[3.8] Bringer of Fire - Crit Pyrocalst Saboteur over 4M Shaper dps - 6k EHP


I've always been a enthusiast of traps in Path of Exile, and started using them since Feb 2013. I've also made a couple of build regarding traps.
Now that mines are similar to traps (throwing mines instead of placing them) with just the difference of the detonation, i'm trying this build i find quite strong in terms of dps output.
As i'm busy 95% of the time, i'm progressing quite slowly, but this build deserve a try, and i'll try to update it as often as i can :)


This build is a crit pyroclast mine one which requires no unique and not that much of crit gear.
We also use a secondary 4/5 link setup with another mine linked with charged mines and minefield in order to take advantage also of Frenzy Charges
An hint i can give you? Manually detonate mine as faster as you can, it's like a #% more cast speed :)


  • Can easily reach 6k EHP
  • Over 200k Shaper dps each mine considering 0 mines acrive and 0 mined detonated recently
  • easily reach 700k single mine average hit for over 4M Shaper DPS
  • Gear and jewels can be easily crafted or bought (not expensive)

POB Link Actual

In this POB you will find my actual gear (my chest is 5L actually)

Check this link below for 700k average hit damage and over 4M Shaper dps with just a few improvement
POB Link pseudoFINAL

In this POB you will find what this build can easily reach with a few little implrovement



Allira is the way to go


Soul of Lunaris / Solaris (I'm so innovative)
I like Soul of Shakari


In order of importance:
  • Bomb Specialist
  • Demolition Specialist
  • Explosive Expert (we have skitterbots and we ignite a lot)
  • Born in the Shadows (Blind, damage, defense)


Pyroclast Mine - Trap and Mine Damage - Immolate - Combustion - Concentrate Effect - Inspiration/Swift Assembly/Hypothermia

Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (Level 7)

Enlighten - Summon Skitterbots - Zealotry - Precision (Level 1)

Orb of Storm - Increased AOE/duration - Curse on Hit - Flammability (only on boss)

Cast when damage taken (Level 1) - Frost Wall (i love it, party killer)/Immortal call - Summon Flame golem (Max Level)

Bear Trap (very usefull on boss)

Mine of your choice - Charged Traps - Minefiled (best socketed in a shaped Helmet with "Socketed gems supported by level # Trap and Mine Damage"


As i said my gear is quite poor (read cheap). Try to stack as much as life as you can, it's never enough!

Try to find the following stats on your gear

  • Gain x% of Elemental Damage as extra chaos damage
  • Add x to y fire/cold/lightning damage to spell
  • Spell/mine damage
  • Spell crit

  • Spel crit

  • Socketed gems supported by level # Trap and Mine Damage

  • x% Increased maximum life

  • Crafted with Essence of Loathing

  • 30% Movement speed

  • Mark of the Shaper (it's just 2chaos)
  • Any Elder rare ring

The following uniques can suit your builds
  • Mark of the Shaper (it's just 2chaos)
  • Loreweave
  • Shroud of Eternity

My Gear


Will try to improve this post and the whole build.
Don't hesitate to leave your comments (constructive ones, hopefully) and suggestions!
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Added a second POB link with a few improvement to the build and gear reaching over 4M shaper dps and 6400 EHP

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