[3.9] MOM ED/Contagion Hierophant

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I like to use Incursion unique boots for such mana hierophants builds, for more dodge :3 But yeah, just my preferences. Will you make videos of mapping or no? just curious.
Yep, will try to throw some up today.
Unfortunately I waited a bit too long to create this - so mightn't be able to throw up an Uber Elder fight, but does kill them pretty quick and deathless.

Omeyocan is a good boot alternative, but cuts our mana regen roughly in half - so you're trading one defensive layer for another. Personally, I like the regen to counter some of the degens in the Elder and Shaper fights - but this is totally a personal preference. Omeyocan is definitely better for mapping though.
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Added small summary of changes as a result of 3.9.
Overall, this patch was a huge buff.
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