[3.7] FOR THE FALSE GOD! - Combat Necromancer - Fun and (Even) Working Build

Welcome to my fun build for combat necromancer out of a desert.

Ever wanted to deal with evil as a necromancer, that harness necrotic power and combines them with combat prowess? this is what this build is about!

What I've tried to do here is to create a character, that resembles Diablo/Guild Wars necromancers that I had back in the day(melee fighting guys). I was pushed to that by an impulse after seeing the necro shield skin that was added to the game, some day I will get these cool necro skins, but not today (unless there will be some promotion, they are really expensive, lol)

So this is unfortunately not Path of Fashion or...Fashion of Exile but a build I had 4 days to do, before I'm leaving and returning on new league. This build is what I've come to after some tests, It works somehow, from time to time having issues, but is fun to play.

My plan was to:

1. Pick Witch
2. Screw all Witch things and synergies she had there in her side of tree and run to sword+shield builds to train her in melee combat
3.Yes, that point wasn't a joke
4.Pick Necromancer and start sacrifice flesh of my enemies to the BLOOD GOD!
...or actually a dark diety of necromancy if we have any, in return for her/his favor

Build was really fun to run through the game sacrificing whatever I found and utilizing pure necrotic energy to fight evil with dark powers like Diablo/GW necromancers did.

I am not sure if going for Ascendant wouldn't be a better idea but excuse me, I don't see there a legit etiquette saying "Necromancer"

Build is simple, build is fun, build has some necro flavours, although with proper skins and few other skills, it could be even more themed with that..but 4 days to reach 68...it hurts when you got life, so I hadn't time to experiment with all I could, so lets move on

Leveling phase

During Leveling, get as much resists and armor as you can, this build is really dependant on armor, and shield early on, but sticking to my talent build it's good, even though we waste a lot of points

Later on, you might suffer not enough resistances and survivability but that's the moment when shield block comes in!

Gods and bandits

Bandits: Kill All

Ryslatha - We need to have flasks refilled whenever possible, we lose hp due to blood rage, we boost our dps with sulphur flask and our defenses with Rumi's Concotion

Brine King - Have you ever been tired of getting stunned? well I did, I'd rather attack constantly or move instead of being interrupted

But please keep in mind that we might have these two...but ultimately, we all belong to the False God Kuduku

Equipment and gems

Scaeva is a cheap sword to start with, and our build uses swords in some talents

1. Reckoning - beacuse we mastered the art of sword fight, and we counter attack ruthlessly

2. Flame Golem - Boosts our DMG

3. Flesh and Stone, because we can cover ourselves in sands from a desert my necromancer comes from and use it to blind enemies before they will die. Also it gives us defense mechanism, making everyone around weaker, that's the way of necromancer

This is one of the core items in my build, it makes you immune to freeze and boosts your defense extremely while stationary.

1. Skeletons and boosts...what is a necromancer without his minions? Even though we got no talents for minions, they still do some dmg and are a distraction that is really helpful.

This is our necro theme shield, your curses are spreading while you parry and they are not counted into curse limit. I like to think that necromancer is so surrounded by curses and dark powers, that you must think twice to raise your sword against him, or you will be bestowed with these curses

1. Herald of Agony - We could swap for fire for dmg but, spreading diseases straight from the desert is more necro, also summons a minion!

2. Flesh Offering - Kuduku demands sacrifices, and sacrifices he will be given! - our dmg boost, offerings also affects us and this one is greatly increasing our DPS. You offer a sacrifice to the False God and the False God responds

3. Purity of Elements - Use this to protect yourself in these vile lands... Unfortunately a Must at least in build I've made, we really lack resists

Anvil is to boost our defense even more

Rings should have life/resists, that's what I've found so far

Great for resists and some extra STR

High Armor chest is a must here, this build relies on armor

I've started and ended last act with double strike, but I felt I need something more powerful, so this gem setup with Cleave as main source made it way better.

For STR, bonus damage and some armor

1. Ancestral Warchief - Call the spirit of ancestor and bind him to a totem to use his powers! For Attack speed and dmg purposes

2. Flame Dash - your main escape skill, there probably is a better or more themed one(like that necro looking skin for flicker strike if I'm correct)

3.Blood Rage - For attack speed and overall DMG + Charges

4.Incresed Duration - For longer Rage

For spell block and resistances

1.Cast when damage taken is important due to fact that I wanted to create a necromancer so full of curses and debuffs, that enemies would have to fight with all these powers affecting them, that's the part of the concept here

2.Soulrend - I like to think it's some evil spirit that penetrates enemies and steals part of their soul to grant it to you as soul barrier(Energy shield) although due to Rage that eats my ES...If I would have more time I would try to swap Rage for something else that grants AS and does not eat your own ES...

3. Harness power of fire to gain armor! it's important so I'll sa it again - This build is about Parry and Armor

4.Tempest Shield - Harness the power of storms to block spell and phys dmg, that's a great buff to your defence(although does not look necro but hey, a man needs to survive out there!)

I use only one Jewel for boosting my defenses:

For flasks I use:

Obvious choice, remove bleeding and instantly refill HP is a must here

For increasing DPS

I never ran out of mana, but perhaps there is any mob sucking mana? if not this can be changed

One of core items, just look at this beauty, you can parry even more!(Odin save you if you don't)

I keep this one just for running, although in my playthrough I ran out of alters to change mod on it(I already got freeze immunity from helmet)

Talents and Ascendacy

First we want to go for Mistress of Sacrifice, sacrificing flesh of our enemies to our dark diety to get it's blessing is the way we do it. I use this with Flesh offering for dps boost

Commander of Darkness is our second great talent, it allows us to get more resists and dps out of our auras

Current Build


i didn't have time, coin and place for it, but I saw that there is a skin for SRS that transforms them into crows... Necromancy +100 Imagine your enemies being devoured by crows bite by bite...

and some adventures I had on colliseum map!

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I read ur build and I think it's an interesting idea. Still, since using only cleave so I don't think it will have a good clear speed. Moreover, I hope to see video of this build like monolith, uber elder, map etc. Also, what do you think about using arakali fang for spider - which will increase clear speed. Since using cleave so we don't need flask to create spider.
Hi, I will try that one out but due to my vacation, I hadn't more than 4 days to create + level this build up. It's more fun build as clear speed is arguable, I will try to boost clear speed when I will be back

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