[3.7] Alpha's Blade Vortex Assassin Insane Clear Speed (500K-1M+ Boss Damage)

This blade vortex build is played as an assassin for the ability to chain herald of ice. The way this works is that the ascendancy node, deadly infusion, gives us 2% base crit on our herald of ice when we are at max power charges. This is significant because herald of ice has a base crit of 0% usually, now this pared with +3% base crit shaper helmet means that our herald of ice has a 100% chance to crit against enemies on full life. Blade vortex offers decent single target to kill even T16 bosses.

Path Of Building


Pros & Cons

Great clear speed with herald chains
100% crit against full life targets
5k life
1k ES
60% evade with blind
Decent single target
Not too expensive

Not many defensive layers
Have to be in melee range
Blade vortex playstyle

Gem Links

Body Armour:
Blade Vortex | Added Cold | Conc Effect | Hypothermia | Energy Leech | Unleash

Herald of Ice | Increased Crit | Onslaught | Ice Bite

Precision 5 | Flesh & Stone | Faster Casting | Vaal Breach

Shield Charge | Fortify | Faster Attacks | Culling Strike

Vaal RF | Increased duration | Inc AOE

CWDT 10 | Immortal Call 12 | Increased duration



Lab 1 Unstable Infusion
Lab 2 Deadly Infusion
Lab 3 Ambush and Assassinate
Lab 4 Opportunistic

Bandits & Pantheon

There is no need to help Alira because we can get more damage from a 2 point jewel; kill all to get 2 passive points.

Major - Brine King (Prevents stun locks)
Minor - Gruthul (Phys damage reduction)

Gearing Guide


Helm - +3% Shaper Helmet

This is the most important item for our clear speed. This must be crafted on an ilvl75+ base for 2% or an ilvl84 for +3% suffix. Also the increased AOE prefix so we can run ice bite.

Body - Carcass Jack

Carcass Jack is our best body armor because it gives us AOE which allows our herald of ice to have a larger radius. A shaper body can also, be used to give our blade vortex +2% base crit.

Amulet - Solstice Vigil

This is our best in slot amulet because we have no skill effect duration on our tree or gems so this allows our blade vortex stacks to last twice as long. We do not run temp chains as we are cursing our enemies with assassins mark.

Belt - Soul Tether

This belt paired with energy leech support gives allows us to constantly be leeching which gives us huge damage. This can be changed for a stygian vise or a headhunter if you swap the energy leech gem for controlled destruction.

Gloves - Insanity Crafted

These are not necessary but add a lot more speed to our shield charge. Aim for high life and resistance rolls and needed stats.

Boots - Rare Leech Boots

Here you will want to fill our resistances and get as the highest amount of movement speed you can. The enchant should be leech because we only have energy shield leech and life leech on our flask. Alternately you could get ms, pen, damage enchants.

Ring 1 - Shaped Assasins Mark

We will want a shaped assassin's mark on hit ring. This will give us more crit, more power charge generation, and life/mana on kill. Try to get life and resistance on the ring if possible.

Ring 2 - Rare ring

Try to get as much life and resistance on here as possible. You can also, go for the increased cold damage and the flat damage crafted mod which gives cold and lightning damage to your HoI.

Sceptre - Rare/Doryani

If you are on a budget you can go for a doryani which gives nice shield charge speed and great damage to your BV and HoI. If you want to take the BV damage to the next level; craft a high damage rare sceptre with cold damage and spell damage mods.

Shield - Zeel's Amplifier

This shield gives nice AOE for mapping which gives us larger HoI chains. The life, ES, and spell damage are also nice. A rare can be used for bosses if you wish but is not needed.

Flasks - Atziri's Promise, quicksilver, diamond, granite, instant life

These are the general flask that we use, they give a balance of speed, damage, and survivability. The diamond flask is helps to keep the herald of ice chain reaction working smooth.

Jewels - Rare/Watchers Eye

On our jewels, we are aiming for %life, cold damage, crit multi, and area damage. These will boost our life and damage a lot. For a watchers eye, we are looking for the 2 mods "Gain a flask charge when you deal a critical strike while effected by precision" and "50% to crit multiplier while effected by precision".


This was my first build guide ever, I tried to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible. That being said if you have any questions please feel free to ask, also if you have any suggestions please let me know.
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The clear speed is really good! It's like old elementalist with inpulsa. I added vaal ice nova and now the legion clear is amazing.
I had trouble killing some map bosses in red maps before they killed me so I opted to use 2 multimoded daggers with phys as extra mods and changed a few nodes around. The clear is basically still the same except my shaper dps is 1.1 mil now and have no problem killing the bosses before they kill me. I kmow this build is primarily built for mapping though :).

I think you should take phase acro for more of defense because relying on just blind is tough.

Anyways thanks for the guide 👍👍👍👍
This build is epic, only played it for the entire league it was so fun i took the build to lvl 96, poops all mobs with easy and clears T15 maps completely fine, i would recommend this build to anyone and everyone that like to see the screen shake
Respect my character on standard and am leveling gems at the moment in blood aqueduct. Clear is amazing but hard to keep up bv stacks because I don't have amulet yet. Anyways cheers for the build :)
Im going to give it a go. I way as well since the league is on the final stretch.
This build can do ele refl or physical reflec?
IIAlexandreII wrote:
This build can do ele refl or physical reflec?
only if u hit 100% crit chance

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