[3.7]SWISS ARMY ELEMENTAL HIT /6.2M DPS, 1.6M average Hit/

Swiss Army Elemental Hit Deadeye

I call this build the Swiss army Elemental Hit Deadeye because it combines amazing pack clear, bossing damage and survivability all together.

DPS in Hideout:

Single target

~ Table of Contents ~

1. Pros and Cons
2. Fire Conversion
3. Damage Scaling
4. Ascendancy Choice
5. Gear Choices
6. Gem links and Passive tree


Pros and cons:

1: Cheap to start
2: Fast clearing
3: Amazing Single Target damage
4: Great Legion clearing
5: 6k life
6: Phase Acrobatics

1: Cant level as Elemental Hit
2: Requires 2 unique jewels to start using Elemental Hit

Fire conversion:

- This build is 100% fire damage, so you will need some certain uniques to squeeze out as much conversion to fire as we can.

Combat focus jewels are absolutely necesary, because they allow us to only choose fire damage.

Damage Scaling:

- Elemental hits damage mostly scales in the gem itself, it mainly scales with gem levels, so you dont need too much % damage to actually clear endgame content comfortably, so it's best to try and save up for a level 21 Elemental hit as fast as possible.

After that % damage and penetration scales the massive amount of flat damage all the way up through the ceiling.

Ascendancy Choice:

- I chose Deadeye because of the Gathering Winds, free Chain and free Pierce

Gear choices:

Build Enablers - The most important part, the jewels:

Our fire converters:

Xoph's Blood is the abosulte best option for an amulet, because it gives us Avatar of fire, which converts 50% of non fire damage to fire damage, our damage penetrates 10% fire resistance and we cover enemies in Ash, ash causes enemies to take increased fire damage

If you cant afford Xoph's blood, use a Fire Impresence instead!

Pyre is a great option because it converts 40% of cold damage to Fire damage, which is a great DPS boost and it also explodes killed enemies, meaning we are immune to post-death effects like Detonates corpses

Bow choices:

Best case scenario is a Multi Modded +3 bow with 20% chance to deal double damage and all that other good stuff like penetration and % increased fire damage

I currently have a +1 level of socketed gems with +2 level of socketed Supported gems multimodded Bow

This in combination with Empower brings our Elemental hit to level 27!

Cheap alternatives are Rare Six Link Bow with:
- Weapon elemental damage with attacks;
- High Crit chance;
- High attack speed;

Quiver Choices:

On a quiver we are looking for high Increased Crit Chance, Crit Multi, Weapon Elemental Damage and Life.

Best Corruption you could get on a quiver is "Projectiles chain +1 time"

Alternatives would be: Rigwalds Quills for better clear speed!

Body Armour choices:

#1 Choice - Kaom's Heart

Kaoms Heart provides us with massive ammounts of life which can be lacking without it, also it provides % increased fire damage which is a little dps boost

#2 Choice - Loreweave:

If you feel like you are squishy to elemental damage you can equip a loreweave, although life could be lacking, so beware!

#3 Choice - Rare Elder Chestplate with flat % crit chance to attacks, Life, Resistances;

Ring choices:

On rings we try to get life, resistances and some missing stats.

#1 choice - Opal Ring with high life, resistances and % increased elemental damage

Helmet choices:


Best choice for a helmet would be a self crafted Rare Helmet enchanted with 40% increased Elemental hit damage, with a nearby enemies have -9% fire resistance mod, high life and resistances, if you can afford it you can craft on "Projectiles pierce an additional target"

Alternative choice would be Starkonja's or Frostferno if you dont have a decent bow yet.

Glove choices:

As we are Crit, the best choice for us is Oskarm, because it provides us with "Curse enemies with level # Assassins Mark on hit", which is a big dps boost, providing us with power charges and just crit in general from the Accuracy mod!

Best corruption is "Attacks have # to critical strike chance"

Alternatives are Rare Gripped gloves or just any Rare gloves with high life, resistances and attack speed!

Boot choices:

Just look for Rare boots with "+30% movement speed", high life and resistances!

Ideally, they have the "damage penetrates % of enemy elemental resitances if you havent killed recently" enchant

Belt choices:

You are looking for a rare "Stygian wise" with Life, Resistances and Elemental damage with attack skills. For aditional damage get a belt with % increased fire damage next to the mods mentioned earlier!


Currently I am saving up for Cinderswallow Urn with crit chance veiled mod! This flask should be 10% more damage multiplier.


Lioneyes fall for Leech, Crit chance and Crit Multi

Watchers eye with Anger Crit Multiplier or Anger fire penetration is the best choice for us!

Gem links and passive tree:

For gem links and tree look at POB, where are all calculations and best tree routes: https://pastebin.com/mLvTVhMF

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I'm a little bored, going to try this, thanks dood!
Also, not your PoB only contains one tree, not leveling trees.
Thirdly... you say one of the benefits of Deadeye is free Chain..but you don't actually take the chain node.
For me, i modified this build a bit, like chain etc. work good so far
The most obvious extension to me seems to be a weapon swap with a clear oriented setup (e.g. swap Slower Proj for GMP).

Shouldn't even add that much cost since you just need a decent ele 6 link and quiver...
Hello, thanks for your replies, but i find that to be a waste of currency, as the build has no problems taking down bosses in just a couple of hits with gmp up until tier 15 maps, the only times i switched to slower proj was on Shapers guardians, Elders guardians, Elder and Uber atziri

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