[3.8 Blight] Low-Life Icicle Mine SAB - Any map mod - Uber Elder Deathless

Introduction: Icicle Mine Saboteur

As I was contemplating on what build I wanted to do next after doing 2 other builds. I thought why not try the new saboteur changes and make it Low Life. Low life kind of because I wanted to be hipster and not use eternity shroud.

My goal for this build was basically do all content on a semi budget of 5-7 ex at the time. Most of this budget is just a 6L shavronne's wrapping, though 6L not required.


Soon TM

Character name:


- All map mods
- Fast clear
- Tanky with potential to push to 11k+ ES
- Freeze and Shatter sound
- Not unique heavy
- Very easy leveling
- Lots of gear improvements can be made
- A use for your regret orbs!

- Can get really expensive, especially early in the league
- Pressing detonate mines can be fatiguing
- Single target not the best
- Must use some regret orbs
- Attribute starved when it comes to strength and dexterity

PoB of the build with current gear (lvl 98):

Level 92:

Replace a rare jewel with the Watcher's eye

Gem links and reasoning

Main links
Icicle mine - Trap and mine Damage - Hypothermia - Inspiration - Minefield - Controlled Destruction

You could get away by not using minefield but I preferred the playstyle with minefield. You can use cold penetration, added cold damage or slower projectiles (didn't test slower projectiles). Thanks to my annoint I don't have to use pierce otherwise switch out inspiration for pierce for 5L or controlled destruction for when you have a 6L

Curse Setup
Orb of storms - Curse on Hit - Increased Area of Effect - Assassins mark

While Projectile weakness does more damage, it requires too much dex to be a good choice.

Aura setup:
Blood magic - Zealotry

Zealotry over Hatred because of the added benefit of consecrated ground,and the watcher's eye of Zealotry is cheaper than any hatred mod.

Clarity lvl 4

Clarity could be used for the watcher's eye mod or just for extra mana regeneration.

Skitter bots - Vaal Discipline - Enlighten level 2/3/4 - (Bonechill)
Skitter bots because of the extra damage, free chill and sometimes shock. They are used with the optional bonechill for that little extra safety.
Vaal discipline for the instant regeneration of your energy shield. Plus, the free discipline aura. Not like the old days when they were separate!

Defensive setup:
Cast when damage taken level 4 - Increased duration - Molten shell level 12 - Frost bomb
Molten shell to give you some extra armour when hit.

Frost bomb for a little extra boss dps and the occasional life regen mob.

Movement skill:
Flame dash - faster casting - Stone golem

Honestly, you can use either flame golem for extra damage or arcane surge. I was just testing to see if stone golem was worth (it is not).
You could also use shield charge wither faster attacks and fortify but I, personally, dislike it.

Current Gear

The item that gives life to Low-Life builds! This item can obviously be rolled better to 150% increased ES. For more DPS, either get a good double corrupt or use 30% beast recipe for more ES if you want to play safe.

There is too many good corrupts for this item except warcry, and duration gems. The rest are some extra damage reductions or really spicy damage upgrades if you get +4 icicle mines.

The wand can be much better than this as I wanted to keep it budget. The wand itself was around 10-20c. The biggest mods that increase damage are the +1 spell skill gems, or cold spell gems.

Very basic shield as it only has 300+ es as real stats. The thing you would really like is either the Strength + quality craft or the dex + quality craft as you can save a passive point on either strength or dex. So, aim for high ES with either some resistances or more damage with a shaper shield.

For these items, you just aim for high ES and try to compensate for resistances by slightly weaker maximum ES. Dex and strength are nice extras, while intelligence is really good as it gives % increased energy shield.

High ES minimum per item:
- 300+ ES for helmet
- 140+ ES for gloves
- Crystal base + 40 ES as base roll

Elder for spell damage from mark of the shaper. I used moonstone ring for some extra es but any other ring base is fine if you lack resists or want more damage i.e. opal ring.

Mark of the shaper ring, you only really care about high spell damage and high maximum energy shield. The rest is a nice bonus.

The as the other items, High es (140+ in this case), is a must. And as extra must have is going to be movement speed. Crafted movement speed is going to be better if you have the "cannot be chilled + 18-20% movement speed"

Presence of Chayula is going to be Best in slot as it grants about 1.3k - 1.4k ES and reduces chaos damage with its free 60% chaos resistance. Plus, cannot be stunned.

It's not BiS if you care about damage tough. Then an elder amulet with non-chaos damage is gonna be superior with some global crit multiplier. It also helps more with attributes.

Mana flask with enduring is just too good not to have.
Diamond and quicksilver are just staples as Diamond is just good for crit builds. The quicksilver is there for the lack of movement speed and real movement skill.
Sulphur for some extra damage and consecrated grounds which buffs zealots oath
Wise Oak is not required at all but really nice if you can triple balance all your resists. Otherwise just use Atziri's Promise with high elemental as chaos damage


Crit multi, Spell Damage, Increased Maximum ES, Strength and/or Dex, Resistances

Energy from within goes close to pain attunement keystone

Watcher's eye:

Critical Strikes Penetrate 8% of Enemy Elemental Resistances while affected by Zealotry


Gain 15% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity

If you get this mod mana becomes more viable stat to have on gear.

2% maxim es regen per second is a good one too.

Alira for more damage or kill all for more defenses

Throw your mines, and use your detonate mines button (default: d). Watch mobs die
Flame dash and quicksilver for movement

For bosses:
Throw your maximum mines (23 with minefield).
Setup your orb of storms for Assasin's mark curse
Use frost bomb last.
Engage boss
Detonate mines
Throw more mines while your mines are going in sequence
Dodge the occasional attack with flame dash or by walking
Repeat until boss is dead.

If you are in the process of dying use your vaal discipline

You are life based until level 62 when you can equip shav's but I'd recommend waiting until 68 when you can equip better gear with better ES.

You might have zealotry on mana and skitter bots on life and wait for blood magic to be level 20 before zealotry can go on life. Then use discipline when you have your enlighten level 2+ and are Low life.

Leveling passive tree might look something like this:


Explosive expert --> Bomb Specialist --> Pyromaniac (only good when you have zealot's oath) --> Born in Shadow

Closing words:
Hey! Thank you for checking out my first build guide, if you have any feedback let me know here, in-game or when I am streaming!


I am very new to streaming so please be kind! Not really sure about my schedule as I have uni to deal with, but expect it to be around 7 pm / 19:00 CET+1 to 10-11 pm / 21:00-22:00 CET+1

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To do:

Optimize tree and gear
Crafting section
Can you show me your in game dps? without flask only auras
lukozak wrote:
Can you show me your in game dps? without flask only auras

Also without any charges

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