[3.8] Fire Conversion Divine Ire Trickster | 4.7m DMG | 3.5m Shaper DMG | Guide


I wanted to make a fun and unique build and noticed that Synthesis items are added back into the game. Instead of the usual dual Call of the Brotherhood builds for Lightning to Cold conversion, I decided to run two Circles of Anguish for Phys To Fire conversion and it turned out better than I hoped.

This build utilizes two

Those combined with

gives us almost 100% phys to fire conversion on Divine Ire.

With the Trickster ascendancy node

all of the phys conversion gives us a fat amount of extra chaos damage.

Pros and Cons

-Good clear speed (Herald of Ash spread)
-Good bossing (3.4m average hit on Shaper)
-Fairly tanky with optimization (Perfect Form build: 54% evade chance, 56% Spell Dodge, 10% Attack Dodge, 32% Block chance, and 6k+ eHP)
-Never runs out of mana and allows for full mana reservation (Eldritch Battery + Energy Leech)
-One tap packs (Just hold down skill for half a second for 1-2 stacks)

-Not as much damage as an Eternity Shroud build (50% elemental damage as extra chaos with all shaped items though immensely more expensive)
-Not tornado shot clearspeed (Channeling skill)
-Must position well (Channeling locks you in place)
-Not league starter friendly (Requires 3 uniques)


POB: https://pastebin.com/ex5xJqiu
There are gear swaps for a Perfect Form build if you desire to be tankier/playing hardcore.
With the normal build, we have 24% evade chance, 32% block chance, and 6k+ eHP. If you run a Quartz flask then +10% Spell and Attack Dodge chance.

With the Perfect Form build, we have 54% evade chance, 32% block chance, 56% Spell Dodge, 10% Attack Dodge, and 6k+ eHP.

With Wither Totems up and fully stacked, our Chaos Damage outdamages our Lightning Damage even.


There are many options for the chestpiece here. Shroud of the Lightless gives around the same damage but more energy shield and evasion. Perfect Form will make us very tanky but we'd have to change a few items to have a lot of uncapped cold res. You do not have to get a chespiece with rolls like mine. There are few on the market with +1 active gems and +%crit chance with spells and they are very expensive. I'd opt for a high ES/Evasion chestpiece with high life and resistances. The unique options are Perfect Form and Shroud of the Lightless.
For the helmet, you could go for Eber's Unification for more chaos damage but that would mess with our mana reservation. I opted to go for the Devouring Diadem for the free Eldritch Battery (Saves us 3 passive points) and reduced mana reservation.
BiS amulet would give #% of non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage, crit multi, spell damage, high life and res.
The BiS Circles of Anguish you can get would have increased buff effect of Herald of Ash and increased Fire Damage while affected by Herald of Ash. These however, are pricey at ~2ex each. The best implicits for them would be %increased maximum life, %increased Lightning damage, %increased Fire damage, %Elemental damage leeched as life, %Lighning damage leeched as life. There are many good options for the implicit.
BiS Watcher's Eye is one with highest phys to fire conversion and crit multi while affected by Anger/damage penetrates % fire res while affected by Anger. However, only the phys conversion is mandatory and it is very cheap at ~25-30c.


Divine Ire (Chest):

Swap Inc AOE/Conc Effect for bosses. Level all your gems mine are only level 1 because I've been using different links until now.

Flame Dash/Precision(Weapon 1/2):

Level Precision as much as your mana pool allows.

Shield Charge (Weapon 1/2):

Herald of Ash/Anger/Zealotry (Helmet):

Wither (Gloves/Boots):

Wave of Conviction/Immortal Call (Gloves/Boots):

Leveling Trees:

35 points: www.poeurl.com/cAkJ
68 points: www.poeurl.com/cAkK
96 points: www.poeurl.com/cAkM
111 points (level 90): www.poeurl.com/cAkN
121 points (level 100): www.poeurl.com/cAkO

Remember to take life and damage as you see fit. This is just a rough guideline and my preferred path.

Ascendancy Order:

1. Swift Killer
2. Ghost Dance
3. Escape Artist
4. Harness the Void

This is preference. I like Swift Killer first for easy leveling and I take Harness the Void last because I like the survivability Ghost Dance and Escape Artist give.


Save Alira or Kill All.

Preference. I like the Crit Multi and all res as it provides for easier gearing and a little more damage. At level 100 you don't really want much more on the tree so I don't kill all.


Major: Lunaris
Minor: Gruthkul/Shakari(Poison Immunity)

Take Yugul minor for Uber Elder. You can also take Solaris as you don't get hit often with the Perfect Form build.

1. If you feel you are dying often look for more life on your gear, take more life nodes on the tree, or use the Perfect Form build.
2. If your damage is lacking, try to get more crit multi on jewels and rings/amulet. #%non-chaos as extra chaos is a great damage boost.

Other Guides:

[3.8] Cobra Lash Assassin | 3.5m+ DPS | 2.0m+ Shaper DPS | Build Compendium | Guide

Thanks for reading my guide and let me know if there is anything I should add or anything you'd like to see. Feel free to post a reply, PM me, or whisper me in game if you have any questions.
GL HF exile
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What gem should I take off if I'm using Shroud?
What gem should I take off if I'm using Shroud?

Combustion or Controlled Destruction. Controlled Destruction will give you more damage but takes away a good chunk of crit. Up to you. I prefer having a higher crit chance since we don't cast all that fast and a 3m damage cast critting or not can make a difference.
Do you think i can use loreweave on this? Pretty low on funds right now and it's the only 6 link i have. Thank you.
basedpedro wrote:
Do you think i can use loreweave on this? Pretty low on funds right now and it's the only 6 link i have. Thank you.

Usually for tricksters you want evasion/energy shield or pure energy shield body armors due to their ascendancy giving energy shield off of the evasion on the body armors. Loreweave is decent because of the max res, crit chance, and a bit of life but optimally you'd want a better piece there. Even my rare chestpiece is not that great. It has high damage due to the +1 active gems and spell crit but BiS would be a high es/evasion piece with high life and maybe spell crit.
The Perfect Form with 6 blue sockets? rofl
duglas7 wrote:
The Perfect Form with 6 blue sockets? rofl

I built this in Synthesis and I just got 4 blue and tested my luck on Vorici benches in Syndicate and I got it within 3 tries.
what do u think about unspiration support?
awawawawa wrote:
what do u think about unspiration support?

Seems it would add ~380k dps. It is a good swap if you have the colors for it. Your 6L would be Divine Ire, Energy Leech, Controlled Destruction, Infused Channelling, Inspiration, and Concentrated Effect/Increased Area of Effect.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the use of EB preclude supports like Inspiration Support? With EB, you aren't actually spending any Mana, so you won't get Inspiration stacks.

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