[3.8] Baz's Gachi Boy Animator Summoner Build guide

This post is to share my Blight build that i feel is quite strong, satisfying and fun to play.

I use a Mon'treguls grasp and a The Baron to get large zombies and stack strength and use crafting on my chest and amulet[elder] to get a total of 7 large zombies and providing them with insane buffs with the tree, items and animate guardian.

Supported by 4 spectres and 2 of the new Carrion Golems aswell as an Animated Guardian and vaal skeletons this build clears really well and so far has absolutely melted bosses and the league mechanic.

This build is not cheap! The jewels and the crafting on the chest and amulet will set you back quite a bit but i estimate with some luck and 10 exalted orbs you can recreate this build at the current prices[15-9], if you do the crafting yourself. I've done this build as a league starter and got really lucky with the crafting of the chest and amulet.

Pros & Cons

Good boss damage
Satisfying explosions and clear
Leveling as summoner


Summoner is not for everyone
Screenclutter and therefor positioning
Needs a lot of strength

Path of Building:

My gear:

Passive Tree:

Gem links:

Head: Raise spectre Spell Echo Feeding FrenzyGreater Multiple Projectile
Chest: Raise Zombie Multistrike Melee Physical Damage Ruthless/Empower Feeding Frenzy Minion Damage
Gloves: Cast When Damage Taken Molten Shell Desecrate Flesh Offering
Boots: Summon Carrion Golem Deathmark Minion Damage Feeding Frenzy

Weapon: Hatred Flesh And Stone Animate Guardian
Shield: Vaal Summon Skeletons Faster Attacks Shield charge
Rings: Convocation War Banner

Important notes:
Animate guardian can give us alot of buffs. I use a Kingmaker axe, Leer Cast, Victario's Flight, Southbound, and Ambu's Charge. I do not have it linked to anything but have yet to see it's healthbar move due to all the minion nodes i took from the tree, the +2 to minion gems from new ascendancy and the anointment on my amulet.

The buffs that are most important are coming from the Kingmaker and are as follows:
50% crit multi
Culling strike
Item rarity (This is not important but it's there)

Anointments, bandits and pantheon:

Anointments:If you do not want to path down on the tree for the strength you can Anoint Utmost might on your amulet for +40 strength and 8% increased strength. I anointed Fearsome force, other choices are Beef and/or Aligned spirits.

Kill em' all for 2 passive skillpoints.

Your choice. I went with Lunaris and Gruthkul but i will probably try to get poison immune at some point from Shakari instead.

Tips on stacking strength:
Use Efficient training jewels on the tree and an elder astral plate with a %increased strength roll. (ilvl 82 can roll up to 8% and ilvl83+ can roll up to 12% increased strength.)

General tips:
Be careful with Animate Guardian. If it dies you will lose the gear you attached to it. Kingmakers are not cheap! If you think the AG is going to die or you want to quickly unequip it, either unslot the gem or use weapon swap.

Weapon swapping can be a pain, as, with my exact setup, you will lose one aura (Hatred). If you do not have a second Mon'treguls Grasp in your weapon swap, your zombies will also either despawn or be cut in half again when you weapon swap back so for QoL get a second Mon'treguls in your weapon swap set or stick to unequipping the gem from wherever you slotted it when you think it's getting too dangerous for the Animate guardian.

I will try and build out this post into a full guide but for now this will have to do.

Ill do my best to answer any questions. Any tips on how to squeeze 300 more strength out for this build are also much appreciated!
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