[3.7] The Captain America Slayer/ Impale SST

Hey i made a spectral shield throw build which is quite good for map farming and ok for taking on every boss in the game.



Jewel:Use a karui legion jewel that gives % str,life,projectile dmg etc, Also use the new SST jewel divide and conquer.

Mechanics explanation: We use the iron fortress in combination with iron grip,doon cheb, point blank and astramentis to boost our damage and achieve ludicrous amounts of str.

Insane dmg if your shield chains
Fast clear
Shield charge
Max block
Can do all content(shaper down/uber down)
Can start on a budget and carry you to late game

Not a boss killer
Not a timeless conflict farmer
Your damage suffers if your shield can't chain

Any suggestion of how to improve the build are welcome, i am sure you can optimize it a bit better.

PS:For maximum damage drop chance to bleed and add vicious projectiles but you need about 700* chroms for the right colors on chest.

Last bumped on Jul 2, 2019, 7:46:33 PM

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