[3.9] Durimon's Wave of Conviction Purifying Flame COC Assassin Build, Crazy DPS, Mappin, Gd Defense

Now it's time for you to stop playing mine builds that make your finger feel numb after 3 hour playing. :)

This build is relative low budget considering changed 3.9 monsters and its crazy mapping speed + boss dps + defense.

To be honest, I pulled the night and I seriously need to go to sleep.

The reason why I am uploading a unfinished build guide is, I don't want you to lose a chance to buy item bases in cheap price. I already uploaded a guide vid about this build in my country, and not in my intention, the build will get more expensive due to people who buy items shown in that vid.

Sorry for delaying complete version of the guide, and I will write more after I wake up. (although not sure if I can get up at all. :P)

Budget: less than 10 ex


T16 Full Run and Deleting Meta Bosses:


POB: https://pastebin.com/SVpp2y3N
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no ghost reaver in passive tree ?
Rivot wrote:
no ghost reaver in passive tree ?

Nah, hp leech is too little to get gr. Thanks.
Testing this build right now. Dmg looks good.
I using aspect of spider instead of zealotry to gain some es leech. I have also ghost reaver.

Any idea for better amu ?

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Damage is average, defense is shit.
sustici wrote:
Damage is average, defense is shit.

I am sure you haven't got the same setting as mine. :) dmg is more than high, defense is good, if you hav set items correctly.

Also, this build is not good for starting from the beginning. You must have at least 7000 es and same amount of dmg to survive in awken 8 t16 meta-boss.
Ty for the build.
Currently change my BL mines, to this build, quite nice change pace.

I want to ask, what pantheon did you use?
awesome build, this is what I was looking for: a CI character with good defense, really really good damage and fun as hell. thanks for sharing!!

My gear so far:

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