[3.7] TTMH / Talk to my Hand Build (82/82 Block / Riposte / Reckoning)

Hey everyone,

i want to introduce you my extremly tanky build.
Its still WIP, but it works pretty well.

You just walk around, stand in front of the enemys and do some staring contest.
If they touch you, just smash your shield/hand into their faces ;)

In the actual legion league, they changed Riposte and Reckoning to have inbuild added dmg.
We utilize this with Facebreaker to punch the life out of enemys.

I wont recommened this build for fast leveling. Its an fun build, just to test out the "new" Counterattack skills.
Sure its more than funny to see Minotaur or Elder killing themself and you just stand there and watch them.

My character is Lv77 at moment, far from fully skilled, but just to see that im able to kill the Atlas Guardians or even Red Elder facetanking just with lv 72 (picture below) is prove enough for me.
I dont know if i will continue the build or level it to 90.

Legion encounters are the biggest problem. You dont do enough dmg to free them, so just ignore them.

Boss Info

Bosses i already killed:
Minotaur - facetank deathless
Hydra - facetank deathless
Chimera - facetank, 1 death
Phoenix - facetank, deathless
All 4 Elder Guardians facetank, deathless
Red Elder - facetank, deathless
Atziri - facetank, deathless
Uber Izaro / Argus - facetank, deathless

Encounter open:
Pale Council
Uber Elder

Not possible at moment:
Uber Atziri


We use The Surrender for the build in Reckoning Skill. We only have 3 sockets, but thats enough to scale the dmg into the sky.

The Anvil is used for the maximum block chance, life/mana gain on block, and reflect for some extra dmg.

Death's Door for an extra endurance charge, bleed immunity, some good movement speed and all res.

I took Wall of Brambles for the high amount of armour and the reflect.
Pro: its pretty cheap as 6L. Around 20-30c.

Facebreaker utilize pretty awesome with Riposte and Reckoning. Try to get an nearly max roll.

Take some nice rare rings or some uniques. I still havent found the right ones. I took Death Rush for the Onslaught, armour and chaos resistance.
Le Heup of All for the increased damage and all res.
Im not so good at finding/crafting good rare rings ;)

An good shaper belt with res and cooldown reduction is nice to have. it increases the attack rate of Riposte and Reckoning.

I use an rare helmet with some nice armour, life and all res. An lab enchant with Riposte/Reckoning dmg would be insane.

Gem Links

One of our main attack skills. Because we almost block every attack, were nearly always on full life. From our Ascendancy we gain bleeding.
Riposte + Maim + Damage on Full Life + Brutality + Melee Physical Damage + Bloodlust

This help us to sustain the life and some more dmg reduction.
Cyclone + Life Gain on Hit + Increased Area of Effect + Fortify

Even more armour to tank all those hits.
Determination + Blasphemy + Vulnerability

As usual.
Cast when Damage taken + increased Duration + Immortal Call

An Lv30 Reckoning skill is strong enough to be equal to an 6L.
Reckoning (Shield) + Brutality + Melee Physical Damage + Maim


First: Painforged
An huge increased of damage just from the first lab.
Our Counterattacks deal double dmg.

Second: Versatile Combatant
This one equals the chance to block on hits/spells.
With this we can achieve 82/82 block chance.

Third: Violent Retaliation
You block -> more dmg.
Pretty insane if you stand in front of some "invulnerable" mobs.
You can easily stack the buff over 100.

Fourth: Blood in the Eyes.
I took this to take advantage of bleeding and bloodlust.
Because we use Cyclone, we hit often and further increase the dmg against monsters/bosses.


PoB Link

Last bumped on Jul 14, 2019, 5:55:22 AM
nice i am looking for a nice block build for about 1-2 weeks now and cant decide which one to go for. i liked in past surrender+static strike which was quite a budget build. I wonder how do u kill shaper tho :D 4L cyclone wont do too much i assumme considering the pathing on tree and guardians must take forever since they do not really have great attack speed to proc skills.

if it is a budget build its fine. i am thinking:
- add red nightmare to free some passives for more dmg
- get shaper/elder gloves with 1-2 support gems (like faster attacks and smth) which would increase cyclone dps.
- watcher's eye with block chance (i believe its on determination)
- corrupted anvil (like 15c for 5% extra block)
- abyssus might be an option
- rares with life (rings, boots, belt with abyss socket)
- arena challanger might be better option then blood in the eyes
- add flash and stone with maim and blood and sand for more area

skill tree could get some love too. more hp and higher max ress. i dont think stacking armor is a good way to go since you can get a lot from flasks

quick tree https://pastebin.com/Ab6x8Hwd
ofc feel free to drop some life nodes for more dmg.

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