[3.8] GC mines, a lot of deeeeps

Hi and welcome to another generic mine buld

I will not tell you why you should choose this particular build and let you decide whether you want to stay here or not.


Uber Elder(s) by me:

Shaper by my friend(we are playing and testing same build):

Phoenix map(also by him):


+Clear everything (including such boys as Aul on 400+ depth)
+Fast clear (thanks to reworked flamedash and mines changes)
+Freezing everything (with ~100% crit chance and no lucky crits)
+Any map mods (Porcupine are annoyng with 90% avoid elements)
+Easy leveling and cheap start gear (20c to chill t15 farming)
-A bit expensive endgame gear (~25ex)
-Lack of HP (4000-4500, 50%/40% dodge)
-More than one button play!(bruhhh)

Bandits, Ascendancy, Pantheons:

Born in the Shadows - Pyromaniac - Bomb Specialist - Demolition Specialist


Dont forget that build requires all items to be SHAPED

Keep in mind mandatory uniques:
Eternity shroud, Watcher's Eye(+% crit while affected by Hatred), 2 jewels The Long Winter, Atziri's Promise


Any shaped rare with this three mods:
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Trap And Mine Damage
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level # Hypothermia
Socketed Spells have +2%\3% to Critical Strike Chance

Do not buy helm with 1% crit chance

Make sure that you have free Prefix for crafted +1 to aoe gems.

Pseudo 7-l for juicy damage. 3% crit will guarantee 100% crit chance even againts shaper\elder.
At least 1 white socket for future if you want to change gems.

As for me - before this helm im just running with tabula

Body Armour:

Eternity shroud. Dont know if I really have to explain this, a lot of additional chaos(our main damage in endgame!) with full chaos penetration. No reason in +gem corruption or links - main link in pseudo-helm
Necessarily 5% gain roll.

You can use any chest of your choice before ES, for me it was tabula.


Rapier! Wait what?
In fact, wand with Phys->Lightning gain and Elemental->Chaos gain will be a bit better(~2.5% per each) than rapier. Soooo why not wands then? Well, main reason is - rapier is much cheaper at start of the league. Like 2-3 times cheaper and easier to find than wand with 40% implicit.
As extra - we have a bit(70%+) of additional %increased fire damage.
And as extra-extra(just my opinion): its easier to get %increased elemental than additional %critmulti

About crafted mods:
{Increased spell with additional gain}, nothing to compare to.
{crit multi}, but surely it will be better to have t1\t2 critmulti
{increased critical strike chance for spells}:
With 3% helm in endgame, with %inc-crit-chance on rings and amulet - sure, you can remove this mod, but... ugh, what you can change it for? Mine throwing speed is only good option, so I do not reccomend to change anything in this setup. But if you get elemental penetration - replace this mod.

Short conclusion: Its yours choice what to prefer, but main thing that required is 2 t1 "gain"s.


I prefer amulet with strength implicit. Any rare with 2 t1 physcal->elemental "gain"s.
Not "Non-chaos to elemental". Sure you can pick it up if it much cheaper, but this mod does lesser dmg that any of phys->elemental.

Mine throwing speed is priority(after "gain"s)

Good additional mods is %critmulti, life.
Other mods of your choice, it can be %inc-crit-chance, speed, or resistances.

Any rare shaped rings. I prefer Opal.
Assassin's Mark Curse on one of the rings.
Other mods of your choice(%critmulti, life, resistances, %increased damage(all damage -> spell -> global phys -> cold -> fire))

Belts, Gloves, Boots:
Any rare shaped belt. You can choose between global phys, strength or +life

Any rare shaped gloves, Fingerless Silk Gloves or evasion-based is priority.

Any rare shaped boots, Two-Toned Boots or evasion-based is priority.


Wathcer's Eye
1)+#% to Critical Srkike Chance while Affected by Hatred is mandatory.
Additional(with first mod) variations are:
2)#% increased Cold Damage while Affected by Hatred
3)Damage Penetrates #% Cold Resistance while Affected by Hatred
Keep in mind that I'm using Cold to Fire support, so its better to use #%cold than penetration
4)+#% to critial Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision
With Enlighten 4 we can use Precision with no difficulties

2x The Long Winter
You can easily get corrupted implicits like anti-Corrupted blood and such

Rare jewels:
#% increased life, #%critmulti, resistances, mine throwing speed

Eternal life flask
Atziri's Promise
Quartz flask
Eterntal Mana flask
Quicksilver flask

Atziri's Promise - mandatory item(big dps boost), you can swap any flask but not this one.
It's my setup; you always can sawp Qucksilver or Quartz for something like Taste of Hate, Wise Oak, Bottled Faith

Gems setup:
So, our main gem is Glacial Cascade. It was good ages ago and still, with all nerfs and others things like new mines, I think that its best spell for mines. Ridicilous amounts of damage and huuuge aoe along with radius.
6-l setup:
Glacial Cascade - High-Impact mine - Trap and Mine damage - Swift Assembly - Increased Critical Strikes - Hypotherima
For 5-l take out Swift Assembly.

Pseudo 7-l setup:
Glacial Cascade - High-Impact mine - Cold to Fire - Swift Assembly
Replace Swift Assembly for Concentrated Effect if you want to boost deeeps(used this only on aul 460 and for demonstration, build has a lot of damage even without it). One white socket in helm to easy swap.

Steelskin lvl16 - CWDT lvl11 - Increased Duration
You can add Empower for higer Steelskin absorbed damage.

Elnighten - Summon Skitterbots - Hatred
You can add Precision here(see "Jewels" section)

Arcane Surge - Flame Dash
As addition: Enhance
Smoke mine

Vaal RF, Vaal Grace Flame golem

It's my first shared build; sorry for mistakes; feel free to contribute

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Hi, are you going to update the build for 3.9?

if yes, any plans for the much more expensive shaper items and multi mod nerf?


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