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Last bumped on Oct 13, 2022, 7:12:28 PM
When linked to a spectre that summons its own minions, such as Spectral Tacticians, the spectre doesn't appear to get the feeding frenzy buff when its minions hit enemies.

Instead of the green swirling visual effect the player gets when having the feeding frenzy buff, the spectre gets a brief green poof of smoke next to it. As if the correct visual effect is about to start but is then immediately removed again.

There are very few ways to scale the damage of a minion's minion so was really hoping this would've worked.
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I don't know how often or if the devs check these threads but I seriously want to say THANK YOU.

This gem, as well as Deathmark support, solve the biggest issue I had with this game, and is most of the reason I've started playing again.

I like to play Necro characters, have since Diablo 2. The difference between that game and PoE with the minion AI was stark. The skeletons were hyper aggressive in D2, and would charge after enemies if they so much as looked at me funny (usually).

However in PoE, prior to this gem, half the time I could get shot at by a creature a few meters away, which the zombos would ignore just because it was in another room, or I was moving. I quit the game/took a break in 2018 because of this. It was so frustrating to put your survival in the hands of AI controlled things which were goofy as heck.

But with this gem, half the time I don't even have to do anything, the zombos will attack whatever's on my screen without me having to use a laser pointer (usually arc) to point out the obvious. Deathmark gives more precise control ofc.

tl;dr: thank you GGG for adding this gem. It is such an unbelievably needed upgrade. Helps map clearing feel waaaaaaaaaaaay less clunky.
I would love to be able to apply the invisible buff MTX to this support, the green clashes with my MTX theme.
It is frustrating when the supporting text doesn't explain information accurately. This skill gem is a prime example of that.

On the skill gem is states: Feeding Frenzy base Duration is (4-5.9) seconds (expected)
As this describes the Base Duration for the buff, when it applies.

However, the superior quality version just provides the text
Additional Effects per 1% Quality:
Feeding Frenzy base Duration is (0.05-1) second

Thus, this describes it reduces the base duration from 5.9sec to 1sec

In what scenario is this beneficial?
Is it meant to increase the base duration by 1sec? (That would make sense)

Please triage.

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