build.
(i have tried firestorm, its really bad)

Why Ball Lightning?

Ball lightning is a spell where you cast a ball of lightning that constantly deal damage every 150ms(thats 0.15 second) to enemies near the ball. Coupled with GMP, the clear is pretty great, good coverage and decent damage. Coupled with slower projectile, the single target goes crazy(slower moving balls = more opportunity to deal damage before moving out of the area)

Ball lightning scales from projectile damage(note, NOT AREA DAMAGE), area of effect(more aoe = bigger hit box). Do not stack any sort of area damage in hopes of getting more dmg

High end scaling wise, we do not use any conversion related mechanics here but we instead use snowstorm for some extra added cold damage. Ball lightning as a skill does not deal big hits, so we dont expect to get any sort of shock in for shaper tier bosses.

That being said, the dps is still pretty amazing for a good coverage skill, for a league thats more clear centric, this is the goto skill for me

Why Purifying Flame?

Purifying Flame is a spell that throws a "holy bolt" to targeted area that explodes and deal damage around the area, followed by placing a consecrated ground on the floor. The twist is that any Purifying Flame targeted onto consecrated ground will send a shockwave throughout the ground dealing damage to any enemies within the area. This creates a much larger aoe than the initial animation and it is actually pretty good for clear

Purifying flame is 1 of the skill that synergizes really well with spell echo because the initial hit sets the ground, the 2nd hit will send shockwave throughout the ground dealing damage to a bigger aoe.

One amazing thing about purifying flame is that it synergizes with sulphur flasks, zealotry and bottled faith as it benefits from the extra consecrated ground generated.

So even by using concentrated effect gem, the aoe does not seem much smaller and it is actually pretty good.

In terms of scaling, it is intrinsically a physical spell, with phys to fire conversion. We take avatar of fire to do a full conversion to fire so we can scale harder into fire damage. Also, purifying flame has pretty high base spell damage, which makes end game scaling much stronger.

tldr: phys spell with fire conversion, very strong scaling, good aoe that syngerizes with spell echo

Why Assassin?(Also other possible ascendancy
Actually, we can build around 3 ascendancies
1: Assassin
The benefit of an Assassin is that we have great power charge scaling in terms of damage, very strong crit chance and possibly means of doing reflected map with Ambush and Assassinate ascendancy.
With the addition of Elusive, assassin's biggest weakness of having bad defenses has been countered, kinda.
Also, they come with lots of movement speed modifiers, which can be good at speed clearing

2: Trickster
Trickster is in this list purely because they have an ascendancy that gives +1 power charges. Their main issue is that they must always run a power charge on crit set up due to not having an easy way to generate power charges in a boss fight environment(they only get it by kills or channeling spells)
that being said, Trickster is a solid class, but the main issue is that we will not be benefitting much from evasion to ES from Escape Artist
Harness the Void is trickster's main dps ascendancy that keeps them competitive in the dps race

3: Occultist
Occultist's biggest benefit over the 2 other classes is from Forbidden Power, having a 45% increased aoe, gives ricidulous clear and QOL on some spells. I have done an occultist using a staff instead of dual VB and running divine ire having great clear and aoe
Our strength here is cursing thru hexproof targets and possibly running a dual curse set up easily
Occultist is also great if you run a cold spell, void beacon is ridiculous for boss tier maps(flat 20% cold res penetration, anti regen)
Btw, we dont take the ES ascendancy here because we are stun immuned from chayula amulet

My current set up in 3.10 ball lightning

Check PoB or profile for cluster jewel/watchereye choice


Before we go into PoB, do make sure you are using the PoB community fork. Else there will be random issues or bug when you try to load my pob links

Also if you are having issues with the PoB link(error 301), add a "s" after the http before the ://, link should be https://(link)
I removed the S because some were getting error 302, which was fixed by removing the S

POB and skilltree explanation

I will be sharing few different spells here because they are the most recent spells i tried and worked really well

The PoB are made from my current set up, some awakened gems are expensive, yes, but awakened gems are just a slight more boost to our current dps. Without all the big awakened gems(mainly awakened spell echo), you probably will drop by like 10% dps

New in 3.12
Cracking Lance

We have quite a bit of conditionals on the PoB but they are decently easy to achieve.
Exposure from wave of conviction + arcanist brand
Unnerve from Blade blast + arcanist brand
Culling strike from arcanist brand tied to wave of conviction and blade blast

Sigil of power at max stage(we use 99 mana per cast on full ES, getting to max stage is <2 second set up we can do on bosses)

Elusive, on crit

Power charge, on crit/ascendancy

Consercrated ground, from zealotry or bottled faith if you use it(this gives 100% increased crit chance on enemies, effectively 6%+1.5% crit)

Shock 10%, according to PoB we can deal 10% shock on sirus so i trust it

# of nearby enemies(opportunity ascendancy) i set to 1 for the 25% more damage

Conditionals are there, but reasonable to achieve

12Mil dps on a 5 link, 21mil on a 6 link + transcendent flesh at level 94

Current PoB: https://pastebin.com/9Uriy6nb

Ideal PoB with 6 link(still WIP): https://pastebin.com/uZjTruDn

Leveling tree will be life based, because we dont get free shavs chayula and vb league start. I will update this part as i continue on league start
Leveling/life based tree

Entry level ES/lowlife swap PoB:

Purifying Flame(goes up to 12M shaper dps with my current set up)
Last updated in 3.11

Version 1: This is a straight forward set up

Version 3.11 onwards:
No cluster jewel because there isnt any major improvements from cluster jewel without sacrificing too much. This version of the tree needs you to roll more ES on gear and passive tree because we are sacrificing 2 ring slots for dps

Ok so if we use any, ANY fire spells, running dual circle of anguish is a 100% given. Why? because having 2 circle of anguish allows us to run herald of ash(assuming you only can afford -res mod), which gives us 12% more spell fire damage, 15% increased fire damage. If you can get 2 rings like mine, you get 36% more spell fire damage, 45% fire damage. This boost is extremely substantial and we can not replace it without losing a huge chunk of dps

I opted for a chill/freeze immune boots just so i can run a wise oak(i balanced my resists) If you can not balance your res or keep fire as the highest res, do not use a wise oak

Ball Lightning(The dps looks low on PoB, but considering how often ball lightning hits, the damage is actually quite high)
Last updated in 3.10


Version cluster jewel friendly:

I re-built this build on 3.10 the cluster jewel friendly PoB is my planned at level 94 tree
We can avoid taking 30 dex/str nodes if you can get the stats elsewhere, for easy gearing sake, i just spent 4 points on them. If you can fulfil the stat requirement on gear, you can opt for an additional curse/hex.
We will be using Assassin's mark as main, conductivity as secondary curse if you can spare 4 points into whispers of doom

1mil ball lightning dps = extremely high. PoB calculates the single hit of a ball lightning zap(150ms cd per cast) The theoritical dps for ball lightning is insanely hard to calculate, but with 800k ball lightning dps, sirus melts in p3 within 5 seconds(assuming he doesnt teleport around for years)
We will use either 2 rare rings or 1 rare ring + precursor emblem. Precursor emblem is strong when we have 9-10 power charges
+1 power charge on helm is pretty accessible due to warlord's influence

We can run a wise oak if we can balance the resist, but you will need a chill/freeze immune boots so you can drop 1 immune flask(we need anti bleed, freeze and curse)

As of 3.9 we can roll +1 power charges as a mod on helm(warlord's influence if i am not mistaken). This makes it easier to get the +1 power charge

Freezing Pulse/cold spell


Version cluster jewel friendly:

Frost spells tend to need 1 or 2 jewel slot for threshold jewels, we are tighter on points here

When you go towards using cold spell, its more focused on defenses, because you drop 2 circle of anguish and run mark of shaper/rare elder ring set up. This is built for freezing pulse, you can also tweak it to be used for frostbolt/ice nova, glacial cascade easily
Downside is u gotta allocate some stats towards strength and dexterity to fulfil the stat requirements

3.10 cluster jewel priorities
Priority for notables depends on the element you choose. Generally we want elemental penetration notables or double damage notables

refer to https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2783927 for the possible notables


Assassin, in sequence
Unstable Infusion
Deadly Infusion
I have contemplated on Ambush and Assassinate instead due to the mechanic of purifying flame(huge huge big single hits), but i went with ambush and assassinate instead, taking less damage from uber elder(2 unique mobs nearby) can make the fight less scary
The dps boost between both opportunistic and ambush and assassinate are close

Trickster, in sequence
Ghost Dance
Escape Artist
Swift Killer
Harness the Void

Occultist, in sequence
Forbidden Power
Profane Bloom
Void Beacon(IF YOU RUN A COLD SPELL THIS IS GREAT), else Vile Bastion


For alternate gems:
I will only list notable good enough alternate gems

Alternate quality 2 for Ball lightning is mandatory if you are looking at ball lightning. 10% chance to supercharge your balls
(Supercharged Projectiles have 50% more Area of effect and deal 50% more Damage)

Alternate quality 2 purifying flame is good

Alternate quality 1 spell echo is generally good, however, if you can afford the awakened version, we use that

Alternate quality 1 Zealotry is a must

Alternate quality 2 anger is bonus for movement speed

Alternate quality 1 precision is good to keep our unreserved mana slightly higher

Alternate quality 1 Wrath is 1% more damage, alternate quality 2 is slightly less mana reserved, for mana fluidity

Gems - purifying flame

Always assume Awakened gems are the best in slot, if you can afford them

On Armor
There will be changes depending on how u want to do this
Purifying flame - Elemental focus - Spell echo
The next 3 gems will be depending on the situation
Intensify: I do not use this for fights where i have to constantly move, because we will never get 4 stacks safely(Sirius/uber elder)(65% multiplier
Concentrated effect: This is the absolute highest dps boost, we use it assuming we dont need huge aoe(54% mutiplier)
Power charge on crit: on fights where we can get full damage, we dont want this, the multiplier isnt big(36% for 9 charges)
Awakened added fire damage Level 5
These are pretty cheap, no joke, but these gives us huge damage(44.5% multiplier)

tldr: (continued from above)Intensify - Power charge on crit - Awakened added fire damage level 5
Swap in conc effect for intensify for high movement fights
Swap out power charge on crit if you can get 4 intensify and you want to maximize damage and end the fight fast
Use awakened added fire damage level 5 if its avaliable

On weapon 1:
Flame dash - Arcane surge level 7 - Increased duration

Our arcane surge set up, do NOT level arcane surge past 7, else you will need 2 casts to get arcane surges. This gives us 7 second surges everytime we cast flame dash

On weapon 2:
Precision level 1 Decoy totem Vaal righteous fire

We wont be able to level decoy totem past our limited strength. Decoy totem is god tier against metamorph, it buys us 2-3 seconds, which is enough for us to destroy the metamorph before it touches us

Precision stays at level 1 for free crit chance for just 19 mana reserved

Vaal RF is there for us to melt stuff down, asap

On Helm
Discipline - Enlighten - Blood magic - Flesh and Stone

This is our low life set up, we do not need level 4 enlighten, just get the reduced reservation nodes between templar and witch and we are done(after level 16 blood magic)

On Gloves
Anger - Herald of Ash - Zealotry - Enlighten

Do not run herald of ash if you do not have circle of anguishes that reduces the mana reservation of it. We wont have mana to cast anything if we dont have the rings

On Boots
Storm brand - Hextouch - Combustion - flammability

This is our trusty curse on hit set up with storm brand. Combustion is an absolute must here, for the additional fire penetration.
You can choose to drop hextouch and flammability for assassin's mark instead, but we still need stormbrand to trigger ignites for combustion. That means tou will be casting storm brand and also manually casting assassin's mark. We get more boss dps this way

Gems - Ball lightning

Always assume Awakened gems are the best in slot, if you can afford them. This is mainly for ball lightning, but any other lightning spell works as well

On Armor
Our main 6 link
Ball lightning - Controlled destruction - Spell echo - Power charge on crit - Lightning penetration

Gemswap Greater multiple projectile or Slower projectile for the 6th link
If not using ball lightning, Either throw in added lightning damage or a gem link to improve clear as priority

On weapon 1:
Flame dash - Arcane surge level 7 - Second wind

Our arcane surge set up, do NOT level arcane surge past the mana cost to trigger arcane surge on a single flame dash cast, Monitor the cost yourself.

OR if you can afford a watcher's eye with arcane surge on consecrated ground zealotry,

Lightning warp - Reduced duration - swift affliction

Lightning warp looks cool, so i took it over flame dash. Also because of cooldown recovery nerf in 3.10
**alternate quality 1 swift affliction is a slight boost to cast speed
Alternate quality 3 lightning warp is a must if you are looking at warping

On weapon 2:
spell totem - Wave of conviction Vaal righteous fire

Lightning exposure, vaal RF for burst

On Helm
Discipline - Enlighten - Blood magic - Flesh and Stone OR Herald of ice

This is our low life set up, we do not need level 4 enlighten, just get the reduced reservation nodes between templar and witch and we are done(after level 16 blood magic)
Herald of ice is PURELY for damage and clear. If you find survivability terrible(delirium is a terrible league for self casting builds), change to flesh and stone

On Gloves
Wrath - Zealotry - Enlighten - Precision

Precision is there for extra crit, dont over level it past mana comfort

On Boots
Storm brand - Curse on hit - Conductivity - Assassin's mark/Elemental weakness

This is our trusty curse on hit set up with storm brand. Conductivity is priority. You can get additional curse from whispers of doom, level 5 awakened curse on hit, precursor emblem or a corrupted amulet. Its more dps for 1 extra curse

Assassin's mark is more dps than elemental weakness, but require you to manually cast it


Best in slot are 2 Void batteries. We want highest possible cast speed here

However, if you are using this build as a league starter, there are alternatives too.

We can run incursion modded wands that gives spell damage/non chaos as extra chaos(assuming you dont run avatar of fire)
Fire/Cold/Lightning damage + flat added respective elemental damage incursion mod wands/sceptres

End game wise, void batteries are irreplacable

Body armor

We run low life, so we look for shavronne's wrappings.

Look for a high es roll, then hillock it in fortification for 28% quality.

If you want to run CI instead, we will drop pain attunement and arcane vision and change to CI(2 points for 2 points, no additional investment)
For CI, we will want a highest possible ES chest with as much res as possible, with ES on kill mod(crusader/shaper) if possible


ES and resist, nothing special.

Make sure we can cap resist its very important


This is a slot where there are 2 choices.
1: highest possible es, good res and movement speed

2: anti chill/freeze, highest possible es boots

Same as gloves slot, we want to cap resist


Highest possible ES, cap resist, just like boots and gloves.
Ideally we want a +1 power charge as high as possible ES helm

Else, just get high ES and focus more on not dying

Neck and anointing

We want maximum possible ES% and flat ES here

Else, the true end game for me will be

Key mods we look here is the immunity to stuns. I really hate stuns or being stunned, so having this amulet gives us a huge amount of survivability

For anointment,
We will run tranquility if we get presence of chayula

Else for a cheaper alternative, assuming you are saving for a presence of chayula,
Throat seeker
Heart seeker
Mental Rapidity


This slot differs depending on the element/base type of spell you use. In This version where i run purifying flame, i run 2

As explained above in the PoB section, these are huge dps boost.

Else, we run for rings with + resist and high ES

However, if you do not run any fire spells, another alternative is a precusor emblem

Look for great power charges nodes and the legendary +1 power charge(these are insanely expensive btw)
You can get +1 curse from precursor emblem


Crystal belt, with highest possible res and ES, nothing special, spam dense fossils and prismatic fossils

Having a life roll is just a slight addition to ES

Crusader influence, spam prismatic and dense


We will need an anti freeze(assuming you dont use the anti chill freeze boots), anti bleed, anti curse flask. So in most cases we run 3 utility flasks
1: Enduring Mana flask is mandatory, nothing else can sustain how we burn thru our mana
2: quicksilver flask, we like speed
3: quartz flask, extra dodge is always the best

4/5: luxury expensive damage flasks

For bottled faith, thats the highest valued and most dps flask we can ever get. But i will always value it highly because it can be used in almost any possible builds. We will want this if you can afford this

For cinderswallow, even if we do use elemental focus, the es/mana on kill is an extremely valuable mod we can never skip when clearing maps(saves us from spike damage)

For wise oak, this is strictly based off if we can balance our resists or keep our main dps element as the highest resist


We run 2 energy from within jewels. If you have currency to sink and you can afford, get an anti corrupted blood energy from within(this is absolutely fully optional)

Militant faith by Dominus. We can never ever ever skip this, because this is what our build revolves around.
Good mods we want are non curse aura effect, effect of non damaging ailments(if you dont run elemental focus), mana regen, elemental damage

****super high end cost variant

this gives us extra damage ofcoz, make sure its dominus not venarius, its currently on venarius because i am using it for another build. This costed me 3ex, you should expect to sink 3-8ex here to get one with same rolls

*** for ball lightning, take elemental damage/effect of non curse aura instead of area damage***

Watcher's eye
We will want to get a 2 mod with zealotry jewel, this means you gotta play around and look for a great one.
Mods we want(for purifying flame build)
Cast speed
Elemental pen on crit
increased damage taken on consecrated ground
maximum total recovery per second for es leech
crit chance on consecrated ground
Arcane surge(if you want to run lightning warp)

Crit multiplier
increased fire damage
Phys as extra fire
Phys converted to fire(we can drop avatar of fire with this)

Wrath(lightning spells builds):
Crit chance
Phys as extra lightning(if you are using a phys conversion spell)
Lightning penetration

Crit multi
Flask charge on crit(this usually doesnt hike the price of the watcher eye much, good to have)

TLDR gearing priority for power spikes(from start to end)
1: Shavronne's wrappings
2: 2X VB
3: Circle of anguish(mana res only mod)
4: Presence of chayula with tranquility anointment
5: Circle of anguish dual mod
6: Watcher eye with 2 mods we can use
7: Bottled faith(luxury item with good dmg boost


Lunaris with divine vessel completed

Abberath because i hate floor on fire
Shakari with poison immune(poisons/caustic ground is a huge bitch in metamorph and Sirius fight, his beam poisons)


Kill all for 2 points if you wanna run cluster jewel, else alira is great


Before we start, this is not a hardcore leveling guide, also pick your spell you want to build around. I played purifying flame end game but i did not start using it until after the 1st 5 acts. Reasoning being that purifying flame feels slow in casting early game and the aoe doesnt really shine until you get spell echo linked+ avatar of fire

Use freezing pulse, it is really good for clear and leveling early
Freezing pulse - added cold - arcane surge - LMP

Get 2 threshold jewels for a free "GMP'ed" freezing pulse
Freezing pulse - Power charge on crit - added cold damage - arcane surge

You should get spell echo by now, its entirely your choice if you want to swap to purifying flame/stick with freezing pulse

Our goal at this point is to maximise our power charges
Also, you can run a militant faith at this point of time

We are leveling our last levels as life based, shavs and presence of chayula are lvl 62 and we swap into low life after

We will need 2 energy from within here on top of shavs and presence of chayula
Mind over matter is assuming we took militant faith and put it nearby

Mapping +
From this point on, most passives we take just boost our survivability, so just keep taking all the ES nodes


Q: I can run all the auras needed
A: you probably need either a lvl 3 enlighten, aura nodes on passive or circle of anguish in your set up

Will add more in future


3.10 11/5/2020
Updated build for ball lightning variant i did in 3.10

Update tree to be cluster jewel friendly. Added cluster jewel notables that benefit us much

Build posted
My Builds/Stream

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My Builds/Stream

Hello,I like this build!! and need Leveling guide pls :)

I really want to try it and it looks so good !!
Ggg please give me LUCKY :/
Hey, great build. I'v tryed pyrifying flames and although it worked fine the whole mechanic of that skill doest feel good to me. Also I prefere a cold spells for their ability to freez and I thought It would'v been great if you described how you can tweak this setup into the cold version, if there any changes at all.
Hello,I like this build!! and need Leveling guide pls :)

I really want to try it and it looks so good !!

I will be adding one in later today

stillmasters wrote:
Hey, great build. I'v tryed pyrifying flames and although it worked fine the whole mechanic of that skill doest feel good to me. Also I prefere a cold spells for their ability to freez and I thought It would'v been great if you described how you can tweak this setup into the cold version, if there any changes at all.

Have added a PoB for something closer to a cold spell tree
My Builds/Stream

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Hey, I'm really liking the look of this build and its current cost (10 ex might be a little low though) But want to give it a shot.

Is presence of chayula really BiS though or are you using it for the stun immunity? Obviously max life as ES is great as is chaos res, but with so little max life, is it that huge?

If so, would you forgo the increased attributes for fire damage leeched as life corruption?

Also, what about xophs for that sweet sweet fire pen?
Last edited by Zephyries on Jan 17, 2020, 3:29:44 AM
Zephyries wrote:
Hey, I'm really liking the look of this build and its current cost (10 ex might be a little low though) But want to give it a shot.

Is presence of chayula really BiS though or are you using it for the stun immunity? Obviously max life as ES is great as is chaos res, but with so little max life, is it that huge?

If so, would you forgo the increased attributes for fire damage leeched as life corruption?

Also, what about xophs for that sweet sweet fire pen?

Think i answered your questions in game, but ill answer it here again

i give it a 10 ex because our key items are 2 void batteries, a shav and militant faith timeless jewel, thats arguably below 10ex. Any additional is definitely what you upgrade along the way

Presence of chayula is better, you may think that we dont have much life, but if i took out presence of chayula, we lose 1.4k flat total final ES, thats like 20% of our total e-hp pool.
How presence of chayula works is it converts your effective life pool into flat base es, that means this converted ES also benefits from your increased maximum ES from passive tree and items.

Also, for xoph's, the main stat we look at is cover in ash and fire penetration
For penetration, we always look to have around -50 fire penetration because all shaper tier bosses has 50 elemental resists by default. Bringing them from 50 resist to 0 resist effectively doubles our damage. However, if we get an addtional extra -50 penetration, it only gives us 50% more damage
We dont want to be hit most of the time, so the cover in ash mod is effectively useless(imagine getting smacked by uber elder/shaper, they hit quite hard)

I wouldnt use a corrupted presence of chayula because effectively no corruption helps us drastically. Even +1 curse might not be ideal because our curse on hit set up already has combustion and flammability
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where did you put the militant faith timeless jewel? maybe i am blind but cant find it :P (all active gems socket in the POB seems to be used for other gems)

nvm...i was blind ;D
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Hi, 60ex budget, what should you spend on in the first place?
UnderTheCross wrote:
Hi, 60ex budget, what should you spend on in the first place?

With 60ex you can probably get far above my current set up

Ill suggest going for in sequence: circle of anguishx2 with ideal mods, lvl 5 awakened added fire damage with quality, watcher's eye with 2 syngergistic mods, bottled faith, awakened spell echo
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