[3.8] Burning Zoomancer

Warning: This is my first build guide, and is still WIP. The build itself is also somewhat WIP and will be expanded as I get to endgame. Low life variant is posted at bottom, and will not be tested for some time (that shit gets expensive).

The base theory:
The main basis for this build is the new skill gems, Carrion Golem and infernal legion, which pair perfectly with each other. Infernal legion deals damage based on bonuses to minion damage, and deals continual damage to the minion it supports. Carrion Golem can easily gain increased damage from the elementalist ascendancy and Primordial Harmony jewels, along with up to an 80% more multiplier from having nearby minions.

Current (very rough) pastebin for skill tree:

Getting 10 minions:
There are several options for getting to the 10 minions required for an 80% multiplier on the Carrion Golem. The pros and cons of each are below, in order from best to worst.

Arakaali's Fang

Arakaali's Fang is by far the best option for getting additional minions. By themselves, the spiders can be the centerpiece of a build, and they trigger off of any kills. Since Infernal Legion is a DoT, it will count as the player's kill, practically guaranteeing consistent summons.

Dominating Blow

Dominating Blow is also capable of high damage, especially with the newest buff in 3.8. It also raises its minions based on a debuff, not a kill, which makes maintaining the minions much easier once you have a full zoo. While normally you would want a melee focused character to use this skill, the combination of spiritual aid and golem buffs (massively increased from elementalist) should be enough to make your player a decent damage threat.

Summon Phantasm

The most versatile option, phantasms allow you to use any skill to get the killing blow, and so they are the least limiting. However, they are also likely the hardest consistent choice, as they have the lowest duration, requires the player to kill with a specific skill to proc, and don't have a 100% chance to proc.

The Scourge

The scourge is the last automated way of summoning minions, and is honestly terrible. With a 10% chance to proc on kill, I simply don't see a way these minions stay up consistently. The only reason they're worth mentioning is because of the veiled modifier, which gives the same chance to summon wolves at the expense of a single amulet modifier.

Herald of Purity

If you have extra mana, herald of purity is an easy way to get 4 extra, semi permanent minions. However, you're unlikely to have that extra mana, unless you want to both go lowlife and give up a curse, which is not recommended.


Both Zombies and spectres are semi permanent minions, which makes them seem like a good option. However, Zombies do very little damage and tend to die, which makes them a pretty awful choice. Spectres come in very limited amounts, so they cannot serve as a basis for the build.

If you'd like to make an efficient build, then dual wield arakaali's fang and clayshaper (with the extra golem being another carrion golem), and rejoice. However, that would not serve the purpose of this build, which is to be a true zoo of minions.

To maximize the number of possible minions, without gimping the build too much, we will use Dominating Blow linked to summon phantasm support, wielding arakaali's fang, wearing a wolf amulet, and using one of each golem (plus a few spectres while we're at it). While normally having so many minions would be a massive struggle while keeping relatively decent damage, the extra 150 added damage from the carrion golem buffs legions of small monsters much more effectively than a single large monster.

More Details

There are several ways this build increases it's damage, which are listed in the items and skills section, and explained here. WIP

Short version for now:
Triad grips allow all minions to take advantage of reduced fire resistance.
Fire resistance is lowered with a combination of Flammability, and Elemental Army's exposure, and elemental equilibrium.
Malevolence increases damage taken from Infernal legion, and also increases the duration of summoned minions (I believe).
Spectres can be used to buff other minions, particularly the frenzy apes. Empower is the quickest way to get to level 21 to get the additional minion, though corrupted gems would also work.
Charisma notable from anointment is hopefully relatively obtainable, and mana reservation is much harder to obtain than increased ES/damage.

There are other changes, particularly the low-life version I'm working on, but creating a guide for those will have to wait until after this version is tested.

Arakaali's Fang
The Anima Stone
4-5x Primordial Harmony
4 red socket triad grip
Helmet with + to level of socketed minion gems, socketed gems are supported by Burning Damage, socketed gems are supported by Minion Damage
2x unset rings, one with added lightning and/or cold damage
Charisma notable anointment

Weapon 1:
Melee Physical Damage-Minion Damage-Feeding Frenzy
Weapon 2:
Summon Spectre-Elemental Army-Empower
Summon Carrion Golem-Elemental Focus-Feeding Frenzy-Infernal Legion
Summon Flame Golem-Summon Stone Golem
Body Armour:
Dominating Blow-Summon Phantasm-Melee Splash-Undecided
Summon Chaos/Ice Golem

As I said, this is a work in progress, and will be updated once I get to maps, and then later once I hit red maps. Assuming the build works, the polish for the guide will be put in once the league calms down a bit.
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