[3.8] Cyclone summoner kamikaze zombie / 7.4K HP 4,2M DPS Budget (All end game Down)

Hi guys, this is the first build that I post so sorry for my English and another mistakes. But this is my first self-make build that destroy Uber Elder and I need to share it.

Cyclone summoner kamikaze zombie


-Budget (Total cost is less 1ex)
-Really good

-Need very specific unique items (Not SSF Friendly)

But ... How does it work?


This is easy, you need this:
The idea is very simple you summon zombies and they explode in their kill
and you kill your minion with this
(Nice for clean Too)
for fast and comfortable summon we use this

But we need corpse for raise zombie... (See mandatory items)

Math TIME! (Read this if you modify tree)

For the correct use for this build you make sure that your zombies dies faster that you can summon to maximum, you summon a zombie every 0.35s if the maximum is 8 you mustn't summon 9 so you zombies must die faster than you summon (your maximum zombie + 1).

You must be carefull with points that have minion resistance or minion regeration life.


I promise millions DPS...

Average Damage

Life version(I use this)

Damage version

I summon every 0.35s (1/0,35 = 2,85714) so 2,85714*1.5M = 4.2M DPS

-"Ok sounds good but... Do it work?"

-Ask my friend Shaper


Mandatory Items


But we need corpse for raise zombie... Nop because we have this amazing item:

We don't need corpse, increased a lot Zombie's life and we can use this point:
... so good.

The next is the other important piece we need this point:

and another really good item

This is really important because make your zombies die faster and heal you a lot, this is interesting point they heal you 2% of their life (around 2000/2500 life) on death.
Low level heals proof

High level heals proof (I didn't use a potion)

Recomended Item
This is a very interesting option:

This work like L7 and get you the best gems for damage.

Body Armour

We dont need L6 so Kaom's is the best option.


Really goods because make you are always in 50% increased movement speed, no penalty for cyclone you can run like the Tasmanian Devil.


This give your minion extra damage (This damage isn't include in POB) good for clean and bligth encounters.

Other items
You need a item with Aspect of spider, I use this:

I like in weapon because i can include increased duration for make more usefull. The rest of build we need Resistance and life. Can be usefull cold or lighting damage for atack (NEVER FIRE DAMAGE)

My current Gear


Raise Zombie
With L7 helmet

Without L7 helmet


Summon Skitterbots: the best aura sock and chilling and count like minion.
Flesh and Stone: (Always in sand mode) Super defensive blind nearby enemies and reduced damage take for not nearby enemies.
Aspect of spider:(in item) really good make hinder to enemies and more damage taken.

Raise Spectre

Spectres for support
1 Diabolist (Enfeeble)
2 Undying evagelist (Porximity Shield)

Storm Brand (Elemental Equilibruim)

Curses for making more damage and Elemental Equilibruim. (for bosses)

Immortal call


- https://pastebin.com/3k4djHMg (Life version) 7400Hp 4.3M DPS (I use this)
- https://pastebin.com/H7w6xwNJ (Damage version) 6600Hp 5.5M DPS

The first go to Minion Inestability and Necromantic Aegis when you can use maligaro lens. Use Summom Raging Spirits instead zombies. This is all.


And this is all Exiles any question or improve post it here !!
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Good, pretty and cheap. GIFs doesnt work but videos really liked me. I'll try it man
Danidelf wrote:
Good, pretty and cheap. GIFs doesnt work but videos really liked me. I'll try it man

Thank dude !!
I fix it rigth now!!

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