[3.9][Videos] SSF/HC Poison Assasin No bullshit PoB for 95% content for low budget if trade leagues

Making this thread because of all the in game PMs I got about this build in the last weeks and will use it to redirect them to this thread.

Reddit thread:

https://youtu.be/gRlMLHGTJnQ General T16 mapping as requested by u/VisorX

https://youtu.be/swVwaK31MNY Shaper tanking 3-4 balls without wise oak and fortify and trying to get hit by his slam.

https://youtu.be/Tjy3sOYc7nA Minotaur Slam tanked on -10% max res, extra damage

https://youtu.be/958q8zv6g78 63% more life Synth boss

Pob :

Highlighed comment u/LosRados for good tips

This is the first build since Legion I enjoy and can do end game content with an ease + pretty fast map clear. For trade league plebs like me, buy +1 dagger with poison damage and crit for a few chaos, 6l kintsugi, unique flasks, get some high res rings with the unique shield, cyclopean coil and you are ready to go. Do not underestimate the power of Thread of Hope jewel from Sirus. Next step should be getting the recommended unique gloves for mapping and bossing, pretty neat.

If you have more money to spend and want to put more love into this build, get the lion pelt helmet with BV crit enchant and -9 chaos res, then amulet with +1 to dex gems, chaos dot multi, malevolence reservation, life, strength optionally. Also some top tier boots with dodge/poison, whatever you prefer.

Do Alira for leveling, it is a nice bonus but get 2 points instead after you are done with acts.

Also tried to play with despair on hit crafted on ring but together with the author we think it is not worth to run. It is just better to map with Witchfire Brew flask for despair and put blasphemy + despair for bossing.

Have fun to all whos gonna try and dont forget to level up your gems! :)

Take note in the video I did not used Coralitos Flask just to show damage is already decent without it.

Tankyness? Delve 601 check.

Bossing? 36/75 awakeners 8, still no Sword :(

Mapping? A tier with Shadow And Dust gloves.

Passive tree pathing can defenitly be improved if I get the right jewels.

Please take note : This build is made with a mindset of a HC player that moved to SC SSF. So I can guess why some of you say its low dps for your sc trade tastes. I am doing 95% content with this build with ease and I do not like dying at all. My toons death count is 43. Build can be min maxed alot, but I think over this point its overkill.

Manually added some things that PoB dosent know about.

Total Dps for map bosses and metas would be : 3 x Wither totems on the ground + Plague Bearer + Vaal Bv + BV and I am not so bright to calculate that. It just melts any metas or map bosses in 2 seconds.

Layers of defences : 7.5k hp, 78 max resists, Fortify, Steelskin, Flesh and stone, blind, Kinsugi, Wise oak balanced resists, Improved Elusive + phase acro, attack block, Soul of Shakari and Arakhali, Imunity to Poison, Ignite and Shock, alot of reduced damage taken from multiple sources like ascendancys and silent steps.

Map modes to avoid : Chance to avoid poison with awakener level 8 sets it up at 90%+ chance for mobs to avoid poison and Physical Reflect.

For SC trade you can go with 2 X iron cold daggers that would make BV lvl 28 setting your dps at stupid high numbers, but I value the +1 to all my spells from the weapon.

Reason why I got so invested in this thread is that there are alot of people that are looking for a build that wont bankrupt them while doing the new content with ease and to not get frustrated dying every hour or so.

I think PoE is heading in the right direction punishing glass cannon builds and rewarding more balanced builds in termn of defences and damage.

I really dont know what could be BiS in slot for SC trade, but here is a properly made PoB showing what this build is capable of https://pastebin.com/eQsV6vML

Upgrades that I can think out of my head right now and they are out of my SSF reach :Watcher eyes, Double corrupted Kinsugi, 21 vaal bv, Maligaros Virtuosity, Wind Dancer from legion jewel, +1 to max res or +2 to aoe gems on shield corruption, Boots with Tailwind and Faster Poison, Crit multi per blade blade vortex enchant on a Hunter base with added pshy and chaos damage to spells with -9 chaos res, 1x Jewel with Dot multi, %life, 10 strenght to unspect the left top part of tree and put thoese points elsewhere.

Unleash and Malevolance is enough for my tastes and yes you can maintain really easy 10 stacks, if you feel like its not enough, grab the 3 nodes on the tree.

Plague bearer is my favorite thing in this build. If you get a Lvl 21, then have a +1 to all spells on weapon and +1 in the socketed item, its unbelivlable good both for clear, metas and bossing. Yeah, unfortunatly is a manually turn on. When it gets to zero then it automatically turns on, and you need to ~detonate~ it. It takes just a shield charge into a pack to get to full stacks, you pretty much have permanent Plague bearer and I turn it on and off for the bonus from Arcane surge frequently.

For bossing I have despair aura and malevolence and the gloves that you see in the build. For mapping I swap to Shadow and dust gloves and turn off despair aura and use the witchfire brew flask. I understand that was kinda confusing.

Aditional info that dosent show : I have balanced resists also and I swap the Diamon Flask for the Wise Oak for 180+ quant maps.

Belt gives insane things if you can handle your attributes : Shock and ignite immunity is big for Awakener and Metas and Delve.

Kinsugi is a resident sleeper, if you dont get hit you have 20% less damage all time for degens.

Thread of hope is just amazing and BiS, keep in mind pob and poe ninja dosent show and dont take in calculations what the jewel give. Hover over just to be amazed how much you get for so little. I was astonished when I socketed it in.

The Awakened Chaos added Damage is just amazing at lvl 5. It gives +1 to BV. Picture this : 21 vaal BV + 1 from weapon + 1 from awakened added chaos damage. Thats a 23 vaal BV that will shred. You can even go Iron Point Dagger for +3 making vaal BV lvl 25, but I really dont like that and I love the +1 to all my other spells not just for physical. Wroking to get a CWDT lvl 21 cuz I have a Steel Skin 21 ( 22 with weapon ) but needs a damn lvl 21 CwDT to work.

I have also Atziri Step boots and think they are BIS, thats some more juicy spell block but I love my balanced resists with Wise Oak atm.

All in all build can reach ungodly tanky and dps levels in trade leagues, will push to 700-800 depth to see where it breaks. From 400ish to 600ish non deaths in delve but I was smart about the paths that I took.

Any constructive critiques are welcomed. Have a great year!
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Hello! Any idea which legion jewel to get, and where to place them for Wind Dancer?
hi, build looks sweet, got any tips for levelling it? i wanna try it tomorrow in ssf :D
How to sustain mana?
Tried to build it just for test on STD with trashy gear and stuck on mana sustain. There's no any ways to sustain it with ur current setup, as i can see.

Also: U have some changes in tree, as i can see from your profile (mean the mana reserve nodes). It's really different compare to PoB tree. Hard to get which ones is correct. :)
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Heya! Thanks for putting this guide together.
In the first PoB you provided, in the Sleight of Hand/Entropy/Will of Blades wheel right near the starting area, you decided to go for Will of Blades (%phys and %crit) instead of the %DoT and skill effect duration of Entropy. Is the crit worth that much? Do you think it's worth swapping to Entropy for leveling and respeccing to WoB later on?
got an important question, do i really need those node path of the warrior, despite i have almost similliar numbers of phys and poison damage on bv tooltip i scale poison,chaos and dot damage, so i have not much profit from phys dmg increases nor from that node neither from items etc?
we use flesh and stone only for blind? or it have huge impact on my dmg also in blood stance? again question about phys dmg

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