[3.9] Pure Physical Saviour + Vaal Double Strike (League Starter) (150M+ DPS)

This build is a work in progress, but I currently feel very comfortable with it as is. There's definitely still some room for improvement on the gear but this can get you started in the right direction. I'll be looking to add some videos or gifs tomorrow to show you how the Flicker Strike mapping looks, as well as how the Double Strike looks on bosses.


3.9 introduced a new sword to the game called the Saviour that effectively doubles the damage of any sword wielding melee build. When you get a critical strike, a clone is created that does 50% of your total damage and it will use the skill that created the crit. You can have two of these clones up at a time, so this is effectively doubling your damage. This sword is possibly the best in slot for any dual wielding sword build, and probably won't be very expensive since it drops from Sirus quite frequently! I've found 7 of them myself out of about 16 attempts.

We use a Berserker for budget reasons but also due to some quality of life. The Berserker can achieve much higher attack speeds than most other melee ascendencies and thus can use the Paradoxica sword (with low APS) without being as punished as other builds will. A top tier mirror foil can out DPS the Paradoxica, but since this is a league starter I think the Paradoxica is a perfect build to match the Berserkers strengths.

The Berserker node "Aspect of Carnage" gives us 40% MORE damage, which means every damage node we can spec in the tree and every physical damage add we get on our gear is amplified even further. Altogether I think this makes Berserker the perfect class for The Saviour.

We use Double Strike for bossing as the two clones from Vaal Double Strike in addition to our Saviour clones create an overwhelming amount of damage that melts bosses before they can even react. For mapping we use Flicker Strike as in my opinion it's one of the most satisfying and quick mapping skills in the game. Our weapons are powerful enough for our Flicker to only require a 4 link to clear maps.

We look to use Impale on our 6 link as well as in the tree to make our boss damage absolutely bonkers! I personally shred Sirus deathless, and only die when I let down my guard or get distracted. That being said, this is not a tanky build but most deaths can be avoided by skilled usage of flasks and spells.


Possibly the highest potential single target damage in the game for any melee build
Infinitely scalable due to the Saviour and Aspect of Carnage mechanics defined in the Introduction
Incredibly fast map clear
Can do almost any map mods
150 million DPS
Hardcore Viable
Build can be squishy if you get caught sitting around by monsters
Cannot do physical reflect mod
Not great for deep delving due to the previously mentioned squishiness

Playstyle Notes

As mentioned above, we will be using a 4 link Flicker Strike for mapping. This proves to be more than enough damage to do any maps, but is absolutely useless for bossing. For bossing we bring out the big guns with the Vaal Double Strike. I typically like to pop one charge on the final boss of the map, and then another on the metamorph I craft at the end of the map. Make sure to be using Blood Rage and Enduring Cry whenever possible for charge duration, and also to proc our War Bringer ascendancy for extra damage. Enduring Cry turns into a 1 second cooldown life/mana/damage hybrid flask :D Anytime your Immortal Call gets triggered, pop the Enduring Cry to get more endurance charges for the next instance!

Gear Breakdown


For the helmet we use an Abyssus as it is the best in slot damage for most melee crit builds with the only downside being a minor amount of self phys damage amp. This is mostly negated through our other gear and isn't really noticeable imo. We look to get the Double Strike has #% chance to Deal Double Damage enchant, but if you can't get that just using the base Abyssus is okay to start with.


For our weapons, we use a Saviour and a Paradoxica. The Saviour is self explanatory, but the Paradoxica can range wildly due to the nature of this weapon. Each Paradoxica has different crafted mods on it so you'll want to look for one similar to mine here. For a budget version you can get lower tier rolls of the linked one. As a note, make sure to have the Paradoxica in your main hand and The Saviour in your offhand to utilize Ambidextrous node. Also if you find a Paradoxica with attack speed instead of crit chance, that can be used too.

Body Armor

For body armor we just use a rare base, preferably an Astral Plate for those extra resistances. You want 70+ flat life or a lower roll with #% increased life, as well as Attacks have +#% to Critical Strike Chance, and Killed Enemies Explode, dealing 3% of their life as Physical damage. A budget version of this would be one without the killed enemies explode mod.


Our best in slot gloves are also a rare base, preferably Spiked Gloves so you can get the increased melee damage implicit. The most important mod on these is "Strike Skills Target an Additional Unit". This affects both our Double Strike AND Flicker Strike and is a great quality of life mod. Besides that we also look for Culling Strike mod to beat down bosses even more quickly, as well as whatever life and resistances you can squeeze out here. A budget version would drop the Culling Strike.


Our best in slot boots are any pair that have both chance to gain Elusive AND gain Tailwind on crit, as well as 30%+ movement speed mod. I currently only have the Elusive boots but am working on getting the double mod one as it will result in greatly increased damage and move speed. For now I am using this budget pair however


The best in slot for this build, like most builds, will be Headhunter. It is unmatched in mapping speed and general quality of life. It turns this build into an absolute monster. If you can't get a Headhunter OR you want to swap out your belt for bossing (as HH doesn't provide much for bossing) I recommend a well rolled Ryslatha's Coil as the budget version.


For our Amulet we look for a few things including Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks, +#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier, 70+ Max Life, and whatever resistances you can squeeze out with the remaining space. Most importantly however is that you also get the Tribal Fury anointment as this gives us another instance of "Strike Skills Target an Additional Enemy" similar to how our gloves did. A budget version would lack the anointment or have a lower life roll.


Our rings are mostly looking to round out our resistances, give us some more life, and some more Physical damage. But perhaps more important than all of that is to get the "Curse Enemies with Level 12 Assassin's Mark on Hit" mod on just one of the rings. This lets us generate power charges and get some nice extra damage. A budget version of this ring would be Level 8 Assassin's Mark.


Our build only allocates three jewel slots so this shouldn't be too much of a hassle to match. On the leftmost socket you'll want to use a Transcendent Flesh jewel for the crit multi and phys damage reduction. Additionally, using a rare jewel with the "Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted upon you" implicit as well as 3 damage mods is required. Finally a Watcher's Eye with "Impales you inflict last 2 additional Hits" and "chance to deal Double Damage" pride mods is ideal. If you are looking for a budget version I would only get one of the two mods, but look to upgrade to a double as its a massive damage boost.

Gem Links

Body Armor (6 link): Vaal Double Strike - Awakened Melee Physical Damage - Awakened Multistrike - Close Combat - Awakened Brutality - Impale

Multistrike can be swapped out for Fortify if you feel too squishy, but the Multistrike is a drastic damage increase. Also if you can't afford Awakened versions of any of these gems, the normal ones are okay for budget builds.

4 link: Flicker Strike - Awakened Melee Slash - Awakened Brutality - Awakened Multistrike

4 link: Flesh and Stone - Maim Support - Pride - Enlighten lvl 3 (or 4 if you want)

4 sockets (dont need links): Precision (lvl 2-4 max) - Blood Rage - Dread Banner - Enduring Cry

3 link: Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic

3 link: Cast when Dmg Taken (lvl 4) - Immortal Call (lvl 6) - Increased Duration (lvl 20)

If you don't feel like you're dying often, you can swap out the CWDT setup for an Ancestral Warchief for even more damage.


We use 2 unique flasks in this build, Bottled Faith and Lion's Roar. These are best in slot flasks for damage and enable our build to go extra crazy. For your other flasks you'll want the traditional life flask, quicksilver, and diamond flasks with bleed immunity, freeze immunity, and curse immunity on any configuration of them.

Bandit and Ascendancy

Help Alira for additional resistances and damage.

Get the ascendencies in this order: Aspect of Carnage -> Flawless Savagery -> Blitz -> War Bringer


I didn't find these to be incredibly important as they are mostly defensive, but if you need any I would recommend Lunaris for major and Shakari for minor.

PoB Link



T16 Underground River clear (forgot to reequip Lion's Roar from testing I was doing so my damage is a little more lacking than normal): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMrG5m5oZss
Uber Elder deathless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o2q2iMWIFQ
More coming soon!

Leave any questions here, I'll look to upload some videos sometime tomorrow to show off the true power of this build, maybe record a Sirus fight so you can see how easy this build makes it. It's definitely the strongest build I've ever done and suits anyone looking to jump into a melee build effortlessly.
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Have you tried using perforate?
dude this is a Really sick build what did u use to first to fight before u get saviour ?
League starter lol thats funny
Forget not having a Saviour, what if I can get a decent Paradoxica? Literally can't find one with phys and impale...

Edit: Gotta search for crafted mods on a Paradoxica LOL
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souljaboi25 wrote:
dude this is a Really sick build what did u use to first to fight before u get saviour ?

Just a 400 pdps foil nothing special

Okahuma wrote:
Forget not having a Saviour, what if I can get a decent Paradoxica? Literally can't find one with phys and impale...

The impale chance on sword doesn't matter if you match my tree, use dread banner, and impale support. It's just a part of the hybrid phys mod on the Paradoxica. You can get bleed or poison instead

Your POB has 2.5k life. Careful not to enter maps, you'll probably not survive.
DefyLogik wrote:
Your POB has 2.5k life. Careful not to enter maps, you'll probably not survive.

It's certainly not the tankiest build but I really don't ever die outside of my own mistakes.

Just added a video showing real quick how the map clearing looks with flicker strike just so you can see if the spell/mechanics look interesting to you, will try to upload a fight like Sirus or Uber Elder tomorrow to show more of the Double Strike playstyle
Anbokr wrote:
Have you tried using perforate?

Sorry I missed this question, no I have not. Have never used that skill nor am I familiar with it. I want to play around with more skills so I could give it a try sometime here and get back to you.
Do you have a leveling guide/tips?
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