[3.7] Hegemony's Era Vacuum Cyclone Slayer (All content, league starter, memes)

This build started as a simple dream before the league started:

After some tinkering (it turns out Sweep doesn't feel as good as Cyclone), I got this simple idea to beat all endgame bosses (not deathless, I'm still a noob when it comes to the mechanics), so I thought I'd share it, as it's very cheap, and a lot more tanky than most of the builds on here.

Be forewarned, the damage is only middling (around 500k shaper DPS).

Total cost: Around 20c, most of which is the Vaal jewel, which isn't really needed until red maps.


Power charge and knockback:
Hegemony's Era, which is decent DPS, and gives power charges on knockbacks.

Empire's Grasp gloves turns our knockback into a vacuum

Soul Tether gives overleech, and provides ES leech in combination with any Vaal legion jewel with "Sacrificed in the name of Doryani" (Note: ES leech rate is the same as health leech rate, so for us, we just want more health!)

Maw of Conquest gives us some more health sustain through the unique modifier "20% of damage gained as life", which gives a nice boost to leech when we take a hit.

Carnage Heart gives some more leech, some increased damage and attributes.

Lion's Roar gives us knockback, and more damage.


Chest - Maim and -mana cost, as well as health is ideal. Drop the -mana cost if it is expensive.

Rings - Res, life and accuracy are mandatory.

Boots - Movement speed, life and res.


Main damage link: Cyclone - Pulverise - Infused Channeling - Fortify - Brutality - Shockwave

Cyclone - Our damage skill
Pulverise - Gives some more AoE
Infused Channeling - Defensive and offensive buffs
Fortify - More defense and offense
Brutality - As we're not dealing elemental damage, this is a no-brainer
Shockwave - The perfect support, gives around 1/3rd of our total DPS, and allows cyclone to clear packs around corners

Movement skill: Leap slam - Faster attacks - Blood magic - Endurance charge on melee stun
Leap slam - Our movement skill!
Faster attacks - Makes movement faster.
Blood magic - Not needed until you get the -mana cost chest
Endurance charge on melee stun - Nice to top up our endurance charges when leaping into a pack

Auras: Precision - War banner - Blood and sand - Pride
Precision - Accuracy and critical change, great from the beginning!
Pride - Gives more damage, also great from the beginning
Blood and Sand - I only started using it after the -mana cost chest, and only in blood stance, gives some more damage.
War banner - Some more accuracy and damage, I only started using it after the -mana cost chest

CWDT: Cast when damage taken - Immortal call - Increased duration
We're using immortal call in the CWDT setup as we're generating endurance charges very quickly with the staff nodes on the tree.

Staff/Body armor 6-link:
Whatever you want, I have a Vaal Ancestral Warchief which should give around 30% more boss damage when I finally 6-link my staff.


Some key points:

Iron grip is transformed to Corrupted Soul through the Vaal legion jewel

Smashing strikes gives an endurance charge on knockback (10% chance).

Blunt traume gives knockback on critical hits.

Impact - Endless Hunger - Headsman - Bane of Legends
Impact first, as it gives a lot of AoE for leveling.
Endless Hunger gives bleed immunity and more leech.
Headsman and Bane of Legends are DPS nodes, and are not critical for the build to feel good.

Level with whatever until level 12, when you can use sweep.
Level with sweep until you can use Cyclone.
At level 48 you can use Soul Tether.
At level 53 you can use Empire's Grasp.
At level 68 you can use Hegemony's Era.

I chose to spec into Lust for Carnage until I could use the Carnage Heart.

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Quick and easy guide, plus the build is super fun to play.
Going to try it out when the gear pieces appear in SSF.

always loved reverse KB builds.

2 things of note:
-"endgame bossing" - shaper and elder and almost all big bosses are immune to KB.
-consider figuring out a way to incorporate bleed? - dragging stuff around with cyclone while theyre bleeding can be really good.

keep on workin on it, build looks fun and definitely not bad!

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