[3.8] Puncture Gladiator Bleed Bow | Crimson Dance | Resolute Technique | Meme

First of all, this is not a starter build and I may not able to provide detailed leveling process for this build as I did not start from zero.

I did this build as in 3.8, Bleed has a little buffs as GGG trying to make all damage to have DOT Multiplier, from Cold DOT to Chaos DOT to Fire and Physical DOT. (@GGG WeirdChamp) Some of the Bleed nodes changed from x% increased Bleeding Damage to +X% to Damage over Time Multiplier for Bleeding, and there are other nodes providing DOT Multiplier, which give more damage as compared to old "increased Bleeding damage" nodes.

What is this a quite meme build?
This build is not a starter build as mentioned because it need much currency to make this build work, such as high dps bow, Lioneye's Fall(s), elder gears and etc.

Even with GOOD gears, you can only deal about (yeah, FeelsBadMan just) 1M Bleed DPS and only at 8 stacks of bleed from Crimson Dance.

If you meme enough, you can do fully elder gears (even uniques) as Blasphemers Grasp
provides increase ailments damage per elder item.

What is Puncture
Puncture is a physical damage skill which focus on Bleed.

Increase to Physical damage, Damage over Time, Damage over Time Multiplier, Damage over Time Multiplier for Bleeding, Bleeding damage, Flat physical damage, Ailments can only increase Bleed DPS.
Increase in Projectile, Attack damage will not add Bleeding damage.

Pros and Cons

- Not a Point Blank Bow build
- A Pure physical damage

- Cannot do has Physical-reflect-mod map
- Has no good clear speed and damage
- Need much currency to start
- Not a instant kill mobs build
- Not a high DPS boss killer
- Require dodge skill
- Not very tanky
- Vulnerable to DOT
- Cannot facetank
- Not leech viable


Bleed is the main Boss DPS instead of Hit, damage can be increased as mentioned above at Puncture gem section. From Passive tree and Ascendancy, this build has 100% chance to apply bleeding on enemy with any bow skill that deal physical damage.

Resolute Technique is decided to be used as it is quite difficult to get Accuracy rating from Passive tree, as well as Critical chance and multiplier.

Crimson Dance is used as bosses such as Elder and Shaper do not move frequently, so repeatedly hit and run or skill to dodge, up to 8 times in about 7+ seconds to inflict 8 times of bleeding.

Dodge by yourself can be said that the main defense for this build because even with 50% Physical Damage reduction graphically, but actually physical damage reduction will reduce with increase of enemy physical damage. The higher the enemy physical damage hit, the less effective the armour will reduce physical damage.

Passive Skill Tree

Poe Planner (Lv90): www.poeurl.com/cBf6
Path of Building (Lv90): https://pastebin.com/T1gPucvs

Lioneye's Fall position:
1. www.poeurl.com/cBf3
- You have to get the jewel socket 1st
- Go Razor's Edge 1st then Slaughter
- Theoretically, this jewel gives 192% hit and ailments damage.
- Unfortunately Cleaving node is not taken as it is not in range of the jewel, it works in PoB but actually not works in actual POE.

2. www.poeurl.com/cBf6
- If you have a 2nd jewel
- Go Spinecruncher circle 1st then Splitting Strikes bottom path
- Unfortunately 1st point of Axe damage is not in range of the jewel.
- Theoretically, this jewel gives 126% hit and ailments damage.

The tree path may vary according to playstyle. For me, I go 1st jewel path first, and get the 2nd jewel about Lv 80, finally grab the rest %hp points

I took the Cloth and Chain node on the bottom middle of Duelist tree starting as I lack of resistances. You may replace it with some DPS or hp nodes.


1. Arena Challenger
- for Quality of Life during leveling, just Sand stance most of the time for clearing, and Blood stance for boss

2. Blood in the Eyes
- almost 100% maim (because there is a map mod of "65% to avoid bleeding")

3. Gratuitous Violence
- increase damage with bleeding, almost 100% explode bleeding mobs

4. Outmatch and Outlast
- more physical damage at max frenzy during clearing as you only gain frenzy on killing mobs, unfortunately not on boss
- you will not gain endurance charge if there is no Off Hand weapon for bow (weSmart)

Gems Link

The number in front is DPS priority which depend on no. of links.
The gem order is the sequence to obtain while leveling through acts from rewards or vendors.

Main DPS: Puncture
5 Chance to Bleed
2 Vicious Projectile
4 Deadly Ailments
3 Brutality
6 Swift Affliction
- Do not have quality on Puncture because it will bleed faster for 10% on 20% quality (reduce the duration of bleeding), which is worse for Crimson Dance's Bleed stacking.

Clearing: Split Arrow
5 Mirage Archer
4 Maim
2 Vicious Projectile
3 Brutality
6 Chain
- 6th link may vary and use other clearing skill such as Tornado shot or etc. with your playstyle.
- during leveling, I swapped between Puncture with Split Arrow for boss and clearing

Flesh and Stone + Maim
- main aura for Arena Challenger, toggle between Blood(on boss) and Sand(clearing) stances
- supported by Maim to increase effect of maim (increase physical damage) in Blood stance

- more physical damage taken for enemy

War Banner
- increased physical damage with 10% of mana reservation

- useful to dodge narrow projectile and hit

Blink arrow + Faster attack
- travel further or between gap


My Current Gear


Unique: Drillneck
- very cheap, increased ailments when pierce, flat physical damage, attack speed

Lioneye's Glare, Imperial Bow

- quite cheap as compared to other unique bow, good attack speed, hit cannot be evaded (you can skip Resolute Technique)
- but DPS has wide range

(ignore the gem as it is from another build)
Arborix, Assassin Bow
- best unique bow, high pDPS, 8sec of 30% more attack speed & movement speed then 8sec of Iron Reflex, can skip Iron Reflex keystone
- but during Iron Reflex, "more arrow damage on hits" does not work for Bleed as Bleed is not a hit but an ailment.

Rare: High pDPS Elder Bow + Vicious Projectile support
- Only do if you have more currency as the Bleed damage is about 20% more damage as compared to average Arborix.
- Theoretically, Bleed damage from a 270 pDPS, Lv 20 Vicious Projectile Bow is equivalent to a 400pDPS Bow, while Vicious Projectile support gem is replaced by Maim support gem.


Unique: Blasphemer's Grasp
- cheap, uncorrupted's one is good to go
- more Bleeding damage and life if you have more elder items equipped, Dexterity to use Bow

Body Armour

(ignore the gem as it is from another build)

6L Evasian Rating/Armour-based

- since Iron Reflex is taken or Arborix is used, ER body armour and other ER gears can be used as they will be converted to armour
- have some life, resistances
- if you have currency, you can use Elder-based body amrour Fossil-craft with Serrated Fossil to get "Supported by Level 1 Maim"

Tabula Rasa
- 6L white, recommended for leveling as the Bows have to always be replaced for higher and higher pDPS while leveling

Kaom's Heart
- huge flat life, allowing more offensive nodes over life nodes
- have to use 2nd weapon or gems swapping

Belly of the Beast
- huge %life, allowing 2nd set of bow skill on body armour and weapon
- may have to get more flat life on gear and life nodes on tree to get high maximum life

For the rest of the items, cap your resistances, get some flat life, stats (mostly Dex & Int) to use gems and items

Helmet, Boots

Unique Helmet: Goldrim
- good resistances (can be used until maps)

Rare Helmet/Boots
- may have some increase defense (AR/ER) mods
- If you have currency, you may use Elder-based to increase Bleeding damage from Blasphemer's Grasp
- For helmet, Fossil-craft with Jagged Fossil to get "Nearby enemy has -9% Physical Damage Reduction" giving more DPS

Amulet, rings
Rare Amulet, rings
- some additional flat physical damage
- If you have currency, you may use Elder-based to increase Bleeding damage
- but high flat physical damage (T1/T2) gives more Bleeding damage than Elder-based items
- Solution, just use Elder-based with flat physical damage
- For amulet, you can roll up to "+16% to Physical Damage over Time Multiplier" which is a huge DPS boost

Unique Amulet: Impresence (Physical)
- allowing use of Blasphemer support + Vulnerability set of gems with 0% mane reservation, flat life, Armour and physical damage, Elder-based item
- but required 2 gem slots, high Int requirement for Blasphemer support (or up the gem level up to your Int)

Rare Stygian Vise
- allowing use of Abyss Jewel with flat life, flat physical damage to attack/bow, stats or resistances if you need
- but only high flat physical damage can have more Bleed DPS than a Elder-Based belt

Rare Elder-based Leather Belt / Rustic Sash
- choose between more life or a little damage boost


Life Flask
Magic: Panic (Instant recovery on low life) Divine Life flask of Stauching (Remove bleed on use and during flask effect)
- you may replace Stauching to any suffix you like, I use this setup because I do not always get bleed or bleed charges from Corrupting Blood modded mobs can be removed after those mobs are killed

Unique: Blood of the Karui
- high recovery rate, full life at the end of flask effect
- need to have more suffix on other flask, no cheap

Utility flask
- according to your preference with prefix and suffix
- For me, I did most of Warding to immune to curse, of Heat to immune to freeze
- Quartz flask grants Phasing to pass through mobs pack as the mobs will die to Bleed DOT
- Sliver flask increased attack speed to apply Bleeding stack quickly with Crimson Dance
- Basalt flask to reduce physical damage taken from enemy physical hit such as Elder/Shaper

Useful mods
x% increased Maximum Life (Prefix)
- further amplify flat life or if you want more life

x% increased Attack Speed or with Bows (Suffix/Prefix)
- with usage of high Physical Bow which normally has low APS, increase APS is quite necessary to inflict 8 stacks of Bleed quickly

+ x% to Physical Damage over Time Multiplier, x% increase Damage with Bleeding
- further increase Bleed DPS, while Multiplier gives higher Bleed DPS than equivalent "increase damage with bleeding".

Attacks have x% chance to cause Bleeding, x% increase Bleeding Duration
- only increase duration is notable as we always cause bleeding, increase duration make more time to inflict stack of bleeding with low APS, deal bleeding damage longer means more total damage

Maps and Bosses

I did not test for all map mods or bosses, so I will briefly mark out some notable parts.

Bad map mods
- "Monsters reflect 18% of Physical Damage", we only do physical damage, this is the 100% not doable map mod

- "Monsters have a x% chance to avoid Bleeding", we will miss Bleed stack with Crimson Dance and reduce Bleeding damage even we have 100++% of Bleed chance, where it will be capped at 100% and with this mod, Bleed chance will drop to (100-x)%

- "Players have x% less Recovery Rate of Life", doable, but we have no high regen and leech rate to overcome the less recovery if we take huge damage

Noted Bosses
Quick note:
- Just dodge everything and hit when there is a chance/time
- This build has low recovery from big damages, vulnerable to big physical damage as the mediocre amount of AR and AR has lesser reduction on increasing physical damage

Brief explanation from experience:
Shaper & Guardians

Guardian of the Hydra
- most of the skill can be dodged from Boss and Arena

Guardian of the Phoenix
- easily dodge all skill but need to kill the phoenix minions at the same time as they will do huge damage

Guardian of the Minotaur
- stay range as he only do melee attacks, but need to alert when he burrows as it will do multiple ticks of huge damage

Guardian of the of the Chimera
- especially on smoke phase doing damage that will always land on you, inflict DOT, sometime from Boss himself (bleed) or snake minion (poison) which make us difficult to recover

- focus on dodging Balls/Slam while hit if the is a chance, proc DPS-flask during Beam

Elder & Guardians

- Overall, focus on dodging skill as they always do huge damage

- Beware of DOT from The Constrictor (inflict poison), The Enslaver (inflict ignite)

- Siphon: since this build has low regen, but able to survive as AR reduces physical damage, proc flask if too low life

- Tentacle slam: try to proc Quicksilver flask only at this moment or use movement skill effectively as this build has low movement speed, you may get stun by 1 hit and die from 2nd hit

- Expanding Nova: you can chill a bit at the initial phase, but close to Elder when the Nova is going to explode

- Locked phase: since this build is range then can just stick against Shaper while facing Null Portals, kill mobs as they will hit Shaper, alert when Shaper finished channeling as the arena will have some cold projectiles and tentacle slams

Uber Elder

I did Uber Elder with almost dodging every attacks because every enemies' attacks are able to stun the character, if lucky they will not land the next attack, if unlucky then I will die in next hit.

The Bleed DPS seems promising for me, but have to keep the stacks by constantly hit and dodge and hit and dodge... until switch phases. Normally if I successfully landed 8 hits on them, I waited to the next phase because of the long duration of bleeding.

I may not explain in detail as this build required dodging especially in big bosses, which quite not friendly with less experienced Uber Elder fighers.

Why I actually want to do this build? (not important)

I wanna do this build initially was wanted to make use of

but failed because the low DPS, can always maim from Passive skill tree even without crit instead of this weapon.

Secondly, make use of Yriel's Fostering (Bleed edition), but it was not used as also due to non-crit setup and low flat life.

Thirdly, make a build to be Uber-Elder viable, but it was only in offensive way but not in defensive way.

Come to the end of my build, I would like to thanks and welcome for any views, comments, suggestion, sharing, questions, critiques in any aspects to improve my build.

Crimson Dance
Last bumped on Oct 24, 2019, 6:26:40 AM
What's with your skill tree? All I see is a few axe, mace, and sword nodes.
Shaper Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2252008
0piate wrote:
What's with your skill tree? All I see is a few axe, mace, and sword nodes.

Lioneye's Fall convert melee weapon and melee type modifiers in the radius to bow modifiers, especially for ailments which is bleed. Since axe, sword and mace are melee weapon type, thus their nodes are converted to bow type.
This worth making on league?

Is the rare bow a big enough diff in damage vs the uniq?
Last edited by inflatablevillain on Oct 23, 2019, 8:50:57 PM
This worth making on league?

Is the rare bow a big enough diff in damage vs the uniq?

A 200dps lv16 Vicious Bow is equivalent with average 350dps Arborix, about 1M bleed dps after 7 hits. (but with my gear)

This build might not worth because it has bad clear speed (vs Blight),
Lioneye Fall is super expensive (1ex+ atm),
6L Vicious Bow is also expensive at the market,
Elder rings and amulet may expensive to meet the resistance cap,

TBH, not recommended if you dont want your large amount of money being converted into a 1M bleed only if 7 hits applied.

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