[3.8] Carry-o-nmancer (6L Carrion golem, 5L Spectres and few more.)

Hello all,

this is my own build which I started to think off as soon I heard the Necromancer is getting new pet <3 the lovely Carrion golem.
In this build are the Carrion golems used as main source of damage against everything with small support of specters, skeletons and Skitterbots.

- Huge single target damage
- Solid AoE damage (not need splash gems)
- 6L minions, 5L minions.
- Specters support
- 4 Golems, 4 Specters, 9x Zombies, 10x skeletons
- Good build for start, 5L golems deal great damage also.
- HPES build
- defensive play
- solid HP regen

- currency hungry build
- without good start investment can be a struggle on mapping and bossing.
- No pure ES build
- no face-tanking

Path of Building
My tree and current using items - Looking for better Amulet and maybe Wand with higher Damage for minions, and probably switch one rings with HP+ES.

The Pantheon
Mainly running the Solaris, but switching in time with Lunaris, depends on map and mods.
The last one with no change is Garukhan. Due to of its nature of Movement speed boost and evade change after savage hits.


We are using 2 types of spectres.
3x Slave driver - I pick them as they have for now the best damage single target/AoE output.

1x Diabolist - Many will ask why? Well the Diabolist is casting non-stop curse enfeeble, which debuff your enemy damage, accuracy and critical chance. Which lets say is so necessary. As you cannot cast any curse by yourself.

We are running 5L specters (can be run on 6L depends how far you invest into your Bone helmet).

Links, are:
Specters - Lv.16 increase minion damage (helmet) - Minion life - Controlled destruction - Elemental army

GEMS+ links
Carrion Golems - Multistrike - Melee physical damage - Maim - Minion damage - Feeding frenzy

Zombies - Meat shield - Minion life - Blind support/Minion damage

Skeletons - Multistrike - Minion damage

Skitterbots - Infernal army

Other gems:

Common items used in this build
I'm running only one unique item.
Which is Victario's Charity

My other items:

Only jewels used in this build:
and 3x

Shaper fight - kill in 5mins

- Build released

- Changes in the passive skill tree. (Pastebin added)
- Change of anointment from Gravepact to Ravenous Horde.
- Completely removed Fearsome force from the passive tree.
- Added Unending Hunger to build (final count to have 2; Now only 1)
- Shaper kill video added.
- Changed Blind support from zombies to Minion damage

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Reason of bump
After a small brakedown and pause - video of shaper kill added.
Changes in the build - See changelog.
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