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Last bumped on Oct 16, 2022, 7:39:08 PM
I thk the support gems should not be limited to specific weapon classes. Instead, just restrict them for use for a broader sense like melee/ranged, one-handed/two-handed would be more than enough. In particular, the Nightblade support is much more powerful than the Close Combat support introduced earlier. And the gem makes Increased Critical Damage support looks ridiculous.

I noticed that the line in the support gem:
'Elusive from supported Skills also grants +X% to critical strike Multiplier for skills supported by nightblade'
Is taken very literal (as is normally the case in PoE) but this causes some unfortunate and unintuitive results. I have another source of Elusive, namely from the Ascendant's Assassin node which gives '10% chance to gain Elusive on Kill'. This results in the following. If the skill linked to Nightblade support crits and therefore grants elusive the skill gets both the 1% crit and the crit multi. However if I kill a unit and get the Elusive buff (even if the kill is caused by the skill linked to nightblade) the skill linked to nightblade doesn't get the Crit multi (I think it does get the crit chance, but not 100% sure).
Combined with the fact that the Elusive buff cannot be overwritten this makes the other sources of Elusive actually very undesirable since they lock you out of the increased crit multi for the entire duration of the Elusive buff.

Is this intended? What is the reason for this specific wording of this line but not the other line granting the crit chance during Elusive effect?

Kind regards and thanks in advance for any aswers,
Nighblade support is not aviable for dual-wielding sword + claw/dagger
please make the nightblade support apply only to the claw/dagger portion of the skill
hits with dagger/claw have + crit chance
hits with dagger/claw give elusive on crit
hits with dagger/claw have + crit multi

so that we can use The saviour unique sword but only hits dagger/claw will recive the effect of the support gem

Nightblade support is so powerful that its better to use it instead of the saviour in the build

there is no point in going dual-wielding poison build with claw/dagger the only scenario where Attack dual-wielding poison make sense is with the saviour viper strike + unique jewel for viper strike that makes more dmg per poison on the enemy

with the incomming change dualwielding minion poison build will have a place in the game but not generic dual wielding poison
Last edited by JackInMask on Aug 5, 2022, 1:24:25 PM
Nightblade Support states supported skills can only be used with claws or daggers BUT it does not say that it does not support skills that cannot be used with claw or dagger OR require list of weapons that does not include claw/dagger

earthshatter require axes scepters maces staves and unnarmed it can be used with a unique sword varunastra that counts as all one handed melee weapon types but it cannot be supported by nightblade

in cases where you dont have a dagger/claw you cant use the skill supported by nightblade but in this scenario nightblade cannot support skills that require other weapons and not including claw dagger

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