Endless Delve Race - Nov 24th 6pm GMT

Endless Delve Race - Sunday November 24th 6pm GMT

Format: Scuffed
Goal: Delve the Deepest
Duration: 4 hours
When: Sunday November 24th 6pm GMT
Countdown: https://tinyurl.com/y69h7nwn
Prize: Nothing (for now at least)
Casters: None (unless someone(s) want to)
League: Any
Requirements for entry: A 'clean' depth 1 mine
Purpose: Test out a new race format, have fun

Before you Start:
You’ll want to setup a clean starting node. Clean, in this case, means that delving downwards from this point won’t cause you to collide with previously completed nodes. This means you’ll need to delve sideways until you feel comfortable that you won’t hit something you’ve done before. You’re also going to want to have at least 45k sulphite cap and sulphite. If you think you’re likely to need more than this, you should also setup some Niko missions and increase your cap.

I’ll note that you aren’t getting (red tier) dailies on standard if you haven’t gotten bonus completion on a red map this league, so you should also probably do that sooner than later, especially if you want to practice (cos free sulphite is free).

If you are running out of sulphite in practice, the timer doesn’t stop, so you should definitely have a zoomy boi to gather sulphite and perhaps some pre-rolled maps.

Starting conditions:
Level 30 Character with normal lab (and optionally library) completed and 5 skill points (Dweller, Fairgraves, Way Forward, Busts, Piesto) with ZERO gear and ZERO gems. You are allowed to bring a normal rarity level 4 (max) quicksilver flask.

You are allowed 6 transmutes, 6 alterations, 1 chance orb and 2 whetstones.

If you decide to use a melee or bow/wand skill as your main damaging ability (that doesn't have spell-like scaling), you can have an extra transmute and chance orb for your trouble. If you’re just cycloning for your zombros, I’m sorry you’re not starting with fortify.

This starting currency will be used to purchase gems, gear and flasks from act 1-4, including the library. Be careful not to pull from your stash because there is probably currency in there.

Note: You cannot take quest rewards as part of your starting gems/gear.

When the timer starts you will buy your gear and enter the mine. Once you enter the mine you may no longer leave the mine (logouts are cool, just don’t but in town). You may only sell to Niko (and you can't really buy from him because azurite quants are variable and the format is scuffed enough as is). Furthermore, the use of dynamite for damage is not allowed. If you blow up a wall with a mob nearby that’s fine, just don't use it to clear out bone roas or something.

As this race is predicated upon the ability to share sulphite between characters, cheating would be incredibly easy (hence the lack of prize pool). There will likely be differences between Darkness res, flare count etc., but that’s just part of the format without putting in a lot more work (and heavily restricting eligibility) or support from GGG.

If you run out of your starting sulphite you may log onto another character and farm out some sulphite. Obviously, drops from maps cannot be transferred to your character in the mines.

As there are no league requirements, you can do this in blight, HC blight, standard, HC standard or even some monkaS private league if you're a crazy person.

Yes there is a distinct advantage to playing in SC over HC (more reasons I don't want to do prizes) but I don't want to restrict people from joining and I also don't want people to need to level characters and grind delve to get their sulphite cap to an appropriate level in a league they don't normally play. A completely unscuffed setup would be a lot of work and I would rather do this and get feedback before spending weeks in a private league farming delve and getting people's sulphite cap to a reasonable level.

Shoot me a message here, on reddit (Chip_dmg), on Twitch (chip_damage22), on discord (Chip_Dmg#9686) or reply below with your account name, handle/moniker/name, intended league and stream info (if applicable).

To win, you just need to submit a screenshot of your starting character with /deaths displayed and your inventory with starting currency and the ilvl of your QS displayed and a second screenshot or your delve chart while hovering your deepest node and /deaths displayed (gotta let the HC boys flex a bit). As there is no prize, I won’t really be looking into anything more unless it is an unreasonable depth.

I am truly excited to put this on. I’ve been thinking about how to make a delve race work since the league launched and with shared sulphite this is finally a possibility. This race I am really looking for feedback and will potentially take the time in the future to setup a more refined format (with significantly more restrictions to entrants - sorry).

Current Entrants:
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delve race doesnt look viable.

sulphite will ruin it.

also, no caster and no prizes race.... dont think good races will play it if they can win some prizes in other races.
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
imLuCaSsS wrote:
also, no caster and no prizes race.... dont think good races will play it if they can win some prizes in other races.

Yeah, I heard all those top racers have a packed schedule with the plethora of races going on! /s
Nice doublepost, thank you internet.
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Honestly, starting with this setup, its not trivial to run out of sulphite. Test runs used between 30 and 45k sulphite over four hours. Nodes are really cheap for quite a while. I expect people to do better than the test runs of course but getting feedback for how much people use and whatnot will be informative for future iterations.

Casting presents an issue. It's hard to cast a race when there is no good way to tell who is in the lead. Depth isn't stored in client.txt so I don't see a lightweight method of recording depth either. Furthermore, I don't see people getting deep enough to get on the official ladder, so I doubt this is an option either.

Current plan is just to present a list of people who will be streaming.

Prizes present an issue because you either need to stream the whole thing to compete or you need to spend a couple weeks and tons of man hours setting up accounts for a private league, which I'm not willing to do for something that I'm doing to test the waters and get feedback for the format. Again private league would also mean I would heavily restrict entry.

So yes, I'm aware there are issues but this is the best setup I could think of for an endless ledge-eque event in delve. We'll see how it works out and make changes accordingly.
Sounds like it'll be a fun race

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