Level 28 Uniques Only 50 Death Challenge

The goal is to play a level 28 character into pve content until you finish act 10 or die 50 times.

Why level 28? Well, it's the max level for low level pvp and I had always wondered how far a level 28 toon could make it into pve content.

Why uniques? Uniques help to minimize the gear gap (vs crafted rares). Uniques also make it harder to achieve adequate life levels and capped resistances. This in turn forces novel combinations of passives, skills, and gear.

Do not take any quest rewards after act 4. You will not be able to queue for level 28 pvp (not that anyone does anyway) if you enter act 5 or ascend. Use books of regression (wisdom and scour) to level repeatedly from level 29 to level 28. You won't use that many scouring orbs since the xp penalty will nearly eliminate xp gain by the time you enter level 45 zones and higher.

Using uniques only gear (other than jewels) is the only gear restriction. 2 ascendancy points, pantheon, corruption, 6L, watcher's eye jewel, etc are fine.

Post screenshots of your progression, death totals, etc as you go or after you are done. It is ok to post a screenshot of kitava act 10 with 10% or less life and not fully kill her (since it only takes 1 hit more using culling strike). I found that reaching res caps after killing her is fairly difficult and makes repeating the fight inaccurate vs how you would normally do against her.

For now there are no rewards other than satisfaction and pride.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy this challenge.

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The original post is with my account that is not linked to my characters. From now on I will post through this account.

Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqskSJBpjak&t=3s for the first build that I'm posting,

Cacklynn the Chaos Inoculation Occultist.

Gruest kill : ( He actually put up a pretty good fight

Gruthkul went down pretty easily

Arakaali got squished

Doedre killed me 6 times : ( . I did it in the vulnerability phase. Probably shoulda done it in the temp chains phase (with CI)?

I couldn't resist fighting Doedre again. I died twice this time, both during the vulnerability phase. The purple phase was very damage free but had to be removed when I got too many stacks.

Sun and Moon deathless for the first time with this build. I died twice though in the temple of Lunaris to rares that perma froze me once my heat flasks ran out and I was too stubborn to portal.

Maligaro needs a new hobby
Doedre was close but no cigar
Shavronne got me once

Overall, twelve deaths heading into act 10 is better than where I thought I'd be. Still sweatin it though.

It's a painfully long fight at 20 minutes. And derp, I got caught up in the moment and killed her instead of stopping at 10 percent. I recorded the fight and will edit a few things out (me forgetting my staunching quicksilver). But overall, hurray for Cacklynn finishing the challenge with 27 deaths (13 on Kitava alone)!

an edited vid of the kitava fight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuIg4X33tJA&t=198s

Here's to some peeps coming up with their own thing. . .

I've got 3 more builds and I'll post the next video once I get him leveled to 28.


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Second build in the 50 death challenge: Signor B level 28 Mistwalker Assassin

intro video: https://youtu.be/DT5PJ_5VoCY

Doedre Act 8 https://youtu.be/5rGwcTyxKJg

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1902650243 end of act 9

With 18 deaths things are going a bit rougher than expected. I can't help but kill rares, do boxes, and get essences and I've paid at least 5 times for that.

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1903044946 Kitava is dead and I'm in the epilogue with 44 deaths, 21 on Kitava alone. Brutal fight again. I'll edit the video and post it soon.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwC6mloggf4 edited act 10 vid

Congrats to Signor B. I didn't think he had it in him. . .

Moving on to the next build

Build #3: Paiute, War Bringer Berserker iron will caster

intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xY04WgseJg&t=22s

Things are going about as expected with this very tanky build. I've died 7 times, with all but one of them being due to sloppy play. The real test of course will be Kitava act 10.



Congrats to Paiute though his 37 deaths (28 on Kitava alone, 30 minute fight, ouch) were far more than I was expecting. I enjoyed playing the build though the DPS started to wane into act 10. Doing it again I'd take Alira instead of Faith and Steel to make the mana regen not so completely dependent on warcries.

The goal for the next build that I'll be posting will be to not use a Watcher's Eye jewel.
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Build #4: JackVale, Unstoppable Hero Ground Slam Champion

intro video: https://youtu.be/s2aZM0-i2JQ

Act 8 Abyss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWuPYrvtcSA&t=2s

On the way to Doedre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XxA_z_1JP4

Sun and Moon: https://youtu.be/9eXBLX1IDCY
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