Server side hotfix

We have deployed a server-side hotfix for the following:

  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur with many player skills.
Last bumped on Feb 9, 2020, 1:01:12 PM
First reply:) Instance crash that could occur with many player skills? After 2 months in league seriously?
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this seems to work - nobody can login, so no more instance crashes :)
don't worry..only one failure.

the server....
Feel better now since I was able to finish one of the few blight maps I had before servers went down. Feel bad for those who were in the middle of a blight map....that must be frustrating.
It's the exciting login game.

Actually, cancel that, not so exciting after a few goes.
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Just got kicked out of my lab without warning. Is this related?
I love the "Some features will be unavailable." part... ye.. some features.. like .. logging in.. lol
mostly harmless
Dartaen wrote:
Just got kicked out of my lab without warning. Is this related?

Yep...servers went down...hope you weren't really in to anything. :(
Excuse my language, i nearly sh*t my pants there.

First i was forced out. ok random dc while being idle looking at market ? no

Trying to log in back. Now fun part begins. I was forced out again.

"someone else is loged in to youre account" what ?

Ok i rush to forum. try to log in to forums, cant either? i wonder why isint thats same password ? lol ill double check that later. iam changing pass anyways.

Second thing what happend char screen selection in blight all chars were gone literally gone almost started crying lmao

I go back to main and log in again chars still there "pfewwwwww". Now loading screen still hanging. "shrugs"

Is this a coinsidence or just messed up unexpected "update" bs ?

Nvm waiting patiently for "email" from support on password reset instructions.

Also thank you for nearly giving me heart attack lol


+ADD AUCTION HOUSE FOR NEXT UPDATE NAO ! (cuz trading afk people is stupid)

OK! Iam outa here.

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