[3.7] PotCG Jugg - Sweep / EQ - 1M+ DPS, 7k+ HP

Hi there,

I have always liked stat builds, and with the buffs to some melee skills with flat physical damage, Pillar of the Caged God can now take it's full potential. This build is a slow hard hitting character with a good AoE, you could use cyclone too, but I won't cover it as there are tons of builds with this skill.

Sweep had a good buff, and I finally found a good melee playstyle with this skill : Jump, hit one time, jump, hit one time and kill bosses in few hits.

This post is still in progress and not finalized yet.


* Stack as much flat physical damage as possible, sweep has already a good amount of flat phys
* Stack as much strength with Pillar of the Caged Cod (PotCG), with 1000 strength you can multiply your flat physical damage by 17
* Stack as much crit and crit multi
* Stack as much as impale possible
* Jugg will provide accuracy, good defenses and some AoE

Pro / Con

+ Good single and AoE damage
+ Quite tanky, even with Abyssus
+ Can stun all mobs, wichh helps
+ Freeze, stun & blind immunity
+ Cheap, can be geared with less than 1 exalt

- Clear speed is inferior to ranged builds
- Cannot do physical reflect maps
- Maps with vulnerability can be rippy

Path of Building


This is the code of my character, and gear is far from perfect. Impale is not taken into account for dps, you can multiply DPS by roughly 1.7


* 7k + HP (currently 7.2k @ lvl 92)
* 8 endu charge
* 100% accuracy
* Can reach 1M+ shapper DPS
* 200k + counter attack

Stats in hideout, no buffs :

Passive Tree

LvL 92 tree

Unyelding can be replaced wit Unrelenting for more tankyness, but less AoE


You need physical damage leeched as mana. You can get it with a ring or with a jewel.


* 6L - Main attack :
Sweep + Brutality + Fortify + Pulverize + Impale
For 6th link, you can put : Melee Physical, Ruthless, Increased crit, concentrated effect, Multistrike.

* 6L - Secondary Attack & Counter attack :
(Vall Earthquake, Vengeance) + Brutality + Pulverize + Melee Physical + Impale or onslaught

* Movement + Aura:
Leap slam + faster attack
Flesh and Stone + Maim (so that maim stack additively)

* Autocast
CWDT + Immortal call + Increased duration + Blood rage

* Auras
Dread Banner, Herald of ice, Blood and sand, Precision (not tested yet)


* Soul of Arakaali
* Soul of Ralakesh


Stack flat phys damage and strength with pillar. Will add details soon but leveling is a breeze.
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Wouldn't this be better as a champion ? Instead of accuracy you get can't evade, stronger impales and more than a abyssus worth of flat AD ? It's a bit less tanky, but much more damage !
Champion might be a good choice too, I will have to test that.

You will have more damage but less AoE, which helps a lot for clear speed and for damaging bosses while avoiding their hit. Stronger impales will only be effective for thougher bosses (those that takes more than 5 hit to kill) but that should be helpful for longer fights.
Using Potcg aswell but as champ Cycloner. Can confirm PotCG + impale bring quite insane dps.

Killed Hydra in seconds yesterday and it was before my new enlighten + Precision setup.

Cleave could be fun aswell :D +1 just because its a PotCG guide.
I've been trying out this build and am currently lvl 67. I feel like I have no damage yet. I have a good chunk of the build minus some of the items and the 6 link. Where is the damage supposed to come from?
Damage mainly comes from : flat phys x strength x crit

For flat physical attack damage, a good part comes from the skill sweep, other from herald of purity, abyssus and jewelry

Strength is your main source of "increased physical damage with weapon" with Pillar, you should aim around 1k, that's 1600% increase.

Crit and crit multi should multiply your damage by x3 or x4, but it's the last nodes to take (lvl 70 - 90).
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You have some nodes (top left) with staff damage :)while you use a mace.
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Umbario wrote:
You have some nodes (top left) with staff damage :)while you use a mace.

Pillar of the Caged God is a staff.
I'm playing a POTCG build too and with the new added built in phys rolls, the item has such amazing potential (especially for a 50c 6 link).

Since you rely on physical reduction from armor/endurance charges as a jugg, block is less relevant for you, so a crit chance corrupted POTCG might worth looking into (you can get one for like 2 ex).

Chance to Bleed is an amazing support for POTCG, the quality is unimportant, and you can get a lvl21 one for 5c. I'm not using Abyssus on my build, but it's one of the most valueable links in my cyclone, I'd try to fit it for sure (no math done, and my build relies on self hitting/vengeance as main source of dps, cyclone is secondary, so I might be wrong with Abyssus + Herald of Purity included).

Nice build, and even without playing it I'm 100% sure it can wreck endgame. POTCG is amazing this patch.
I prefer Juggernaut to Champion so far. I have a level 93 champion, and while the damage (especially against bosses) is absolutely fantastic with 100% chance to impale + Master of Metal (2 addition impale + flat phys per impale), it just feels rough to play:

Champion's Worthy Foe is much worse than Juggernaut's Undeniable. Jugg has 100% accuracy (except when blinded I guess) from the time you take the node until endgame thanks to the fact it scales with strength (great levelling experience). This means both have 100% chance to hit on average in longer fights (boss fights), but the Jugg can be certain to hit every mob on the first hit which is really important for Legion clearing as well as general map clearing, and it just feels sucky when you miss the same enemy twice with the Champion (investing in accuracy seems dumb when you have worthy foe, but my base accuracy is so bad that enemies I haven't taunted I have <80% chance to hit, so double misses are not terribly uncommon). It also takes the Jugg only 2 ascendancy passives instead of 4 for this feature.

Jugg's "Unstoppable" really makes life good. I've been away from the game for a while, and the number of slowing effects in the game is insane. Even for a curse/chill/freeze/stun immune character, there are a number of ways to be slowed near endgame (sinking sand some bosses have, poison dart traps, uber elder 60% slow, etc.), and Jugg can ignore all of them (including chill/freeze/stun/tempchains) with one passive, freeing up multiple flask affixes and being low skill required (vs utilizing flasks properly). It also gives 14% movement speed. Champion can get "cannot be stunned while you have fortify" OR can get Inspirational (12% movement speed to you and allies), but can't get both alongside Worthy Foe (4 pts) and Master of Metal (2 pts). Either effect is inferior to Unstoppable for QoL, although they do have their own other benefits.

Finally, "Unyielding" gives 48% aoe, which is also amazing for general clear and especially Legion (where you don't have time to stack up impales). My single target prolonged fights will be weaker without Master of Metal, but the majority of the game is about AOE, which the champion lacks completely. Pillar is just so strong right now I'm not certain it's really necessary, and those tough fights are exactly where "cannot be slowed by anything" gives the Jugg an offsetting advantage. For tough fights (Uber elder?) I may respec into Unrelenting and give up the AOE for extra beefy tankiness, but I'm still a little ways off that with my Jugg so far.

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