[3.8] Comfy Suicide Skeletons | All Bosses | 8k EHP

Blight is a summoning league. Never made a summoner, so let's make one. But it has to be comfortable.

I originally got the idea from DreamScythe's 3.6 Spectrenate Dead -build, and planned on just copying it verbatim. Unfortunately the whole idea of constantly making spectres with unearth, raising them, then pressing flask buttons to blow them up sounds like too much keyboard piano. That is absolutely unacceptable. Earendel's Embrace allows exploding minions without any interaction from the player, so let's use that instead.

What we want:
+ Exploding skeletons.
+ Normal spectres to protect on the side.
+ Must beat all bosses.
+ No keyboard piano.
+ No need for CI. CI sucks, potions are nice.
+ ~10exa or perhaps a bit more at most.
+ Comfy.

What we have to sacrifice for it:
- Can't really run no regen.
- A bit squishy, about 8000 EHP, but more than 1k of that is ES.
- Getting to 96 can be a pain.

Gameplay video:
Essential node decisions:
- Minion Instability, of course.
- Elemental Equilibrium, because it seems it has to be in every build.
- As much life and minion life as possible. Minion damage only after life.
- Do NOT take nodes with minion elemental resistance - they will increase the skeleton fuse time.

Essential items:
Having two times Earendel's Embrace causes the skeletons to explode in a bit more than 2 seconds without any interaction from the player. Main skill goes into a 7-link:
I browsed poe.ninja a bit and found variations of the concept using Maligaro's Lens to instead decrease the skeleton elemental resistance, but that would hurt our spectres, and require additional nodes to be wasted. I'm relatively confident my approach is better.

Remaining items:
Since only 3 items are wasted, 7 links remain available for rares, which means reaching high resistances, even raising chaos resistance significantly into the positive numbers is dirt easy. This build has the following gear, but you can go above and beyond because these really aren't that much:
There's 5 jewel sockets in the tree and one extra abyssal jewel socket in the belt. Fill everything with life, minion life and minion damage in that order. Cast speed is a nice bonus.

Main skill: Raise Skeletons, Feeding Frenzy, Infernal Legion, Empower plus Minion life, Minion damage and +3 Minion gems from the helmet.
6-link without the +3 was good enough. Additionally, a friend got lucky, so I have Vaal Summon Skeletons lvl21, which means there's an extra smartbomb not unlike playing Cave/Touhou (see opening image).

Spectres: Raise Spetre, Elemental Army, Controlled Destruction, Combustion Minion Damage, Greater Multiple Projectiles - The spectres need to kill chaff and proc vulnerabilities to big monsters.
5-link was more than good enough to kill Über Elder, I acquired the 6-link afterwards.

Proc: Ball Lightning, Curse on Hit, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Flammability

Auras: Enlighten, Clarity, Haste, Desecrate

Movement: Flame Dash, Faster Casting, Portal

Defense: Cast on Damage Taken, Increased Duration, Steelskin
Budget: ~12exa
Helmet: 8exa
Boots, Gloves, Armour, Belt: 80-140c a pop.
Jewels: 20-80c a pop, 6 times.
Rings: Vermillion Ring + Deafening Essence of Fear each, need several tries, let's say 40c total.
Amulet: got it for free, but anointing Ravenous Horde costs 2x Opalescent => 40c plus the amulet.
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I run a different variation of that build. It's a just for fun build that goes all in on a extremely short skeleton life span

I use Maligaros Lense and the Fortress Covenant Jewel (120 increased damage taken). In other words: They pop instantly.

With spell echo and some invest in cast speed I shred through 16 skeletons in under a second. That's when the 2% heal of Maligaro's Lense starts to really do something. It's kinda fun standing next to a boss, casting skeletons on yourself and heal back to full life in a second.

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