[3.9] Ranged CoC Discharge Assassin [WIP]

Hey guys,

since they revealed the new Ring which allows us to cast nova gems at targeted location its finaly time to build a CoC Discharger who dont have to fear the melee struggle you have to get into pre 3.9 as a caster.

This might develop into a full guide but for now its just a idea i put out here so everybody who wants to join or think about a build like this can reply and we can all talk about and maybe min max the crap out of it

The idea: Pretty much your normal coc setup but with the change in weapon choice and a whole new playstyle.

Weapon: porobably CoC Bow or if the new Woken (im sorry) CoC is too strong (might get some brakepoints with that we cant hit with normal coc-support) a wand


As a crit spell caster: Orb of storms, Storm brand or Arc
I might add a leveling section as i go

But in generall its always the same... always the same good leveling items.. always the same gems.

Switching to coc either as you hit maps or if you want to go early with some crit uniques with lvl 38 (as coc frostbolt and ice nova)

Pretty much the same as a normal coc discharger. But we either use a wand with lyco , wand+ new op dodge shield i cant remeber the name of, or with coc bow and quiver


so i will add some more details as i go and with further progress and testing... but i think this will be a solid starter- even if shit hits the fan we can run orb of storms, crit arc,normal discharge or coc frostbolt/ice nova.

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Space for further development
what I love about this idea is even if you don't reliably crit in the early game
you are still relatively safe
the problem is such build will be very clunky AND have not alot dmg for such clunkiness. So,probably not worth it. Like, with wasting money and trying to find proper items, proper unique 6link - and having like 1kk dps...meh. Blank skeleton build can do same free.
I dont think so sir. Discharge has solid dmg and the playstyle is pretty much like poets pen. Yeah this will be not Nr. 1 meta build... But thats nice so all discharge items and enchantments are cheap - but since its pretty much like every other discharge build except we are ranged now it should be no problem to clear the whole game. I will keep you updated :)
i mean,it looks something like this.

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