[3.7] Facebreaker Bossbreaker | 10m Shaper DPS by punching stuff and spinning

The Idea


Facebreaker is a unique glove that makes your unarmed attacks the main source of your damage. Because of this, anything that gives flat physical damage (Steel Rings, Herald of Purity, Abyssus, etc) give an absolutely staggering amount of damage.

The reason this build is particularly strong in 3.7 is Cyclone, one of the few skills that can be used while Unarmed, received a large flat physical damage bonus, meaning Facebreaker can take huge advantage of it. Prior to 3.7, this build would do several million less DPS.

Let it be known this build is a boss killer. If you're looking for screenwide Cyclones, you can't be unarmed. Why are you even looking at a Facebreaker build you little girl.



+ More damage than builds with 20ex Jeweled Foils
+ Scales immensely well
+ >6200 health, ~40% Physical reduction, 78% all resists
+ Can be easily shifted to have more damage or more tankiness with a few Regret orbs
+ Literally punch Shaper to death in 2 seconds
+ Only two build defining uniques, one of which costs nothing, the other being ~25c

- A lot of damage requires Rage, which takes some time to build up
- You have little baby manlet arms in terms of Range
- Unarmed builds cannot use any staple movement skills, so moving around is just based on flasks and the Rage movespeed

Class / Ascendancy


This build sees the most success with the Berserker, although the Champion can sacrifice damage for tankiness.

Berserker: 150% attack damage, 75% attack speed, and 30% movement speed all from Rage. In 3.7, Berserker also has a new node that grants a large amount of flat Physical damage, which is great. Additionally, Rage Support grants flat physical damage and synergizes well. Finally, just a massive flat 40% More damage bonus.

The Build

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/nJx3HXE3



Priority for obtaining items:

Obviously the Facebreaker is the most important part of the build. It costs nothing even for great rolls. Aim for > 780%.

Rigwald's Curse triples our damage by allowing us to scale unarmed attacks with the Claw damage nodes, as well as massively boosting our chance to crit.

Gives us 100% accuracy, which is nearly impossible to get from tree since there are no real "unarmed accuracy" nodes.

Finally, start stacking as much flat physical damage as possible. Start with Iron Rings with Physical Damage rolls, then graduate to Steel Rings with the same. Try to get resists here and on your belt.


Resists are very hard to come by on a build requiring certain uniques. I used Purity of Elements instead of Herald of Purity for a while, until I eventually allocated 3 nodes for resist. It may seem weird to actually waste points on elemental resist nodes, but when it lets you not have to use Purity of Elements, you gain a huge boost with Herald of Purity.

You could always try an Abyssus if you want the absolute maximum amount of damage you can possibly do. I however, do not think the huge increase in damage taken is worth it, so I fossil crafted a helmet with Jagged, Pristine, and Prismatic fossils to get:

Gem Links:

Cyclone + Infused Channeling + Impale + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality + Fortify

Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Ancestral Protector + Multiple Totems

Flesh and Stone + Maim

Unlinked are Herald of Purity, Blood and Sand, Blood Rage, and Dread Banner

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