[3.9 I guess but actually 2.4]Legacy Hierophant Cold Snap Build of Underperformance (not viable)

What with the new league in full swing and the Atlas shuffle, I thought I might freshen things up by broadcasting the trainwreck of a reality show that is an incompetent builder returning to Standard after a version and a half's hiatus with an inventory of incredibly expensive legacy items that I have no right to touch.

If people are interested, I will make updates narrating a journey of trying to git gud with all the new items and mechanics that have been introduced since Prophecy. Obviously, advice is welcome.

WARNING: this is less of a build and more of a cry for help fun distraction. Do not attempt this build at home, it may cause disappointment and financial ruin.

Pros and Cons
+Can currently do up to tier 4 maps, which should qualify you to work as a cashier at whatever fast food chains they have in Wraeclast
+Allows you to generate charges in all situations, vastly increasing your income, which is nice if you can find uses for them
+Uses Cold Snap and Immortal Call, so people can laugh at you. I miss the old Immortal Call...
+High cast speed and an abundance of Frenzy charges means pretty good mobility with Flame Dash and Phase Run
-Your HP is so low it might actually be less than that of a CI build
-Extremely expensive with nothing to show for it
-Currently has as much resistance as teflon

As you can see, the pros outnumber the cons.

Important Gem Links

Cold Snap - Faster Casting - Spell Echo - Increased Critical Strikes - Fire Penetration - Inspiration
This does all the damage. You could replace some of the cast speed but it'll feel really sluggish. The tree should provide enough AoE but you can always replace something with Intensify.

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
Gotta spend those endurance charges somewhere. You can put your golem in the setup as well if you don't mind not having it at max level.

Enlighten - Herald of Ice - Anger - Clarity
I found the Herald of Ice and Anger combo did the most for my damage. Clarity is necessary because if this build at any more mana it'd probably shit blue for the next few patches.


Their names pretty much sum up the build. Anyways, I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Important Gear

This used to generate tons of Power charges for my Hierophant Immortal Call build. Then they ruined Immortal Call. Oh well, it's still good for unlimited Power charges, but you'll need a legacy version.

This will generate a power charge when you don't crit. The fact that it strips all of your Power charges when you crit is irrelevant because your max Power charges is 1.

This generates a Frenzy charge when you max out Power charges, so you'll always get at least 1 Frenzy charge per hit with Cold Snap.

Legacy Pyre will make it a lot easier to increase spell damage since you can use both cold and fire increases. Non-legacy Pyre will give much less benefit.

I have the +2 passives because that's how I left it from before. I can see the case for either Alira or Kraityn but with all the new ways to get passive nodes and the increase in max passives, I won't know if I can afford to spare a passive until later.

All The Other Garbage I Have On

Oh, you know, no big deal. Really, it's not important for the build but I do enjoy dying less.

Just a bunch of usable stuff I had lying around. I'm currently crafting a new helmet though. Hopefully, with optimal gear, my HP will be at least acceptable

Pantheon, Anointments, Contractors, Whatever
I will have to figure those out.

So, if I've left anything out or you're interested in updates, do let me know and together we can go on a mediocre adventure through Standard league and also mostly the Wiki and patchnotes!
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Exile's log, date 12/30/2019
My sister Cassia suggested I fix my lack of vitality with some oils she was selling. Apparently, they can cure any number of ailments and problems. After applying them to an amulet I had lying around, as per her instructions, I realized that this combination of oils supposedly gave one Precision, which was not a problem that I had ever had. I wish I had not given her 60c for these, but such is life in Wraeclast. -Hugh Rofant
Supplementary: I have decided to stop Echoing spells as those around me seem to find it annoying. I instead strive now to increase Effectiveness by simply hitting them in the face harder.
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