[3.9] Double Strike Champion

- ~5000-6200 life
- ~20% Block Chance
- ~3.3M Shaper DPS before charges, flasks, etc.

All of the above are reasonably obtainable; nothing worth more than a couple of EX and certainly no GG nor mirror items.

- Huge DEEPS (Metamorphs don't even get an attack off)
- Smooth leveling
- End-game scaling through gearing viable through ~2-5 EX increments
- Surprisingly, Temporal Chains doesn't bother us too much
- Super quick Catarina, Elder, Shaper, etc. kills

- Phys. reflect maps (unless you have no reflect mod armour)
- Lengthy boss battles that don't spawn mobs to refill flasks (e.g. Sirus)
- Mediocre clear compared to Cyclone


6L - Vaal Double Strike (ED)

Use Vaal Double Strike to help with clear, or to zerg down a boss. You get two charges when full on Vaal souls, for a total 4 extra clones to help. With The Saviour, you'll get another two and effectively have a small army.
Use Awakened gems instead if you have them. Awakened Multi-strike Support gives an insane DPS increase.
If you drop Melee Splash for Ruthless, you will get another 1.6M boss damage.

4L - CwDT Ass. Mark

Ball Lightning has good spread.
If you can get Assassin's Mark comfortably on a ring instead, consider adding more defensive skills.
This increased our damage via crit, and adds 300k DPS via Power Charges.

4L - CwDT Protection

Withering Step will slow enemies, Elusive for some extra spell dodge and movement speed, as well as give us Phase Run for extra movement speed and to be able to run through packs, proc. IC for good mitigation when hit.

4L - CwDT Steel Skin, Golem, Aura

CwDT gives us Steelskin for more damage mitigation. Golem helps us out with accuracy, if you don't have it on jewels. Pride gives us more DPS.

3L - Precision / Flesh and Stone

Flesh and Stone maims nearby enemies when in Blood Stance. Surprisingly to some, this effect can be bolstered when supported with Maim. Can swap to Sand Stance if you need more defense, as it reduces incoming damage and blinds nearby enemies. I keep Blood Stance on at all times, but you could run this with Sand Stance and just swap to Blood Stance for bossing if your other defenses are low.

Low level Precision doesn't reserve much mana, but gives us some more crit chance and needed accuracy.

3L - Leap Slam

Paired with our attack speed, we have quite a bit of movement speed and can jump ledges. Endurance Charges help with some more damage mitigation.



Paradoxica is almost always best in slot. Only a crazy foil will beat it out, and not by too much.
Replace one with The Saviour if you have the currency to burn for more pack clear and DPS.


Fill out defenses and get a good helmet enchantment.

Body Armour

Get as much res and life as possible.
If you can afford it, get an explosion chest for more clear and to free up your gloves slot to run something more defensive, or rampage gloves.


Haemophilia for AoE to help with clear and good DPS. Can swap for some good life gloves if you pick up the explosion mod on your body armour.

The following enchantments will each add ~180-280k DPS, depending on what you pick (some have better clear, some will trigger more frequently, some have some nice bonuses like chilled ground, etc.):
- Commandment of Light
- Commandment of Force
- Commandment of Fury
- Commandment of Spite


Dodge, life, res. Simple.


Look for res., crit multi, life, and phys damage if you can fit it on.
Many anointment options, but life is usually a great pick.
Can get Tenacity if you want more DPS (unlikely to need this though).


Life, resistances, and physical damage.
Chaos damage hurts hard this league, so I opted to stack chaos res. on one.


Could go a strong Stygian Vise and an Eye Jewel for a tonne of life, or Headhunter. I picked up Perseverance though, as it gives us permanent Onslaught for more attack and movement speed.
Another consideration is Soul Tether, paired with a Dorriyani Glorious Vanity, which will collectively give us 26% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield and allow us to leech it once our life is full.


Corrupted Blood Cannot be Inflicted on You is a great QOL corruption that will save us needing to get this on a flask.
Get life + damage mods.
Many Watcher's Eye mods available, but Precision Attack Speed mod is very cheap.

Life Flask for recovery
Quicksilver for movement
Diamond Flask to bolster our DPS output a tonne
Lion's Roar flask can add a further >700k - but optional (we already have plenty of DPS)

Usual anti-bleed, etc. rolls if you don't have them as corruptions on any of your jewels.

Weapon Swap
6S Sinvicta's Mettle to level Empower, Enlighten, etc. gems. Swap to this and kill one monster, then back to your core items to trigger rampage. You don't need to see the counter on screen for this to work.

Early game gear included in PoB link.
Effectively, just run dual Ichimonji swords and a Tabula and your DPS will still be over 1M with ease. Bonus is that you can also fit on a Herald or a Banner or two too, if you're not socket starved.
This build still has nutty damage with very poor equipment.

- Fortitude adds more defense, and pairs well with Perseverance to give us permanent Onslaught for increased movement and attack speed
- Master of Metal bolsters our Impale DPS (and Impale accounts for over 60% of our overall damage)
- First to Strike, Last to Fall gives us some minor defense and more attack damage

Optionally, you could get Inspirational instead of First to Strike for more movement speed and to squeeze a banner onto the build (perhaps in-place of a CWDT skill, Maim, or via a socketable ring).
Conqueror is another valid option, giving us 6% reduced damage taken and causing enemies to also deal 10% less damage to us. The regen is wasted though, so long as we have Vaal Pact.

Kill All for 2 passive points, OR
Alira for resistances and crit multi (not required with good equipment).

No hard requirement, just work around your jewel corruptions and flasks to ensure you're covered from poison, bleeding, etc.

Path of Building (LocalIdentity fork)

Elder Kill (old equipment, no Ruthless swap)

- Use LocalIdentity fork for the most accurate DPS calculation
- You can turn on Endurance / Power Charges if you want a clearer picture of mapping DPS (~4.2M)
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Have been really wanting to try out the saviour. I will start this build so if I can ever manage to afford it, a build will be ready. Thank you for the guide!
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Sirus viable with two paradoxica ?
About your cons...

Clear speed is anything but mediocre, if you use Flickerstrike and +1 strike gloves. It's actually insane fast. With Glad bleed explosions it's just retardedly amazing actually.

Wait....you clear with Double Strike? Are you a masochist? Why? lol. You only need a 4 link to fix your mediocre clear speed right up :P
Last edited by DamageIncorporated on Jan 17, 2020, 1:30:03 AM
dnr1 wrote:
Sirus viable with two paradoxica ?

About your cons...

Clear speed is anything but mediocre, if you use Flickerstrike and +1 strike gloves. It's actually insane fast. With Glad bleed explosions it's just retardedly amazing actually.

Wait....you clear with Double Strike? Are you a masochist? Why? lol. You only need a 4 link to fix your mediocre clear speed right up :P
Tap a pack, bleedsposion, leap slam.
It's not ideal, but I didn't want to lose the identity of the build - otherwise this would be marketed as a Flicker Strike build (w/ Double Strike for bossing).

I agree with what you're saying though.

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