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Videos of the Build in Action

Lair of the Hydra T16
Pit of the Chimera T16
Forge of the Phoenix T16
Maze of the Minotaur T16
Enslaver T16
Deathless Uber Elder

This is the build I created recently after seeing the Tavukai Amulet that was released with Legion. I have always enjoyed Cyclone builds and with the recent changes making Cyclone a Channeling skill, I couldn't help but think how fun Cast While Channeling heat seeking self-destruct SRS would be (with bees MTX of course). My best friend, dad, sister and I all leveled this build to above level 90. It is inexpensive to start and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I completed all content this league (Legion SC) and did my first deathless Uber Atziri kill.

SRS is amazing as unlike other minions it is naturally Aggressive and seeks out enemies to attack even offscreen. Spectre's, zombies and animate guardian all require you to Tag the enemies first. SRS will seek out enemies offscreen and as a flying minion goes over barriers and some map edges while seeking out enemies.

For Defense we have the combination of life and ES, Mind over matter, Blasphemy Enfeeble, Blind on hit, Temp chains from our guardian, Zombie meatshields, Energy shield on hit gained through the watchers eye, Discipline, offerings with the Queens Hunger Vaal Regalia and Life/Mana gain on hit through the gemini claws. The build feels fairly tanking and survivable

The use of Elemental Equilibrium, Curse on Hit Flammability, and Combustion support all lower opponents fire resistance causing our SRS explosions to be truly deadly.


+ fast map clear
+ all bosses capable
+ safe
+ bees
+ all map mods (reflect maps can be a nuisance as you lose zombies on phys reflect)
+ good for delve

- not the fastest legion clear
- some wind-up required



Mind over Matter, Wicked Ward and stacking life and energy shield all increase survivability with this build. Along with Discipline and with the Discipline Watcher's Eye this build is quite tanky. Elemental Equilibrium greatly increases our damage but also requires added lightning damage to be either on one of our weapons or rings. It is also of the utmost importance to insure that there is no added fire damage on ANY of our gear as this would be counter productive to Minion Instability.

POB Paste Bin





An ilvl 86 Elder helmet is preferred (Bone Helmet for maximization not required). An ilvl 86 helmet is required for +3 to socketed minion gems. Elder allows for "socketed gems are supported by minion damage/minion life". Immolation support if rolled will also provide additional damage. Because Minion Life, Minion Damage & +3 to minion gems are all prefixes we unfortunately are unable to have life on our helmet. This helmet works as a faux 7-link and increases global minion damage and life, allowing us to use 6 link spectres in our body armour or run no 6-link if running on a budget.



Multiple body armours are usable with this build. I prefer the Queen's Hunger Vaal Regalia as it does offerings automatically allowing for less micromanagement. It also provides an upgraded version of Mistress of Sacrifice, allowing us to take increased spectre damage within the ascendancy tree. I choose to socket my spectres in here, as socketing Cast While Channeling breaks the offerings auto-triggers.



For gloves; resistances, life and dexterity (for gems) are preferred stats. For optimal DPS, essence crafted gloves with minion life and these stats are best. If having problems with Animate Guardian survivability, purchasing a pair of +2 to socketed minion gems is also an option. Holy Relic provides reasonable damage and healing with Cyclone as its triggers are based off of "your hits" and Cyclone has a high attack speed.



For boots; resistances, life and movement speed are high priority. If skilled with crafting or have extra currency, picking up a pair of +1 spectre boots with these stats is optimal.



Tavukai is absolutely required for this build. The Tavukai causes SRS to take 20% of their maximum life as chaos damage. This allows SRS to reach minion instability level in a short time. Preferred stats are maximum negative chaos resistance for minions (the negative chaos resistance is likely the most important stat as it causes our SRS to reach minion instability faster), maximum increased SRS life and maximum increased SRS damage.

For rings, look for resistances, life & dexterity/strength. For maximum optimization, get one ring with Curse on Hit Flammability and one with added minion damage.

I am currently using a Headhunter because I was fortunate enough to have one drop during a Legion encounter but a Stygian Vise with good resistances and life is perfectly fine. Essence crafting one to have minion life is optimal for DPS maximization.


For weapons, a 6-link is Queen's Escape is an easy upgrade from a Queen's Decree (which is rather cheap during this league due to Legion mechanics). Dual wielding 90%+ minion damage sceptres is best. Crafting "Chance to Blind" on one greatly benefits survivability. The other one can have crafted stats/resistances as needed for balancing your build. Crafting "Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill" and triggering Desecrate is useful while bossing. A sceptre that also has +1 to socketed gems is always nice.

Alternatively fossil crafting a Shaped Gemini claw will be slightly less dps than a +90% minion dmg sceptre but provides much more survivability as it provides both +life and +mana on hit



Helmet - Preferred enchantment; Summon Raging Spirit has 18% chance to summon an extra minion. This is basically an 18% chance to deal double damage. Other enchantments that are useful are; SRS deal 40% increased damage, Spectre damage, Spectre attack speed, offering bonuses and stone golem buff effect.

Gloves - Best in slot is Commandment of the Grave, it summons additional cold base SRS when you or your minions kill. As far as I can tell, at the end of their duration they explode with minion instability.

Boots - For additional survivability, regenerate 2% of life and mana per second if you were hit recently is best. If having no issues with survivability, movement speed is also useful.


1x Unending Hunger for spectre damage. Useful for mapping and bosses. A good corrupted one with Maim or Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted has been running less than 50c this league.

1x Watcher's Eye with minus total mana cost to skills while affected by Clarity makes our Cyclone free. If you need to do it on a budge and can't get the watchers eye with both benefits the -to mana cost can be crafted on rings as a prefix. +20-30 Energy Shield gained while affected by Discipline is the most important mod and GREATLY increases survivability. As Cyclone has a high attack speed and is an AOE attack, Cycloning through a pack of mobs while you map gives exponentially large amounts of energy shield.

1x Elegant Hubris - Seed # 152300
I discovered this Elegant Hubris with 320% increased maximum minion life, 80% increased minion damage. It increases the amount of damage this build does by a significant amount. It also has 2x 80% increased Evasion rating nodes within 3 points so can be used in a fun QOTF build variation if a person so desires or for extra survivability.

For the rest of our jewel sockets, we want Ghastly Eye Jewels with flat life, minions have increased maximum life and increased minion damage if you've used a minion skill recently. We will be using Convocation to trigger this ability as it is a minion skill and has instant cast speed so can be used while Cycloning. IMPORTANT NOTE - Triggered minion spells such as offerings from the Queen's Hunger Vaal Regalia DO NOT activate this ability. For a 4th stat on the eye jewels, if available, greatest preference is added fire damage for minions, energy shield, physical damage for minions, cold or chaos damage for minions is also good but fire is greatly preferred.



For Animate Guardian, we use 5 items that provide buffs to both us and our minions. Animate Guardian is linked with Melee Splash to more easily Temporal Chains multiple mobs while attacking. As far as survivability, Gruthkul's Pelt provides 5% of life regen per second. In my current gear, my Animate Guardian has roughly 60k life, meaning he has significant regen (I have seen him tank a shaper beam without dying). If you are concerned about his life or lacking in minion life gear, linking him with a minion life support gem makes him more than tanky enough to survive.

-Victario's Flight Goathide Boots: Gives both us and our minions increased movement speed.

-Gruthkul's Pelt: Provides 200+ increased flat life and 5% per second life regenerated, this keeps our animate guardian healthy and full life. BONUS - 15% increased character size oh so fun.

-Kingmaker Despot Axe: This item is truly amazing; providing 30% increased item rarity, culling strike, 50% increased critical strike multiplier and fortify to all nearby allies (this includes you and your minions). Yay free fortify and culling strike!

-Asenath's Gentle Touch Silk Gloves: These gloves were greatly buffed with Legion, providing an amazing utility with Animate Guardian. They curse enemies with temporal chains, the temp chains then stays on the corpses of the slain enemies causing nearby enemies to be blinded. Also, enemies slain near cursed corpses explode dealing 3% of their life as physical damage. This helps protect you from porcupines.

-Leer Cast Festival Mask: This grants 15% increased damage to nearby allies.


For Spectres, Tentacle Miscreations can be found in Act 3 Lunaris Temple Level 2. They use a physical based ranged attack with fire conversion that automatically pierces. This allows them to take advantage of both elemental equilibrium and curse on hit flammability. Another option, that I enjoy, is Kiln Mothers but they are unable to be desecrated and must be found in a high level map. Upon finding them, exchange the added fire damage for spell echo support. They use a magma orb attack which has significant range and is wonderful for clearing.


-Cinderswallow Urn Silver Flask: This provides movement speed, attack speed, survivability and increased damage. It gives increased damage because enemies are ignited by SRS very frequently. It also recharges flask charges upon consuming an ignited corpse. Corpses are all ignited because of SRS and they are auto consumed by the Queen's Hunger Vaal Regalia.


To be added at a later date.
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Friend here! I use the erendal's embrace and vaal summon skeletons for uncalculatable massive boss damage.
I like it. Seems like a really cool concept. Would love to see it in action.
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Any videos?
Having a real hard time finding a build to play and this seems to be the one for me. Commenting for later on!
faraddox wrote:
Any videos?

ditto this.
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My first build guide, I'll be working on some updates for it this week. I've also never done video recording for path but as most people seem to want that I'll work on it as well this week 😁. We'll see what I can do.
gbald81 wrote:
My first build guide, I'll be working on some updates for it this week. I've also never done video recording for path but as most people seem to want that I'll work on it as well this week 😁. We'll see what I can do.


Got first video up of hydra working on more videos should have an uber elder kill by this evening. Kinda new to making videos or guides constructive criticism appreciated. If you have any questions regarding the build feel free to reach out to me.

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