[3.7] Terminus Est Flicker Strike | Friendly guide, L. Budget, Cool Mapper

Hi everyone, this is my first guide ever and made for those, who just don't like to spend tons of currency for insane gear etc. and like to use lot of unique items.

Basically you can almost get everything by yourself if you are lucky enough, but the gear I play with can cost like 5EX at most, so everything is easy to buy.

I made this build just for fun, because flicker strike is crazy skill that got buffed in patch 3.7 and is more viable to play without farruls things.
This build is mainly for SC players who dont care if they sometimes die.
This build might be viable on HC but with some build changes.

Build can be changed by your desire, this guide is like blueprint, not strict.

Feel free to leave some feedback if its good or not.
You can also ask questions about why I choose this or that.
And if there will be good feedback and you might want to see some action I could also put there some videos from maps.

!!!Mistakes in grammar might be included in this guide!!!

Killed T15 map at ease - ONLY GIF

+ Can be played as league starter because it has cheap gear or easy to find (kinda)
+ Can do reflect maps (ele reflect can hurt you when you have active herald of ash so you must turn it off)
+ Can do no regen maps
+ Can do hexproof maps
+ Crazy playstyle thanks to flicker strike :)

- Sometimes you can struggle on bossfight (lower single target dmg and not 100% frenzy generating) but I cleared T15 maps easily even with bosses, but not always 100% without problems
- Fully min maxed build can cost you a lot (but that applies on every build)
- No leech maps might do a little problem, but you can take mana flask and might sustain it with that
- Sometimes you can get oneshot by rare monster becauase of Abyssus so if you like to try it on HC use Starkonja's Head

1. Gems setup and little talk about it
2. Gear / Enchants
3. Passive skill tree / Ascendancy
4. Bandit choice
5. Pantheon
6. My gear


Gems are in order for 4link, 5link, 6link

Flicker Strike + Multistrike Support + Melee Splash Support + Melee Physical Damage Support + Fortify + Ancestral Call/Ruthless Support


Flicker Strike - Main skill, lots of fun when full built

Multistrike Support - Make Flicker Strike viable thanks to triple flicking, so you have more chances to gain frenzy by crit or kill

Melee Splash Support - More AoE effect, less AoE damage, but we dont care, still oneshoting almost every groups of mobs if its not rare or boss

Melee Physical Damage Support - More damage overall and more damage against bleeding targets

Fortify Support - Thanks to skill tree we gain more fortify effect for deffense and also more damage so I see this as an absolute win

Ancestrall Call Support - More AoE effect thanks to two another "you" it kills every group of mobs so sometimes you kill mobs before you can flick over them :D

Ruthless Support - Im not using it, but you can switch it with Ancestrall Call for stronger single target or damage overall, but for clearing maps I see Ancestrall Call like a better choice (Ruthless Support proc bigger damage on third use of Flicker Strike not on third hit while multistriking)


Blasphemy Support+Assassin's Mark
Herald of Ash
War Banner

Blasphemy Support - It allow us to have Assassin's Mark as aura

Assassin's Mark - We use it as aura, Thanks to this we generate power charges that boost our global crit chance --> 40% per power charge

Herald of Ash - Converting some physical damage to fire damage and, so we do some burning on mobs that didn't die instantly or we make mobs explode and do AoE damage

War Banner - Giving us more accuracy rating and nearby enemies take 11% more damage


Leap Slam+Faster Attack Support
lv4Immortal Call+lv2Cast When Damage Taken


Leap Slam
lv4Immortal Call+lv2Cast When Damage Taken+Increased Duration Support

Leap Slam - Movement skill not so much to talk, you can jump over wall or pits

Faster Attack Support - Just making Leap slam faster

Immortal Call - Mitigate elemental and physical damage taken (more info in gear)

Cast When Damage Taken - Used to proc Immortal Call, be carefull on gems lvl, you can have bigger or lower lvl of gem, but always accuratly to proc Immortal Call

Increased Duration Support - Making duration skills last longer


Summon Ice Golem
Blood Rage

Vaal Ancestral Warchief
Rallying Cry


Summon Ice Golem - Gives us accuracy rating and global critical strike chance

Blood Rage - Gives us attack speed (faster flick animation), frenzy charge on kill and life leech on hit

Vaal Ancestral Warchief - When placed it gives us increased melee damage, totems hit so it's additional damage, Vaal version allow us to place 2 totems = more damage

Rallying Cry - When used near enemy it give us mana regen, increased damage and increased damage per hundred nearby enemies

In weapon Swap I like to wear gems I will try to Vaal and PORTAL GEM 20% quality so I dont have to care about portal scrolls


Stat we mainly want is increased critical strike chance so we can scale it with passive skill tree.
I was lucky when I bought only good rolls and then by myself with 13 jewerelly orbs and 50 fusing orbs 6link it. But on market 6 linked and at least 70% increased critical strike chance roll Terminus Est costs around 2 EX.
If you play it as league starter you can go with Tabula for 6 link or you can play 5 link and then upgrade.


Another choice is Belly of the Beast or rare body armour with lot of HP and maybe some resists, depends on what will you need.

My preference is Kaom's Heart

Kaom's Heart - Gives us HOLLY BIG amount of lat HP and some increased fire damage and armour, It costs maybe around 3 EX at the ?start of league? (I dont know) but after 2 or 3 weeks it goes down to like 1EX maybe faster

Tabula Rasa - For league start is the best 6 link you can have but thats all, when you 6 link Terminus Est you want to swap Tabula for something else.

Belly of the Beast - Gives us % more life, resists and armour (also gives us option to have another 6 link, so you can put totems with support gems to make bigger damage)

Rare armour - You want have HP in it and then stats you need (also gives us option to have another 6 link, so you can put totems with support gems to make bigger damage)


% increased Flicker Strike Damage per Frenzy Charge
% increased Flicker Strike Damage

Damage per frenzy charge is better for us, because we will have 6 frenzy charges, but increased damage is also good (still better than nothing)

My prefference is Abyssus because I am playing on softcore

Abyssus - Gives us TONS OF FLAT DAMAGE, critical strike multiplier and all atributes !!!Also it makes as weaker because it has 40%-50% increased damage taken, but we mitigate this damage thanks to Immortal Call!!! Abyssus is cheap item if you dont go for 40% roll

Starkonj's Head - Gives us life, global critical strike chance, dexterity (good for HC)

Rat's Nest - Gives us critical strike chance, attack speed and movement speed


% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently
% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently

Darkray Vectors - Gives us +1 Frenzy Charge that we want, dodge chance and movement speed per frenzy charge and lightning resistance


Your choice, you can use everything

Another choice can be Shadows and Dust Clasped Mitts or Maligaro's Virtuosity

Haemophilia - Gives us chance to bleed and overtime damage, increased damage against bleeding enemies and 5% of enemy max life explode damage when enemy is killed

Shadows and Dust Clasped Mitts - Gives us critical strike chance, multiplier and unholy might with rampage

Maligaro's Virtuosity - Gives us critical strike chance and multiplier


Belt of the Deceiver - Gives us all resists, global physical damage, intimidate on enemy, life and reduced damage from critical strikes


Any rare rings and amulet
Stats we are looking for
1. HP
2. Resistance (to cap 75/76%)
3. Physical Damage
4. OPEN PREFIX (to craft -mana cost)

You might ask "why -mana cost?" It is simple, flicker strike cost so much mana and sometimes you might run out of it (fe. boss fight) so less mana cost = more using and second good thing about it is, your totem, leap slam etc. cost zero mana so you can spam it like crazy and then flick and repeat it again.
But it is only my preference, you can craft damage or deffense instead... or you can buy full ring with 6 afixes it is your choice.


From magic flask we want anti-freeze and anti-curse (we have anti-bleeding from ascendancy)

But flasks are up to you what you choose, but diamond flask is must have to increase our critical strike chance!!


Stats we are looking for
1. % increased max life
2. Sword/Two-handed damage
3. Resists (if not caped by rings/amulet)
4. Stats (mostly INT)



Ascendancy in order
1. Endless Hunger
2. Brutal Feravour
3. Headsman
4. Bane of Legends

It is made to make sure you path well so check it to not get confused what to take first.


Alira - Mana regen on leveling, critical strike multiplier and all resistance help us a lot.

Optionally you can choose 2 points so you can grab another jewel socket.


Major soul
Soul of Lunaris for mapping
Soul of Solaris for bossing

Minor soul
Soul of Ralakesh (Anti blind/maim)

But be free... You can take what u prefere from minor souls


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