[3.7] Bow EH Champion - 7K HP, Fortify, 4M Shaper DPS

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to put my build out there and maybe get some feedback on how I can improve it. Let me know what you think and enjoy!

Fortify (+20% effect) + Taunt
40%/30% attack/spell dodge + vaal grace
1900 leech/s, 500 regen/s
6K evasion, 2,5K armour
4M Shaper DPS (point blank)


Note: I know some of this gear might look ridiculous to some of you, but I have been playing (casually) for a while.

Class choice discussion
I was playing this setup on my 98 scion for a long time and the champion simply blows it out of the water. The DPS is the same but defensively the champion is much better.

Damage mitigation discussion:

(1 - 0,2 * 1,2) * (1 - 0,06) = 0,7144

This means roughly 28,5% mitigation from fortify and taunt.

Effective hp: 7023 / 0,7144 = 9831
so it's like having roughly 10k hp, only a little bit better.

Note: whether the "Rampart" nodes that increase the fortify effect are worth it is an open question to me. Without it the mitigatiopn from fortify and taunt would be 0,752 and effective hp 9339

Thank you! Have a nice day!
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